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Hitachi HDR081 Service Manual

Digital set top box.
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Before servicing this chassis, it is important that the service technician read the "Safety
Precautions" and "Product Safety Notices" in this service manual.
Avant d'effectuer l'entretien du châssis, le technicien doit lire les «Précautions de sécurité"
et les «Notices de sécurité du produit" présentés dans le présent manuel.
Vor Öffnen des Gehäuses hat der Service-Ingenieur die „Sicherheitshinweise" und „Hinweise
zur Produktsicherheit" in diesem Wartungshandbuch zu lesen.
Digital Set Top Box
October 2007
No. 0801
Data contained within this Service
manual is subject to alteration for
Les données fournies dans le présent
manuel d'entretien peuvent faire l'objet
de modifications en vue de perfectionner
le produit.
Die in diesem Wartungshandbuch
enthaltenen Spezifikationen können sich
zwecks Verbesserungen ändern.


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  • Page 1

    No. 0801 HDR081 HDR161 SERVICE MANUAL MANUEL D'ENTRETIEN WARTUNGSHANDBUCH CAUTION: Before servicing this chassis, it is important that the service technician read the “Safety Precautions” and “Product Safety Notices” in this service manual. Data contained within this Service manual is subject to alteration for improvement.

  • Page 2: Terrestrial Stb Model


  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    SERVICE MANUAL TERRESTRIAL STB MODEL..............................2 REVISION HISTORYREV 2.0 02/03/2007........................... 3 GENERAL DESCRIPTION................................ 4 T816 PROJECT HARDWARE BLOCK DIAGRAM ......................4 31-1 M ................................5 AINBOARD STI5100 (IC101)..................................5 DDRAM HYNIX 512MB İTS ..............................11 HY29LV320 32 M 16) L (IC1) ................

  • Page 4: General Description

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION Major functional blocks are discussed briefly in this section. A more detailed description is contained later in the document. BLOCK DIAGRAM Page 4...

  • Page 5: Mb 31-1 Mainboard

    16mb31-1 Mainboard STI5100 (IC101) 1. Introduction The STi5100 is a low-cost Omega2 (The STBus multipath unified interconnect provides high on- chip bandwidth and low latency accesses between modules. The interconnect operates hierarchically, with latency-critical modules placed at the top level. The multipath router allows simultaneous access paths between modules, and simultaneous read and write phases from different transactions to and from the modules.

  • Page 6

    SERVICE MANUAL CGMS, Teletext, WSS, VPS and close caption • On-Chip Peripherals 4 ASCs (UARTS) 4 parallel 8-bit I/O banks 2 smartcard interfaces and clock generators 3 SSCs for I²C/SPI master/slave interfaces Silicon Labs line side (DAA) interface High-speed USB OHCI/EHCI compliant host interface DiSEqC interface 3.

  • Page 7

    SERVICE MANUAL The STi5100 has a local memory interface (LMI) and a flash and peripheral interface (FMI). The STi5100's local memory interface is used for all data requirements in unified memory applications, including graphics, video and audio buffers. It provides 16-bit wide DDR SDRAM support only at up to 166 MHz.

  • Page 8

    SERVICE MANUAL audio is downmixed before emerging as stereo or Dolby Pro Logic compatible encoded audio. Simultaneous MPEG audio decoding and output of Dolby streams on the S/PDIF is also supported. SRS Labs’ TruSurroundXT is also provided for two speaker virtual surround sound. The integrated DACs provide analog stereo output directly from the device using a single-ended interface.Multichannel streams can be passed through to the IEC958 output for external decoding.

  • Page 9

    SERVICE MANUAL IEC958/IEC1937 formatted output The audio decoder outputs IEC958/IEC1937 formatted CD or PCM audio received from the audio decoder. 1-channel PCM output interface The PCM output interface outputs PCM audio received from the audio decoder. Integrated 24-bit stereo audio DAC system Programmable tone generation for dish alignment 4.4 Internal peripherals The STi5100 has many dedicated internal peripherals for digital TV receiver applications, including:...

  • Page 10

    SERVICE MANUAL Page 10...

