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Sanyo Juno User Manual

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User Guide

Kyocera manufactures and markets the SANYO wireless line of products.
© 2010 Kyocera Corporation. All Rights Reserved. BOOST and BOOSTMOBILE and
Logo, and the Logo are trademarks of Boost. Other marks are the property of their
respective owners. "SANYO" is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. and 
is used under license. KYOCERA is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Guide

    Logo, and the Logo are trademarks of Boost. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. “SANYO” is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. and  is used under license. KYOCERA is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Setting the Key Guard ......13 Making and Answering Calls ....14 Entering Text .
  • Page 3 2D. Contacts ......44 Countdown Timer ......56 Stopwatch .
  • Page 4 Section 3: Service......77 Using Your Phone With a Hearing Aid Device ..98 Caring for the Battery .
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction Your Phone’s Menu This User Guide introduces you to Boost service and all the The following table outlines your phone’s main menu structure. features of your new phone. It’s divided into four sections: For more information about using your phone’s menus, see “Navigating Through the Menus”...
  • Page 6 7: Settings 0: Pictures 1: Notification 2: Callback Number 1: Camera 3: Signature 4: Preset Messages Press the right softkey for the following options: 5: Re-Boost 1: Picture Mode 2: Zoom 3: Self-Timer 4: Fun Tools 6: Get Stuff 5: Image Controls 6: Camera Settings 7: Review Media 8: Key Guidance...
  • Page 7 4: Add to Trusted 1: Headset/Car Kit 2: All 3: Phone 4: PDA 5: PC 6: Printer 5: Trusted List 6: Send Biz Card 7: More... 1: Settings 2: Block List #: Settings/Tools 1: Settings 1: Display 2: Sounds 3: Messaging 4: Text Entry 5: Phone Info 6: More...
  • Page 9: Section 1: Getting Started

    Section 1 Getting Started...
  • Page 10: Setting Up Service

    1A. Setting Up Service Setting Up Your Phone (page 2) Press and hold to turn the phone on. Activating Your Phone (page 3) If your phone is activated, it will turn on, search for service, and enter standby mode. Setting Up Your Voicemail (page 3) If your phone is not yet activated, see “Activation Kit”...
  • Page 11: Activating Your Phone

    Activating Your Phone Note Voicemail Passcode Boost strongly recommends that you create a passcode when setting up your voicemail to protect against unauthorized access. To activate your new Boost phone, please refer to your “Activation Without a passcode, anyone who has access to your handset is Kit”.
  • Page 12: Operator Services

    From Any Other Phone Certain mobile phone features are dependent on the capabilities and settings of your service provider’s network. Additionally certain Boost Customer Care: 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848) . features may not be activated by your service provider, and/or the provider’s network settings may limit the feature’s functionality. Always contact your service provider about feature availability and You can get up to three pieces of information per call, and the functionality.
  • Page 13: Section 2: Your Phone

    Section 2 Your Phone...
  • Page 14: Phone Basics

    Your Phone 2A. Phone Basics 1. Earpiece 2. Display Screen 12. Softkeys Your Phone (page 6) 3. MENU/OK Key Viewing the Display Screen (page 8) 11. END/POWER Key 4. TALK Key Turning Your Phone On and Off (page 10) 5. TEXT Key 10.
  • Page 15: Key Functions

    Key Functions QWERTY Keyboard lets you enter numbers, letters, and characters, and perform functions with single key press or Earpiece lets you hear the caller and automated prompts. combined keypresses. Display Screen displays all the information needed to operate BACK Key deletes characters from the display in text input your phone, such as the call status, the Contacts list, the mode.
  • Page 16: Viewing The Display Screen

    Viewing the Display Screen Camera Button lets you access the Pictures menu. Press and hold to activate the camera mode and take pictures. Battery Release Latch lets you open the battery cover to The status bar at the top of your phone’s display screen provides replace the battery.
  • Page 17 Status Icons Messaging Icons Battery – Your phone’s current battery charge level. (The Email – You have new email message(s) waiting. icon to the left shows the battery is fully charged.) The icon is animated while the battery is charging. Multiple Mails –...
  • Page 18: Turning Your Phone On And Off

