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Sanyo Innuendo User Manual

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User Guide

SANYO Innuendo
Kyocera manufactures and markets the SANYO line of wireless products.
© 2011 Kyocera Corporation. All Rights Reserved. BOOST and BOOSTMOBILE and
Logo, and the Logo are trademarks of Boost. Other marks are the property of their
respective owners. "SANYO" is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. and 
is used under license. KYOCERA is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Guide

    Logo, and the Logo are trademarks of Boost. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. “SANYO” is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. and  is used under license. KYOCERA is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation.
  • Page 2 Privacy personal information or require Boost Mobile to disclose accurate at the time of printing. Kyocera Communications, Inc. Message your customer information to the third-party application reserves the right to change or modify any information or provider.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Entering Text ....... . 22 Simple Data Exchange ......26 2B.
  • Page 4 Making a Call From History ..... . 52 World Clock ....... . . 66 Saving a Number From History .
  • Page 5 Section 4: Safety and Warranty  Making Your Phone Discoverable ....91 Information ......115 Bluetooth Menu .
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Introduction Your Phone’s Menu This User Guide introduces you to Boost Mobile service and all the The following table outlines your phone’s main menu structure. features of your new phone. It’s divided into four sections: For more information about using your phone’s menus and the carousel main screen, see “Navigating Through the Menus”...
  • Page 8 2: Camcorder (Video Mail/Long Video) Press the right softkey for the following options: My Stuff 1: Video Mode 2: Zoom 1: Application Manager 3: Self-Timer 4: Color Tone 5: Image Controls 6: Video Settings 2: Games 7: Review Media 8: Camera Mode 9: Video Mail/Long Video 0: Key Guidance 3: Ringtones...
  • Page 9 Settings/Tools 1: Settings 1: Display 2: Volume 3: Ringtones 4: Keyguard 5: Text Entry 6: Phone Info 7: Lock Phone 8: Reset/Delete 9: Others 2: Tools 1: Device Self Service 2: Alarm 3: Calendar 4: Update Phone 5: Memory Storage 6: Voice Services 7: Assigned Media 8: Calculator...
  • Page 11: Section 1: Getting Started

    Section 1 Getting Started...
  • Page 12: Setting Up Service

    1A. Setting Up Service Setting Up Your Phone (page 2) To turn the phone on, press and hold the Power/Lock button Activating Your Phone (page 3) ) located at the top left of the phone. Setting Up Your Voicemail (page 3) –...
  • Page 13: Activating Your Phone

    Activating Your Phone Getting Help To activate your new Boost Mobile phone, please refer to your Managing Your Account “Activation Kit”. You can go to ‘My Account’ on to view your account information, recharge your account, or to make account Setting Up Your Voicemail changes.
  • Page 14: Operator Services

    You can get up to three pieces of information per call, and the operator can automatically connect your call at no additional charge. There is a per-call charge to use 411, and you will be billed for airtime. Press Operator Services Operator Services provides assistance when placing collect calls or when placing calls billed to a local telephone calling card or third party.
  • Page 15: Section 2: Your Phone

    Section 2 Your Phone...
  • Page 16: Phone Basics

    Your Phone 2A. Phone Basics Exterior Phone Features 1. Proximity Sensor 2. Earpiece Your Phone (page 6) 3. Outer Screen Viewing the Display Screen (page 9) 4. Speaker Key 11. BACK Key Turning Your Phone On and Off (page 13) 5.
  • Page 17: Key Functions

    Key Functions Touch-Sensitive Keypad lets you enter numbers and letters and select menu items with just a light touch of your fingers. Proximity Sensor allows you to lock the touch keypad Touch keys are very responsive to your touch. It’s not necessary automatically when held close to the face to prevent accidental to press hard –...
  • Page 18 microSD Card Slot (internal) lets you use a microSD memory Interior Phone Features card to expand the memory of your phone. To use a microSD 1. Main Screen card, you must first remove the battery cover. (See “Inserting and Removing the microSD Card” on page 74). 2.
  • Page 19: Viewing The Display Screen

    Viewing the Display Screen QWERTY Keyboard lets you enter numbers, letters, and characters, and perform functions using single or combined keypresses. The status bar at the top of your phone’s display screen provides TEXT Key provides one-touch access to the phone’s information about your phone’s status and options.
  • Page 20 Service Icons Status Icons Data Service Dormant – Data service is currently dormant. 1 Beep – A beep sounds when you receive an incoming call, a message, etc. Data Service Unavailable – Data service is currently 1 Beep and Vibrate – 1 Beep and vibrate are set. unavailable.
  • Page 21 Messaging and Alert Icons Voice Call Icons Application Alerts – You have alert messages from Java Missed Call – You have one or more missed voice calls. applications activated in the background. Bluetooth Device – A call is in progress using a Bluetooth device.
  • Page 22 Camera and Video Icons Camera and Video Icons Camera Resolution (0.4M Wide) – Indicates the camera is Beach/Snow Mode – Indicates the picture/video mode is set to 0.4-megapixel resolution with wide angle. set to Beach/Snow. Camera Resolution (0.3M) – Indicates the camera is set to Scenery Mode –...
  • Page 23: Turning Your Phone On And Off

