Hitachi HDR082 Instruction Manual

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Digital TV Recorder
Instruction manual
To obtain the best performance and ensure years of
trouble-free use. please read this instruction manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Digital TV Recorder Model HDR082 Instruction manual To obtain the best performance and ensure years of trouble-free use. please read this instruction manual completely.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    INDEX IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS..................................2 SOME DOS AND DON'TS ON THE SAFE USE OF EQUIPMENT........................ 6 POWER CORD (MAINS LEAD) ..................................7 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ....................................7 FUNCTIONS ........................................8 CONTENTS OF PACKAGING..................................9 REMOTE CONTROL ..................................... 10 GETTING STARTED ..................................... 10 FRONT AND BACK PANEL ..................................
  • Page 3: Important Safeguards

    IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS CAUTION: Please read all of these instructions before you operate this product and save these instructions for later use. Electrical energy can perform many useful functions. This product has been engineered and manufactured to assure your personal safety. BUT IMPROPER USE CAN RESULT IN POTENTIAL ELECTRICAL SHOCK OR FIRE HAZARDS.
  • Page 4 13. Ventilation Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for ventilation to ensure reliable operation of the product and to protect it from overheating, and these openings must not be blocked or covered. The openings should never be blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa, rug, or other similar surface. This product should not be placed in a built-in installation such as a bookcase or rack unless proper ventilation is provided or the manufacturer’s instructions have been adhered to.
  • Page 5 • PC/AT is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States. • Macintosh® is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. • All other company or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
  • Page 6 WARNING This symbol on the product or in the instructions means that your electrical and electronic equipment should be disposed at the end of life separately from your household waste. There are separate collection systems for recycling in the EU. For more information, please contact the local authority or your retailer where you purchased the product.
  • Page 7: Some Dos And Don'ts On The Safe Use Of Equipment

    SOME DOS AND DON'TS ON THE SAFE USE OF EQUIPMENT This equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards but, like any electrical equipment, care must be taken if you are to obtain the best results and safety is to be assured.
  • Page 8: Power Cord (Mains Lead)

    POWER CORD (MAINS LEAD) Do not place the product where a piece of furniture or other heavy object could trap the power cord (mains lead). Handle the power cord by the plug. Do not pull out the plug by tugging the cord and never touch the power cord when your hands are wet as this could cause a short circuit or electric shock.
  • Page 9: Functions

    • To prevent electric shock, do not remove any cover. • If anything goes wrong, don't try and fix it yourself, get a qualified service agent to look at it. • Do not expose this equipment to dripping or splashing or place any objects filled with liquids, such as vases, on the equipment.
  • Page 10: Contents Of Packaging

    INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing this product. It will give you good service if you take note of all safety notices and recommendations. Contents supplied : DIGITAL TV RECORDER INSTRUCTION BOOK QUICK SETUP GUIDE Remote controller Batteries RC 1101 2 x AAA RF CABLE SCART CABLE...
  • Page 11: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL 1. Press the mark on the cover and slide it in the direction of the arrow. 2. Insert the batteries making sure the polarities correctly match the + and - marks inside the battery compartment. 3. Attach the cover and slide it until it clicks into place. Incorrect use of the batteries may cause them to leak or explode.
  • Page 12: Front And Back Panel

  • Page 13: Connection Diagrams

    CONNECTION DIAGRAMS NOTE: This set top box supports Free To View only. There is no provision for a CAM or Pay To View card.
  • Page 14: Remote Control & Functions

  • Page 15 USING THE CONTROLS ON THE FRONT PANEL You can enter the main menu by pressing the menu button on the front of the unit. Then navigate through the menus with the four arrow buttons on the front of the unit and make a selection with the OK button.
  • Page 16: Menu Interface

    MENU INTERFACE FIRST TIME INSTALLATION When the box is switched on from stand-by mode and if there is no channel stored in the database, First Time Installation Menu window is displayed on the screen. In this window, set the TV type with “...
  • Page 17: Navigating Channel List