    Turning Your Phone On and Off Voice Call Icons Missed Call – You have missed voice calls. Turning Your Phone On Bluetooth Device – A call is in progress using a Bluetooth Press and hold device. Once your phone is on and finds a signal, it automatically enters Headset –...
  • Page 19: Battery And Charger

    Battery and Charger Watch your phone’s battery level indicator and charge the battery before it runs out of power. WARNING Use only manufacturer-approved batteries and chargers Installing the Battery with your phone. The failure to use a manufacturer- approved battery and charger may increase the risk that See “Setting Up Your Phone”...
  • Page 20: Navigating Through The Menus

    Charging the Battery Selecting Menu Items Keeping track of your battery’s charge is important. If your battery As you navigate through the menu, menu options are highlighted. (the  level becomes too low, your phone automatically turns off, and Select any option by highlighting it and pressing you will lose any information you were just working on.
  • Page 21: Displaying Your Phone Number

    Displaying Your Phone Number Note If you do not operate your phone when you receive a call or notifications, keys will be locked again automatically. > Settings/Tools > Settings > Phone Info >  Press If you select under (left softkey) Icon Only MESSAGING >...
  • Page 22: Making And Answering Calls

    Making and Answering Calls To redial your last outgoing call, press , highlight the call, TALK and then press again. TALK Holding Your Phone You can also place calls from your phone by speed dialing (page 19), by using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR, To maximize performance, do not obstruct the internal antenna page 57), and by using your History listings (page 42).
  • Page 23: Answering Calls

    Answering Calls SILENCE (left softkey) to mute the ringtone and vibration. Pressing the key or any of the side buttons can also mute BACK Make sure your phone is on. (If your phone is off, incoming the ringtone and vibration. calls go to voicemail.) Press to answer an incoming call.
  • Page 24: Calling Emergency Numbers

    Calling Emergency Numbers When you place an emergency 911 call, the GPS feature of your phone seeks information to calculate your approximate location. You can always place calls to 911 (dial ), even if Depending on several variables, including availability and access your phone is locked or your account is restricted.
  • Page 25: Saving A Phone Number

    Saving a Phone Number Phone Info to access the Phone Info menu. Transfer Audio to switch the call to an external device. Your phone can store up to 600 Contacts entries and each entry can contain up to seven phone numbers. (See “Contacts” on Note You can return to the in-call display from the main menu, Phone page 44.)
  • Page 26: Finding A Phone Number

    Finding a Phone Number To dial or save phone numbers with pauses: Enter all or part of a number. You can search Contacts entries for phone numbers that contain a specific string of numbers. Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Hard Pause or 2-Sec. Pause . Enter three or more digits of the number in standby mode.
  • Page 27: Plus Code Dialing

    Plus (+) Code Dialing To use speed dial for locations 10-99: When placing international calls, use Plus Code Dialing to From standby mode, press appropriate keys, and then press automatically enter the international access code for your location. (This feature is subject to network availability.) The display confirms that the number has been dialed when it shows “Connecting...”...
  • Page 28: Entering Text

    Entering Text To place a call using Abbreviated Dialing: Enter the last three to six digits of a Contacts entry’s phone number to use the Contacts Match feature. Entering Text With the QWERTY Keyboard – or – Your phone features a QWERTY keyboard, specifically designed Enter the last four or five digits of the number to use the for easy and comfortable text entry.
  • Page 29: Selecting A Text Input Mode

    Selecting a Text Input Mode Note To display the Web Shortcuts menu on the message entry > Text Mode >  screen, press (right softkey) OPTIONS Your phone provides convenient ways to enter words or symbols Web Shortcuts whenever you are prompted to enter text. Predictive Text Mode Capitalization Options Predictive Text suggests words based on the letters already entered.
  • Page 30: Text Entry Settings

    Text Entry Settings Add Word to add words to the database while in Predictive Text mode (see next section). Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Text Mode > Text Settings on Auto-Substitution to replace abbreviated words or phrases the message entry screen. with full-text equivalents that are stored in the phone or –...
  • Page 31 Press TEXT MODE (right softkey) > Text Settings >  To edit or delete the words you have added: Predictive Settings from other text input screens. Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Text Mode > Text Settings >  – or – My Words on the message entry screen.
  • Page 32: Simple Data Exchange