    Turning Your Phone On and Off Other Icons TTY – Your phone is connected to a TTY device. Turning Your Phone On Alarm – An alarm or countdown is set. Press and hold the Power/Lock button ( ) located at the top left of the phone.
  • Page 24: Battery And Charger

    WARNING Use only Kyocera-approved batteries and chargers with Installing the Battery your phone. The failure to use a Kyocera-approved See “Setting Up Your Phone” on page 2. battery and charger may increase the risk that your phone will overheat, catch fire, or explode, resulting in Removing the Battery serious bodily injury, death, or property damage.
  • Page 25: Navigating Through The Menus

    For example, to view the Icon Glossary screen: With the Kyocera-approved Li-Ion battery, you can recharge the battery before it becomes completely run down. While in the main screen, highlight and press access the main menu.
  • Page 26: Displaying Your Phone Number

    Backing Up Within a Menu Touch When you are finished, touch To go to the previous menu: Using the QWERTY Keyboard Press Enter a phone number from standby mode. (If you make a To return to standby mode: mistake while dialing, press to erase the numbers.) Press Press...
  • Page 27: Answering Calls

    Save to save a phone number in your Contacts. (See “Saving a Press or touch to answer the call in speaker Phone Number” on page 19.) mode. Hard Pause to insert a hard pause. (See “Dialing and Saving Answer to answer the call. Phone Numbers With Pauses”...
  • Page 28: Missed Call Notification

    Missed Call Notification To exit Emergency mode: Touch to end a 911 call. When an incoming call is not answered, your screen displays the Missed Call log. Touch to dial the phone number. Touch to display the options menu. To display a Missed Alerts entry from standby mode: Highlight Exit Emergency Mode and touch Highlight and press...
  • Page 29: Saving A Phone Number

    In-Call Options Press the volume button up or down to adjust the receiver volume. Pressing during a call displays a list of available in-call Press or touch to turn the speaker on. Press or features. To select an option, highlight the option and touch touch again to turn it off.
  • Page 30: Dialing And Saving Phone Numbers With Pauses

    Dialing and Saving Phone Numbers With Pauses From standby mode, enter a phone number and press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Save . You can dial or save phone numbers with pauses for use with Select New Entry or Existing Entry . automated systems, such as voicemail or credit card billing numbers.
  • Page 31: Dialing From The Contacts List

    Dialing From the Contacts List Speed Dialing You can store up to 98 numbers in your phone’s speed dial From standby mode, touch > Contacts . memory to make contacting friends and family easier. Select the entry you want to call. You must assign a speed dial number to the existing phone number beforehand.
  • Page 32: Entering Text

    Entering Text Prepend – Prepend the first five or six digits (for example, the area code and prefix) to any four or five digits you enter. To activate the Prepend feature: Selecting a Text Input Mode Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Settings > Your phone provides convenient ways to enter letters, numbers, Others >...
  • Page 33: Xt9 Smart Input

    Web Shortcuts to enter Web shortcuts (for example, www., Adding a Word to the XT9 Database http://, or .com). If a word you want to enter is not displayed in an XT9 word choice Text Options to display the text entry options menu (if list when you are using XT9 Smart Input, add it to the database.
  • Page 34: Setting Text Entry Options

    Setting Text Entry Options Press the corresponding alphabet keys to enter the word. If you’re using the external keypad, you may need to press The text entry options menu allows you to specify a suitable repeatedly until the correct letter appears. For example, to feature during the text entry process.
  • Page 35: Entering Text With The Qwerty Keyboard

    Entering Text With the QWERTY Keyboard Auto Substitution to replace abbreviated words or phrases with full-text equivalents that are added by you. Your phone features a QWERTY keyboard, specifically designed Select Text to select text for copying, cutting or adding (if for easy and comfortable text entry.
  • Page 36: Simple Data Exchange