    1.1. NAVIGATING CHANNEL LIST In the channel table “ / ” moves the selection to the previous or next .To exit menu and watch a specific channel highlight it using, “ / ” then press OK key while the "SELECT" option at the bottom of the screen is highlighted.
  • Page 18: Programme Guide (7 Days Epg)

    2. PROGRAMME GUIDE (7 DAYS EPG) Electronic Program Guide appears on the screen. It is able to get Information of the channel - programs weekly by means of 7- DAY–EPG. All programs of channels are displayed. current program highlighted and there is brief information about the programs of the channel, such name, short/extended...
  • Page 19: Select Channel

    2.1.1. SELECT CHANNEL In EPG menu, using this option, you can switch to channel of the programme that is selected. 2.1.2. RECORD / DELETE TIMER In EPG menu, after you have selected a programme, press the OK button and select the “Record” option in the menu which appears and press the OK button again.
  • Page 20: Split Record

    2.1.6. SPLIT RECORD If you select a programme to be recorded, with this feature, if there is another part of the programme available, it will also be set automatically to be recorded. For example in the following picture you see the programme with a red underline, which following episode is also underlined.
  • Page 21: Timers

    NOTE: If there is still a conflict and you leave this menu by pressing the OK button, you will see this warning message: “There are still conflicts!”. In timer menu, you can see this conflict as the picture below. A warning triangle will appear nearby the programmes which cause a conflict. These programmes will be recorded particularly or not.
  • Page 22: Recordings Library

    To add a Timer press YELLOW button on the remote and the, “Add Timer “ windows appears. Channel: “3/4” keys will navigate the user through the TV or Radio list. Date: By using either “3/4” or “0,1,2…,9” keys start date is entered. Start: By using either “3/4”...
  • Page 23: Play Options

    Red bar: indicates the used space of the recordings on the hard disk. Yellow bar: displays the approximate capacity required for the timers currently set. Green bar: shows the free space on the hard disk. 4.1. PLAY OPTIONS 4.1.1. PLAY FROM START Plays the recording from the beginning.
  • Page 24: Edit Recordings

    EDIT RECORDINGS While the “Edit recordings” option is highlighted, using the 3/4” buttons come to the list of recordings on the right of this menu. Select one of them, which should be archived and press the OK button. You will come to the following menu: Here, only the “Start recording at”...
  • Page 25: Chapter Options

    DURATION: Set the duration of the appeareance of the “Edit recording title” menu main title on the screen. If you press the Menu button during playback, you will enter the “Chapter options and in this menu, you could set any point as a chapter. So, the user is be able to skip frames which should not be archived.
  • Page 26: Setup

    5. SETUP The adjustments in this menu are: 5.1. RECORDINGS The internal hard drive can store up to 80 hours of digital TV broadcast (depending on the data rate of the recorded programme, which is set automatically by the broadcaster). Because the PVR has a Twin Tuner it is possible to record two events and watch two programmes at the same time.
  • Page 27: Format Disk

    Unplayed: If this option is set to "EXCLUDED" any unplayed recordings will NOT be deleted. If this option is set to "INCLUDED", unplayed recordings WILL be deleted. 5.1.3. FORMAT DISK On rare occasions the Hard Disk may malfunction, in most cases formatting the Hard Disk will restore normal operation however ALL the data stored on the Hard Disk will be lost.
  • Page 28: Recording Format

    Recording Format HDD recording is done using the variable bit rate format (VBR) for more efficient recording. The following phenomena may occur. With the variable bit rate format, the remaining amount which can be recorded may increase or decrease relative to the display of the remaining amount of HDD space. •...
  • Page 29: Configuration