    Simple Data Exchange Street Address Options Highlight a street address, press , and select an option: This feature makes it easy to select certain information from a text Share to select Text Message or Email . The selected message, email, or media mail and automatically save it or use it application will open and the address will appear in the in a related application.
  • Page 33 Web Address (URL) Options Highlight a Web address (URL), press , and select an option: Browse to open the browser to the Web page. Share to select Text Message or Email . The selected application will open and the Web address will appear in the message body.
  • Page 34: Settings

    Selecting Ringtone Types for Incoming Calls > Settings/Tools > Settings > Sounds >  Press 2B. Settings Ringtone Type > Incoming Calls . Select Contact Entries or Unknown #s . If you select Contact Entries , select All Contacts or  Sound Settings (page 26) One Contact .
  • Page 35: Selecting Vibrate Types

    Selecting a Ringtone Type for Alarms, Power On/Off To purchase the ringtone, highlight Buy and press . (The ringtone will download automatically.) Tone, or Scheduled Events When the download is finished, select an option to continue: > Settings/Tools > Settings > Sounds >  Press Listen to listen to the ringtone.
  • Page 36: Adjusting Volume Settings

    Adjusting Volume Settings Highlight an option and press Tone Length to select a key tone length. (Longer tone Adjust your phone’s volume settings to suit your needs and your lengths may be better for tone recognition when dialing environment. voicemail or other automated systems.) Press >...
  • Page 37: Display Settings

    Silence All You can make the alert vibrate at any volume level by checking Always Vibrate The Silence All option allows you to mute all sounds. To activate Silence All: Alert Notification Press and hold the volume button down in standby mode. Set your phone to alert you with an audible tone when you change (The screen will display “Silence All.”) service areas, once a minute during a voice call, or when a call...
  • Page 38: Changing The Contrast

    To change the keyboard backlight setting: Highlight an animation display and press Press > Settings/Tools > Settings > Display > Keypad Light . Changing the Contrast Select Always Off or a preset length of time. Adjust your screen’s contrast (brightness) to suit your surroundings.
  • Page 39: Changing The Text Greeting

    Changing the Text Greeting Highlight a font size. You can see the highlighted font size in the New Size window. The text greeting is displayed on your phone’s screen in standby If the size is satisfactory, press SAVE (left softkey). mode.
  • Page 40: Messaging Settings

    Display Language Note The End Key setting affects the battery’s talk and standby times. You can choose to display your phone’s onscreen menus in Your phone may not return to idle automatically if a browser or English or in Spanish. some application is running.
  • Page 41 Text Messaging Settings Managing Preset Messages Your phone is loaded with 17 preset messages to help make Setting a Callback Number sending text messages easier. Customize or delete these With this feature, you can specify the callback number your messages, such as “Where are you?,” “See you later,” and “Meet recipients see when you send text messages.
  • Page 42: Airplane Mode

    Airplane Mode Your phone is compatible with select TTY devices. Please check with the manufacturer of your TTY device to ensure that it supports digital wireless transmission. Your phone and TTY device Airplane Mode allows you to use many of your phone’s features, will connect via a special cable that plugs into your phone’s such as games and voice memos, when you are in an airplane or headset jack.
  • Page 43: Using The Hearing Aid Device Compatibility Function

    Select On or Off . WARNING 911 Emergency Calling On to use a hearing aid device with your phone. Boost recommends that TTY users make emergency calls by other means, including Telecommunications Off to use your phone without a hearing aid device. Relay Services (TRS), analog cellular, and landline For more information about hearing aid device compatibility, see communications.
  • Page 44: Call Answer Mode

    Call Answer Mode Headset Options Select how to answer incoming calls on your phone whether by Set up your phone for hands-free use. You can enable the Turbo pressing or any key (except softkeys, side buttons, , and Button (operation button on your headset) to make, receive, or end a call, or to activate ASR (see page 57).
  • Page 45: Security Settings