  • Page 11: Ddram Hynix 512mbits

    SERVICE MANUAL DDRAM HYNIX 512MBits The HY5DU12422C(L)TP, HY5DU12822C(L)TP and HY5DU121622C(L)TP are a 536,870,912-bit CMOS Double Data Rate(DDR) Synchronous DRAM, ideally suited for the main memory applications which requires large memory density This Hynix 512Mb DDR SDRAMs offer fully synchronous operations referenced to both rising and falling edges of the clock. While all addresses and control inputs are latched on the rising edges of the CK (falling edges of the /CK), Data, Data strobes and Write data masks inputs are sampled on both rising and falling edges of it.

  • Page 12: Hy29lv320 32 Mbit (2m X 16) Low Voltage Flash Memory (ic1)

    SERVICE MANUAL HY29LV320 32 Mbit (2M x 16) Low Voltage Flash Memory (IC1) Low Voltage Single Supply Flash Memory Single Power Supply Operation – Read, program and erase operations from 2.7 to 3.6 volts – Ideal for battery-powered applications _ High Performance –...

  • Page 13: Tut 36-2 Tuner Board

    SERVICE MANUAL – Erase Resume can then be invoked to complete suspended erasure _ Hardware Reset Pin (RESET#) Resets the Device to Reading Array Data _ Space Efficient Packaging – 48-pin TSOP and 63-ball FBGA packages 16tut36-2 tuner board STV0360/0361(COFDM demodulators IC for terrestrial TV set-top box) STMicroelectronics complements the world leading range of MPEG-2 decoders with a range of COFDM demodulators for digital terrestrial applications.

  • Page 14

    SERVICE MANUAL Page 14...

  • Page 15: Tuner (dtos449iv241b-dtos443pv241b)


  • Page 16


  • Page 17: Sc 31-2 Scart Board

    SERVICE MANUAL 16sc31-2 scart board STV6414Audıo/Vıdeo Switch Matrix(IC200) • I²C Bus Control • Standby Mode with Interrupt Signal Output • Video Section • 3 CVBS Inputs, 2 CVBS Outputs • 3 Y/C Inputs, 2 Y/C Outputs • 6dB Gain on all CVBS/Y and C Outputs •...

  • Page 18: 16pw810-2 Power Board

    SERVICE MANUAL 16PW810-2 Power board 16MB07 E3 Board Power Consumption Voltage Current mA Power Watts 11.7W +12V +3V3 ---- Voltage Current mA Power Watts +12V +3V3 The Sanken concept is used for power supply. Sanken SRTW6252 is designed. The receiver works between 85 and 265 VAC mains voltage by using STRW6252 .In SMPS applications, secondary voltage regulation is adjusted according to the feedback voltage from the secondary side of transformer.

  • Page 19: Fp 38-3 Front Board

    SERVICE MANUAL Controller Electrical characteristics: Output voltages of the transformer (TR2): 3.3V: 5100 IC (IC101),flash memory (IC 1), tuner and other components. (ii) 5V: Front panel board, Tuner , and some ICs and circuits. (iii) 12V: hard disk and some other ic and circuits (iv) -25V :flaman voltage 16fp38-3 front board...

  • Page 20

    SERVICE MANUAL Front board connector – PL5 Description +12VSTB +5VSTB Front board Connector – PL811 Description S ENSE IR_IN DISP DATA DISP CLK Page 20...

  • Page 21


  • Page 22: Used Ic Lists

    SERVICE MANUAL USED IC LISTS MAINBOARD ( 16M 31-1 Sti5100 (IC101) Set Top Box Backend Decoder with Integrated Host Processor MAX232 (IC601) RS232 Driver / Rec eiver 74LVC244 (IC878) IC 3-ST BUFFER 74LVX00 (IC902) Low Voltage Quad 2-Input NAND Gate 74LVT14 (IC903) 3.3V Hex inverter Schmitt trigger 74LVTH244A (...

  • Page 23: Connectors

    SERVICE MANUAL CONNECTORS Power Connector – P L451 t Panel Conne ctor – PL609 Description scriptio +12V SENSE IR_IN +3V3 DISP DATA +3V3 DISP CLK STBY Hard disk pow er – PL4 ard disk dat a Conne r – PL900 scriptio scriptio De scription...