    5.2. CONFIGURATION You can configure the settings of your box. Select Configuration from Setup menu and press OK to enter this menu. Press the BACK button on the remote to exit. 5.2.1. TV TYPE Digital terrestrial television channels broadcast programmes in a widescreen format which must be output differently normal...
  • Page 30: Receiver Upgrade - Oad

    5.2.7. RECEIVER UPGRADE - OAD Over Air Download (OAD): To ensure that your STB always has the most up todate information. Please ensure that after use it is set to its standby mode. The automatically powers up at 3.00 A.M. each day and searches for any new information which may be broadcast and will download this to your receiver automatically.
  • Page 31: Language

    5.3. LANGUAGE In this menu the user can adjust the preferred language. Language is changed by pressing OK key. Menu: shows the language of the system Preferred These settings will be used if available. Otherwise the current settings will be used. Audio: by pressing “...
  • Page 32: First Time Installation

    5.4.3. FIRST TIME INSTALLATION Use this option to load default settings, which had been set at the factory. To install factory settings, highlight ‘First Time Installation’ menu and press OK key, then you will be asked to confirm deleting all channels and settings.
  • Page 33 Current event name next event name, and their start and end times. Program duration bar Program mode (TV or Radio) Channel number Name of the channel The second press of the info button brings up a box containing a brief description of the currently viewed programme.
  • Page 34: Time Shifting (Pause Live Recording)

    SWAP Main window and PIP window change their places. TIME SHIFTING (PAUSE LIVE RECORDING) Pause Live Recording is a feature that enables you to pause a live broadcast if, say the phone rings you can go back to the same spot that you were at when you left.
  • Page 35: Trouble Shooting Guide

    WIDE TV sets are available with screens of the standard (4:3) format and widescreen (16:9) format. When you first installed your receiver you specified the format of the connected TV (this can now be altered if necessary; see Configuration)Digital terrestrial television broadcasts are also made in both standard and widescreen formats.
  • Page 36: Technical Specifications

    9. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Supply Voltage 220 - 240VAC ~ 50Hz Input Frequency 470Mhz - 862Mhz Maximum Power consumption Standby Power Consumption Operating temperature 5ºC to +45ºC Storage temperature -15ºC to +55ºC Humidity 25 to 75% rel Physical dimensions 360x280x48 mm Weight 2820g...
  • Page 37 REMOTE CONTROL Operating Distance 10m Max. Batteries 2x1.5V Micro (R-03/AAA) TUNERS 2 xRF In IEC-type, female (75 Ohm) 2 x RF Out (loop through) IEC-type, male (75 Ohm) HARD DISK Hard Disk capacity 80GB FRONT PANEL Display Standby ON/OFF, Menu, Record, Pause, OK, Front Panel Controls Menu Up/Down/Left/Right.
  • Page 38: Uk Guarantee

    10. Product Guarantee This product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 1 Year This does not cover the product where the fault is due to misuse, abuse, use in contravention of the instructions, or where the product has been the subject of unauthorised modifications or alterations, or has been the subject of commercial use In the event of a problem with the product within the guarantee period please return it to your nearest store...
  • Page 39: Important Notice

    11. IMPORTANT NOTICE: DIGITAL SWITCHOVER AND YOUR TV EQUIPMENT WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO ENJOY WATCHING TV DURING AND FOLLOWING DIGITAL SWITCHOVER Starting in 2008* and ending in 2012, television services in the UK will go completely digital, TV region by TV region.
  • Page 40 DIGITAL TV RECORDER HDR 082 BEFORE YOU START some time. Then, you can turn on your digital set-top box by pressing the STANDBY button on the remote control. This Digital TV Recorder (DTR) can only receive and record Digital Terrestrial TV (Freeview) signals. Please check that you are in a Digital TV reception area.
  • Page 41: Quick Start Guide

    SETUP The entire settings and configuration of the unit is adjusted in the SETUP menu. To activate setup menu in main menu press OK, when it is highlighted. Setup menu appears on the screen. Navigate within this submenu by means of keys.

Table of Contents