    Setting Power On to Alert Your Phone’s Lock Feature The alert will not sound when your phone is turned off, but  Locking Your Phone Power On to Alert turns your phone on in Airplane Mode to alert When your phone is locked, you can only receive incoming calls you even if your phone is turned off.
  • Page 46: Deleting Phone Content

    Deleting Phone Content Changing the Lock Code Use the Security menu to quickly delete all the content you have Press > Settings/Tools > Settings > More... > Security > created or stored in your phone. Change Lock Code , and then enter and re-enter your new lock code.
  • Page 47: Security Features For Data Services

    Security Features for Data Services Delete Calendar Events to delete all scheduled events (including secret ones). Disabling Data Services Read the disclaimer and press > YES (left softkey). You can disable data services without turning off your phone; Resetting Your Phone and Deleting Stored however, you will not have access to all data services, including Web and messaging.
  • Page 48: History

    Each entry contains the phone number (if available) and Contacts entry name (if the phone number is in your Contacts). Duplicate 2C. History calls (calls from the same number) may appear only once on the list. To display History: Viewing History (page 40) From standby mode, press History Thread (page 41) Note...
  • Page 49: History Thread

    History Thread To make a call from the History details screen, press History Menu Options The History thread screen shows all history for a selected entry. To display a History thread: You may see several menu items on the onscreen menu. Press Press OPTIONS (right softkey) for additional options.
  • Page 50: Making A Call From History

    Making a Call From History If Existing Entry was selected, select an existing entry to which you want to save the number, and then highlight a number type and press Press Press DONE (left softkey) to save the entry. Highlight an entry and press You cannot make calls from History to entries identified as ...
  • Page 51: Deleting History

    Deleting History You can delete individual or all entries in your History. Press Highlight an entry you wish to delete and press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Delete . Select to delete all entries. Delete All If you are certain you want to delete an individual entry or all entries from History, press DELETE (left softkey).
  • Page 52: Contacts

    About Contacts 2D. Contacts Your phone can store up to 600 Contacts entries. Each entry can contain up to seven phone numbers, three email addresses, and one Web address. You can also add Contacts entries to a Group , allowing you to send the same text message or media mail to up About Contacts (page 44) to 25 Contacts entries at one time.
  • Page 53: Adding A New Contacts Entry

    Highlight any data field and press . You will see onscreen ICE – In Case of Emergency menu options for the information displayed. To make it easier for emergency personnel to identify important contacts, you can list your local emergency contacts under “ICE” Note If you select a group in step 2, entries or phone numbers in your phone’s Contacts list.
  • Page 54: Editing Groups

    Highlight an entry you want to add and press Press (right softkey) OPTIONS > Enter New Address to enter a new phone number or address, or to Recent History Repeat step 5 to add additional members. select an entry from your history. Press CONTINUE (left softkey) >...
  • Page 55: Finding Contacts Entries

    Finding Contacts Entries Using Contacts Information in Other Applications From standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey). Scroll through all the entries. You can use saved Contacts entry’s information in other applications. – or – Enter the first few letters of an entry’s a name. Contacts with To copy information into a message: matching letters are listed.
  • Page 56: Editing A Contacts Entry

    Editing a Contacts Entry To assign a speed dial number to an existing phone number: From standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey). From standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey). Highlight a Contacts entry and press Highlight the Contacts entry you want to edit and press Highlight a number and press OPTIONS (right softkey) >...
  • Page 57: Assigning A Picture To A Contacts Entry

    Printing a Contacts Entry Select Set Ringtones . Select Incoming Calls , Text Message , or Media Mail . From standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey). Select Change . Highlight an entry you want to print. Highlight an option and press Press OPTIONS (right softkey) >...
  • Page 58: Dialing Services

    Dialing Services To hide secret entries: From standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey) > OPTIONS (right softkey) > Settings > Hide Secret . Your Contacts list is preprogrammed with contact numbers for various services. Enter the four-digit lock code. To dial a service from your Contacts: To show secret entries: Press CONTACTS (right softkey) >...
  • Page 59: Calendar And Tools