  • Page 24: Scart Connection

    SERVICE MANUAL SCART CONNECTION 21 19 TV Scart Socket TV Scart Sock et – Description Description Audio Right Output No Co nnection No Connection Audio Left Output RED Output Fast Blanking Output No Connection BLUE Output Function Switching Output CVBS Output No Connection No Connection GREEN Output...

  • Page 25: Rs232 Serial Port

    SERVICE MANUAL RS232 Serial Port RS232 Header – J SUB_9 Description Description RCA (Audio and Composite Video) Connector A/V Connector – JK1 Description RIGHT AUDIO LEFT AUDIO SPDIF AUDIO Page 25...

  • Page 26: Technical Specifications

    SERVICE MANUAL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL CHARACT R E ISTICS Supply Voltage 220 - 240 V AC ~ 50Hz Input Frequency 470Mhz-862Mhz Maximum Power consumption Operating temperature ºC to +40ºC Storage temperature -15ºC to +55ºC Humidity 25 to 75% rel Physical dimensions 360x280x48 mm Weight 2820 g...

  • Page 27

    SERVICE MANUAL REMOTE CONT Operating Distance 10m Max. Batteries 2x1.5V Micro (R-03/AAA) TUNERS 2 xRF In IEC-type, female (75Ohm) 2 x RF Out (loop through) C-type, male (75Ohm) FRONT PANEL Display Remote Control Keys tandby ON/OFF,Record,Play, Menu, OK,PR+ / R-, V+ / V -,Standby Led, Record Led, 1 Slot CI (Opt.), 1 Slot Smart Card (Opt.),USB2.0 connector (Opt.) AUDIO R / L...

  • Page 28: Trouble-shooting

    SERVICE MANUAL TROUBLE-SHOOTING ) Control the 3,3V,5V,12, supply voltages from the PL451 connector )Control the frequency of the 27MHz X25 crystal. 3)Control the frequency of the 133Mhz from the S11 6 point. ) Control the IC600 RESET IC 5V supply voltage .After power on the device , RESET IC output must be high in 200ms.

  • Page 29

    SERVICE MANUAL 1)Control the 3.3V , VFDDATA&DISPCLK signals on the PL 453. 2) Control the transistors Q410 ,Q404 ,Q403 around the PL610 connector. DISPLAY ERROR 3) Control the IC2 on the front board. 1) Control the sections that are written in the first part. OSD ERROR 1) There may be a SW error.

  • Page 30: Parts List


  • Page 31: Exploded View

    PVR1000 EXPLODED DIAGRAM Page 31...

  • Page 32: Schematİcs

    16PW810-2 POWER BOARD Page 32...

  • Page 33: 16mb31-1 Mainboard Schematic

    16MB31-1 MAIN BOARD - SHEET 1 of 8 Page 33...

  • Page 34

    16MB31-1 MAIN BOARD - SHEET 2 of 8 Page 34...

  • Page 35

    16MB31-1 MAIN BOARD - SHEET 3 of 8 Page 35...

  • Page 36

    16MB31-1 MAIN BOARD - SHEET 4 of 8 Page 36...

  • Page 37

    16MB31-1 MAIN BOARD - SHEET 5 of 8 Page 37...

  • Page 38

    16MB31-1 MAIN BOARD - SHEET 6 of 8 Page 38...

  • Page 39

    16MB31-1 MAIN BOARD - SHEET 7 of 8 Page 39...

  • Page 40

    16MB31-1 MAIN BOARD - SHEET 8 of 8 Page 40...

  • Page 41: 16fp38-3 Front Board Schematic

    16FP38-3 FRONT BOARD Page 41...

  • Page 42: 16sc31-2 Av Schematic

    16SC31-2 AV BOARD - SHEET 1 of 2 Page 42...

  • Page 43

    16SC31-2 AV BOARD - SHEET 2 of 2 Page 43...

  • Page 44: 16tut36-2 Tuner Schematic

    16TUT36-2 TUNER BOARD Page 44...

  • Page 45

    Fax: +46 (0) 8 562 711 13 Tel: +39 02 38073415 Servizio Clienti Email: Fax: +39 02 48786381/2 Email: HITACHI EUROPE S.A.S HITACHI EUROPE LTD (Norway) AB Lyon Office STRANDVEIEN 18 B.P. 45, 69671 BRON CEDEX 1366 Lysaker FRANCE...

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