    Simple Data Exchange You can do the following with the QWERTY Keyboard: Function This feature makes it easy to select certain information in a FN: Use to enter the number or symbol labeled in message and automatically save it or use it in a related orange on the top of the QWERTY keys (for example #, application.
  • Page 37 Contact Details to display the Contacts entry if the email Contact Details to display the Contacts entry if the phone address is already saved in Contacts. number is already saved in Contacts. Street Address Options Web Address (URL) Options Highlight a street address, press , and select an option: Highlight a Web address (URL), press , and select an...
  • Page 38: Navigating The Main Screen

    The One Click Main Screen 2B. Navigating the Main Screen Tiles Bubbles Carousel Getting to Know One Click (page 28) Personalizing the Carousel (page 30) Left Softkey Right Softkey Personalizing the Home Screen (page 32) End/Power key Menu/OK Key Navigation Key Getting to Know One Click The illustration above shows the basic layout of your phone’s One Click brings all your favorite features to your fingertips.
  • Page 39 Tiles – The tiles are the individual icons on the carousel. Each End/Power key ( ): Press from any menu or tile to return tile displays a specific menu, such as Messaging or Web. The to the Home ( ) screen. carousel can hold up to 15 default tiles, which you can add, Take the Tutorial remove, and rearrange to suit your needs.
  • Page 40: Personalizing The Carousel

    Personalizing the Carousel Messaging – Access Voicemail, Send Message, Messages, Email, and IM. Now that you know what the carousel is, it’s time to make it work Personalize – Access Change Wallpaper, Change for you by adding, removing, or rearranging tiles to match how Ringtone, Personalize Home Screen, Personalize you want to use your phone.
  • Page 41: Removing A Tile From The Carousel

    Press the navigation key left or right to select a location, and Re-Boost – Access Re-Boost page to make a payment. then press INSERT (left softkey) or to place the tile. Hookt – Access to discover new people from around the Shortcut From the main screen, highlight a tile, press OPTIONS...
  • Page 42: Personalizing The Home Screen

    Personalizing the Home Screen Editing Tiles Certain tiles, such as Favorites, contain editable content. You can use the Personalize Carousel menu to edit these tiles. Use your Home screen (the screen that is displayed when the Home icon is highlighted) to provide at-a-glance information and press OPTIONS (left softkey) >...
  • Page 43 Removing a Bubble From the Home Screen and press OPTIONS (left softkey) >  Highlight Personalize Home Screen . Press the navigation key left or right to highlight the  Remove Bubble option and then press Highlight Yes and press 2B.
  • Page 44: Settings

    Display Settings 2C. Settings Changing the Wallpaper You can set a wallpaper to display while in standby mode. Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Settings > Display Settings (page 34) Display > Wallpaper . Volume Settings (page 37) Select a wallpaper option by pressing the navigation key up Ringtone Settings (page 38) or down, and select a wallpaper.
  • Page 45: Changing The Backlight Settings

    Changing the Backlight Settings To change the outer screen backlight setting: Select how long the display screen remains backlit after any Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Settings > Display > Backlight > Outer Screen . keypress is made. You can also change the Java application backlight while running in the foreground.
  • Page 46: Power Save Mode

    Selecting a Picture ID Changing the Outer Clock You can select an image as a picture ID. Select a clock display on the outer screen in standby mode. Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Settings > Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Settings > Display >...
  • Page 47: Volume Settings

    Volume Settings Changing the Font Size Adjust the display font size for text in messages. Adjusting the Phone’s Volume Settings Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Settings > Others > Accessibility > Font Size > Messages . Adjust your phone’s volume settings to suit your needs and your environment.
  • Page 48: Ringtone Settings

    Ringtone Settings Silence All The Silence All option allows you to mute all sounds without turning your phone off. Ringtone Types To activate Silence All: Ringtone types help you identify incoming calls and messages. You can assign ringtone types to individual Contacts entries, types Press and hold the volume button down in standby mode.
  • Page 49 Selecting Ringtones for Messages Getting New Ringtones A wide variety of new ringtones are available and you can access Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Settings > them right from your phone. (Additional charges may apply, but Ringtones > Messages. some are free.) Select Contacts , Unsaved Numbers , or Private / Unknown .
  • Page 50: Messaging Settings

    Messaging Settings Setting Up Voice Guide Voice Guide allows you to hear voice prompts and spoken numbers or key names as you press a key, and also to hear Your phone’s advanced messaging capabilities let you send and menus and options, Contacts names, email addresses, URLs, receive different kinds of messages without placing a voice call.
  • Page 51: Managing Preset Messages

    Adding a Customized Signature Select Delete > YES (left softkey) to delete the message. (You can also reset all messages by selecting Reset all messages > Add a customized signature to each message you send. YES [left softkey].) Highlight and press >...
  • Page 52: Airplane Mode