    Enter a description and press Select a category for the event (Appointment, Meeting, etc.) 2E. Calendar and Tools by highlighting the category field and pressing Select a priority for the event by highlighting the priority field and pressing Calendar (page 51) Select a start and end time for the event by highlighting the Alarm Clock (page 54) time field and pressing...
  • Page 60: Adding A To Do List Item To The Calendar

    Select a category for the call by highlighting the category To change the calendar display views, press the left softkey field and pressing repeatedly to toggle between views. MONTHLY WEEKLY Select a time and date for the call by highlighting the time Press the volume button up/down on the monthly view to display and date field and pressing the previous/next month.
  • Page 61: Viewing Events

    Select a priority for the item by highlighting the priority field Note Depending on the setting, the alarm setting Power On to Alert and pressing will be active even if the phone is turned off. (See “Setting Power On to Alert” on page 37.) Select a time and date for the item by highlighting the time and date field and pressing Viewing Events...
  • Page 62: Alarm Clock

    – or – All on This List to delete all events on the list. Completed to delete completed To Do List items. Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Schedule List , Call Alarm List , or To Do List . Press YES (left softkey). Highlight an event you want to print and press OPTIONS (right To delete old events: softkey) >...
  • Page 63: Calculator

    Calculator Enter a description for the alarm by highlighting the description field and pressing Select a time for the alarm by highlighting the time field and Your phone comes with a built-in calculator. pressing Press > Settings/Tools > Tools > Calculator . Select a repeat status for the alarm by highlighting the Enter numbers using your keyboard.
  • Page 64: World Clock

    World Clock Press SAVE (left softkey). Press (left softkey) to toggle the countdown alarm on and off. To view the time in different locations: To change the alarm settings, press (right softkey) to SETTINGS Press > Settings/Tools > Tools > World Clock. set the ringtone length and snooze options.
  • Page 65: Voice Services

    The “SAY A COMMAND” screen appears and the phone prompts you to say the name of the command you want to use. To 2F. Voice Services complete your task, simply follow the voice prompts. Available ASR commands are: Call <Name or #> to call an entry in your Contacts list or a spoken phone number.
  • Page 66: Checking Phone Status Using Asr

    Checking Phone Status Using ASR When you hear “Which location?,” say a number type (for example, “Mobile”). You can use ASR to obtain information about your phone: You can skip steps 3 and 4 by saying a name and location after Status (all of the following except My Phone Number) “Call”...
  • Page 67: Voice And Call Memos

    To change the ASR dialing region: Always Confirm to always ask for confirmation. Never Confirm to never ask for confirmation. Press and hold To adapt the system to your voice: Press SETTINGS (right softkey) > Dialing Region . Press and hold Highlight an option and press North America to recognize only numbers valid in North Press SETTINGS (right softkey) >...
  • Page 68 To record a voice memo: Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Play > All to play all memos continuously. Press > Settings/Tools > Tools > Voice Memo > Record . To play multiple memos: Start recording after the beep. Press > Settings/Tools > Tools > Voice Memo > List . To stop recording: Press OPTIONS (right softkey) >...
  • Page 69 Deleting Voice/Call Memos Press > Settings/Tools > Tools > Voice Memo > List . Highlight the memo you want to delete and press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Delete > This > YES (left softkey). Press (right softkey) to delete all OPTIONS >...
  • Page 70: Camera

    Using the phone’s display screen as a viewfinder, aim the camera lens at your subject. 2G. Camera Press , or CAPTURE (left softkey) until the shutter sounds. The picture will automatically be saved in the My Album folder. (See “Storing Pictures” on page 66.) To return to camera mode to take another picture, press Taking Pictures (page 62) Storing Pictures (page 66)
  • Page 71: Assigning Pictures

    Assigning Pictures Camera Mode Options Assign a picture as a wallpaper or as a picture ID for a Contacts You can set various camera options by pressing the following keys entry. in camera mode. Take a picture. (See steps 1–3 on page 62.) Description Note Opens the Sharpness setting...
  • Page 72 Multiple Shots to take multiple shots. (See “Multiple Shots” Get ready for the picture. (When the timer is down to three shown right.) seconds, the self-timer icon will turn red and the tone of the beep will change.) Fun Frames to select your favorite fun picture frame to decorate your picture.
  • Page 73: Camera Settings

    Saving Your Settings Zoom This feature allows you to zoom in on an object when you take a You can save your favorite camera mode options as your picture. You can adjust the zoom from 1x to 12x. preferred settings. From camera mode, press the navigation key right or left, or Set your favorite camera mode options and press the volume button up or down to adjust the zoom.
  • Page 74: Storing Pictures

    Storing Pictures Camera Icons Function Icon Details Your phone’s internal storage area is called the My Album folder. Beach/Snow Use this setting in bright light. From the My Album folder, you can view all the pictures you have Scenery Use this setting for scenery at a distance. Picture stored there.
  • Page 75: Sending Media Mail

    Sending Media Mail Delete to delete pictures. Select This , Selected , or All . Note Deleting pictures will free up memory space in your phone to enable you to take more pictures. Once you have taken a picture, you can use the messaging capabilities of your phone to instantly share it with family and Details/Edit to edit or display details relating to your pictures.
  • Page 76 MULTIPLE (left softkey) to select multiple recipients.  If you wish to include a text message, scroll to the Text field, and then enter your message. Press CONTINUE (left softkey) when you have finished entering recipients. (You may include up to 25 recipients If you wish to include a voice message, scroll to the Audio per message.) field, and then press RECORD (right softkey) >...
  • Page 77: Viewing Media Mail

    Viewing Media Mail Highlight a message to which you want to reply and press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Reply with > Text Message . When you receive media mail, a notification will Compose a message and press SEND (left softkey). automatically be displayed on your phone’s screen.
  • Page 78: Bluetooth

    About Bluetooth 2H. Bluetooth ® Bluetooth is a short-range communications technology that allows you to connect wirelessly to a number of Bluetooth devices, such as headsets and hands-free car kits, and Bluetooth-enabled handhelds, computers, printers, and wireless About Bluetooth (page 70) phones.
  • Page 79: Bluetooth Menu

    Press > Bluetooth > More... > Settings > Visibility . Handsfree Pairing to find a Bluetooth headset or hands-free device and add it to your Trusted List. Select Always Visible or Visible for 3 min . If you select  Send Contact to send a Contacts entry saved on your phone Always Visible , your phone will be discoverable by all in-range to another Bluetooth device.
  • Page 80: Bluetooth Settings Menu

    If your phone receives a request from the Bluetooth device Block List Options that you wish to connect to, follow the onscreen prompts to From the Block List, press OPTIONS (right softkey) to display the enter your passkey and press following options.
  • Page 81: Bluetooth Profiles

    To access the Bluetooth Settings menu: While using the phone, you can use the headset instead of the phone by pushing a button on the headset. Increase or Press > Bluetooth > More... > Settings . decrease the volume by using the volume button on the side of Highlight an option and press the phone.
  • Page 82: Pairing Bluetooth Devices

    Pairing Bluetooth Devices Trusted List Options The Bluetooth pairing process allows you to establish trusted Once you have created paired devices, several options are connections between your phone and another Bluetooth device. available from the trusted list. When devices are paired, a passkey is shared between devices, Press >...
  • Page 83: Sending Data Via Bluetooth

    Sending Data via Bluetooth Highlight the device from the trusted list and then press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Print . You can send data saved on your phone to another Bluetooth Highlight a category ( Picture , Business Card , Contacts , device.
  • Page 85: Section 3: Service

    Section 3 Service...
  • Page 86: Service: The Basics

    From standby mode, press and hold Follow the system prompts to: 3A. Service: The Basics Create your passcode. Record your name announcement. Record your greeting. Voicemail (page 78) Choose whether to activate One-Touch Message Access (a Text Messaging (SMS) (page 80) feature that lets you access messages simply by pressing and holding , bypassing the need for you to enter your...
  • Page 87: New Voicemail Message Alerts

    New Voicemail Message Alerts Note You are charged for airtime minutes when you are accessing your voicemail from your wireless phone. When you receive a new voicemail, your phone alerts you and prompts you to call your voicemail. Using Another Phone To call your voicemail from the notification screen: Dial your wireless phone number.
  • Page 88: Text Messaging (Sms)

    Voicemail Key Guide In addition, text messaging includes a variety of preset messages, such as “I can’t talk now, please send a message,” that make Here’s a quick guide to your keyboard functions while listening to composing messages fast and easy. Use your phone to customize voicemail messages.
  • Page 89: Threaded Messaging

    Threaded Messaging NEW ADDRESS (right softkey) to enter a recipient’s phone number or email address directly. Press CONTINUE (left Threaded messaging lets you follow a chain of text messages to softkey) to proceed. and from a particular contact. Compose a message. To display the thread list: Press OPTIONS (right softkey) to select additional options.
  • Page 90 Viewing Messages You can select certain information from a text message or email message and automatically save it or use it in a related Highlight a thread and press to display the messages sent to application. See “Simple Data Exchange” on page 24. and received from a particular contact, in reverse chronological order.
  • Page 91: Caller Id

    Delete delete the selected message.  Call Waiting Delete All to delete all messages. Save Number to save phone numbers appearing in the When you are on a call, Call Waiting alerts you to incoming calls selected message. by sounding two beeps. Your phone’s screen informs you that Save Email to save email addresses appearing in the another call is coming in and displays the caller’s phone number selected message.
  • Page 92: Making A 3-Way Call

    Making a 3-Way Call Call Forwarding With 3-Way Calling, you can talk to two people at the same time. Call Forwarding lets you forward all your incoming calls to another When using this feature, the normal airtime rates will be charged phone number –...
  • Page 93: Web And Data Services

    Your User Name When you buy your phone and sign up for service, you’re 3B. Web and Data Services automatically assigned a user name, which is typically based on your name and a number, followed by “” (For example, the third John Smith to sign up for data services might have as his user name.) Getting Started With Data Services (page 85) When you use data services, your user name is submitted to identify you...
  • Page 94: Launching A Web Connection

    Launching a Web Connection If you do not see an indicator, your phone does not have a current data connection. To launch a connection, see “Launching a Web Press > Web . (Your data connection starts and you see Connection” on this page. the home page.) Navigating the Web While connecting, you may see an animation before the home...
  • Page 95: Accessing Messages

    Scrolling Going Back As with other parts of your phone’s menu, you’ll have to scroll up To go back one page: and down to see everything on some websites. Press on your phone. To scroll line by line through websites: Note You can also use the key for deleting text (like a...
  • Page 96: Downloading Games, Ringtones, And More

    Getting Started With Email and select Sign In . (You will see Your IM screen for the selected provider.) From standby mode, press MESSAGING (left softkey) > Email . Note The information required to sign in will vary depending on the Follow the onscreen instructions to select an email provider.
  • Page 97 To access the download menus from the Web browser: To download a selected item: From the home page, select Downloads . From the information page, select Buy . (The item will download automatically. When you see the New Download Select Games , Ringtones , Applications , or Wallpapers to go to screen, you have successfully downloaded the item to your the corresponding download menu.
  • Page 98: Browser Menu

    Browser Menu Font Size to change the font size for the browser. Send This Page to... to send a URL via text messaging (SMS). Although the home page offers a broad and convenient array of Clear Private Data to delete the browser’s cache, cookies, etc.
  • Page 99 Going to a Specific Website Note Saving a page as a bookmark does not store the page contents, just its address. To go to a particular website by entering a URL (Web address): Some pages cannot be saved as bookmarks, depending on how Open any Web page.
  • Page 100: Data Services Faqs

    Reloading a Web Page When is my data connection active? Your connection is active when data is being transferred. Press while the Refresh icon ( ) at the upper right Outgoing calls are allowed; incoming calls go directly to corner of the browser is highlighted. voicemail.
  • Page 101: Navigation

    When the Location feature is on, your phone’s standby screen will display the icon. When Location is turned off, your phone will 3C. Navigation display the icon. Note Turning Location on will allow the network to detect your position using GPS technology, making some applications and services easier to use.
  • Page 102: Using Navigation

    Using Navigation Press > Navigation . Select an option and follow the onscreen instructions to get directions or view maps. Drive To lets you enter an address (vocally or using the keyboard) or select from categories such as My Favorites , Recent Places , or Businesses to search for turn-by-turn directions.
  • Page 103: Section 4: Safety And Warranty Information

    Section 4 Safety and Warranty Information...
  • Page 104: Important Safety Information

    To maximize performance, do not touch the bottom portion of your phone where the internal antenna is located while using the phone. 4A. Important Safety Information Speak directly into the mouthpiece. Avoid exposing your phone and accessories to rain or liquid spills. If your phone does get wet, immediately turn the power off and remove the battery.
  • Page 105 Using Your Phone While Driving Turning Off Your Phone Before Flying Using your phone while driving (or operating the phone without a hands- To prevent possible interference with aircraft systems, the U.S. Federal free device) is prohibited in certain jurisdictions. Laws vary as to specific Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations require you to have permission restrictions.
  • Page 106: Using Your Phone With A Hearing Aid Device

    M3/T3 or M4/T4) while in the store to find the one that works that have been rated have a label located on the box. Your SANYO Juno™ best with your hearing aid device. Should you experience interference or has an M4 and a T4 rating.
  • Page 107: Caring For The Battery

    Getting the Best Hearing Device Experience the proper use of batteries and accessories approved by the manufacturer of your phone. Use only manufacturer-approved batteries With Your Phone and accessories through your phone’s manufacturer. Buying the right batteries and accessories is the best way to ensure they’re genuine and To further minimize interference: safe.
  • Page 108: Radio Frequency (Rf) Energy

    Radio Frequency (RF) Energy Storing Don’t store the battery in high temperature areas for long periods of time. It’s best to follow these storage rules: Understanding How Your Phone Operates Less than one month: Your phone is basically a radio transmitter and receiver. When it’s turned -4°...
  • Page 109 The highest reported SAR values of the SANYO Juno™ are: communications. Cellular CDMA mode (Part 22):...
  • Page 110: Owner's Record

    BOOSTMOBILE and Logo, and the Logo are trademarks of Boost. Other Owner’s Record marks are the property of their respective owners. “SANYO” is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. and is used under license. KYOCERA is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation. Kyocera manufactures The model number, regulatory number, and serial number are located on a and markets the SANYO wireless line of products.
  • Page 111: Manufacturer's Warranty

    (iii) Kyocera Communications, Inc. (“KCI”) offers you, the original the battery has been used in equipment other than the SANYO brand purchaser who has purchased the enclosed subscriber unit (“Product”) only mobile phone for which it is specified.
  • Page 112 changes in climate or temperature; (iii) Products operated outside Some States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or published maximum ratings; (iv) cosmetic damage; (v) Products on which consequential damages, or allow limitations on how long an implied warranty stickers or Product serial numbers have been removed, altered, or warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.
  • Page 113: Index

    Index Removing 11 World Clock 56 Bluetooth 70–75 Contacts 44 Printing Data 75 Adding an Entry 45 Sending Data 75 Assigning a Picture 49 Numerics Bookmark 91 Assigning a Speed Dial 48 3-Way Call 84 Deleting an Entry 46 Dialing From 18 Calculator 55 Abbreviated Dialing 19 Editing an Entry 48...
  • Page 114 Messages 83 Phone Content 38 GPS 93 Language Voice Memo 61 Greeting 31 Display 32 Dialing Preset Messages 33 Group From Contacts 18 Location 93 Adding Members to 46 With Pauses 18 Lock Code 37, 38 Creating 45 Display Settings 29 Making From History 42 Locking Download...
  • Page 115 Muting Ringtones To Do 52 Ringtone 15 Assigning 26 TTY Use 34 Voice 17 Downloading 27 Turning Your Phone On and Off 10 Phone (illus.) 6 Saving Unlocking Your Phone 37 Phone Number Phone Number 17 User Name 85 Phone Number From History 42 Displaying 13 Security 37 Finding 18...