    Airplane Mode TTY Use With Service Airplane Mode allows you to use many of your phone’s features, A TTY (also known as a TDD or Text Telephone) is a such as games and voice memos, when you are in an airplane or telecommunications device that allows people who are deaf, hard in any other area where making or receiving calls or data is of hearing, or who have speech or language disabilities to...
  • Page 53: Using The Hearing Aid Device Compatibility Function

    Using the Hearing Aid Device TTY VCO to enable TTY mode in Voice Carry Over mode, which allows you to send voice and receive text during a Compatibility Function call. TTY HCO to enable TTY mode in Hearing Carry Over mode, Your phone has been tested and rated for hearing aid device which allows you to send text and receive voice during a compatibility.
  • Page 54: Phone Setup Options

    Phone Setup Options Auto-Answer Mode Set your phone to automatically pick up incoming calls. Remember, your phone will answer calls in auto-answer mode Main Screen even if you are not present. Your phone’s One Click main screen lets you customize your Highlight and press >...
  • Page 55: Security Settings

    Security Settings Headset Mode Set up your phone for hands-free use, the type of headset (mono or stereo), and the ringtone mode. Locking Your Phone To set the audio mode: When your phone is locked, you can only make calls to 911 and Boost Customer Care.
  • Page 56: Deleting Phone Content

    Changing the Lock Code Edit the hint and press – or – > Settings/Tools > Settings >  Highlight and press Lock Phone , enter your lock code, and then press CONTINUE Delete the hint by pressing and press (left softkey). If you can’t recall your lock code, try using the last four digits of your wireless phone number or check your lock code hint.
  • Page 57: Security Features For Data Services

    Contacts to delete all of your Contacts including speed dial Reset Phone to reset all settings and erase all data on your numbers saved in your Contacts. phone. Read the message and press the left softkey  Voice Memo to delete all voice data and call memos saved in the phone.
  • Page 58: External Keypad Settings

    To disable data services: Setting the Keyguard Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Settings > To avoid accidentally pressing a key, this feature enables you to Others > Data > Data On . lock the touch keypad and side button while the phone is closed. By default, your phone’s keyguard feature is set to On .
  • Page 59 Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Settings > Volume > Touch Vibrate . Select On or Off . Navigating the Outer Screen Menus The outer screen menus allow instant access to some functions without opening the phone. To access the outer screen menus in standby mode: Unlock the keypad.
  • Page 60: History

    Each entry contains the phone number (if available) and Contacts entry name (if the number is in your Contacts). Duplicate calls 2D. History (calls from the same number) may appear only once on the list. Highlight and press > History . Highlight an entry and press Viewing History (page 50) Shortcut...
  • Page 61: History Thread

    History Details History Icons You can determine if an entry was an incoming, outgoing, or missed call from the icons shown below. To display History details: – Incoming Call Highlight and press > History . .  – Outgoing Call Highlight an entry from the list and press The History thread is displayed.
  • Page 62: History Options

    History Options Note You cannot make calls from History to entries identified as (Restricted ID), or Caller ID Private Unavailable ID You may see several menu items on the onscreen menu. Press OPTIONS (right softkey) for additional options. Saving a Number From History Call to call the selected entry.
  • Page 63: Making A New Group Entry From History

    Making a New Group Entry From Deleting History History You can delete individual or all entries in your History. Highlight and press > History . You can make and save a new group entry from History. Highlight an entry you wish to delete and press OPTIONS Highlight and press >...
  • Page 64: Contacts

    About Contacts 2E. Contacts Your phone can store up to 600 Contacts entries. Each entry can contain up to seven phone numbers, three email addresses, IM addresses, and Web addresses. You can also add Contacts entries to a Group, allowing you to send one message to up to 40 About Contacts (page 54) Contacts entries at a time.
  • Page 65: Adding A New Contacts Entry

    Adding a New Contacts Entry Viewing History From Contacts You can view the history of a selected Contacts entry from the In standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey) >  Contacts list. Add New... > New Contact . Highlight an entry and press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Contact History .
  • Page 66: Editing A Contacts Entry

    Editing a Contacts Entry Creating a Group Display a Contacts entry (see “Displaying Contacts Entries” You can create a group by assigning Contacts entries as members on page 54) and press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Edit Contact . and then naming the new group. In standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey) >...
  • Page 67: Editing Groups

    Editing Groups Removing Members From a Group From the Contacts list, highlight the group from which you From the Contacts list, highlight the group you want to edit. want to remove members. Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Edit Group . Press OPTIONS (right softkey) >...
  • Page 68: Finding Contacts Entries

    Finding Contacts Entries Using Contacts Information in Other Applications In standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey). Scroll through all the entries. You can use saved Contacts information in other applications. – or – To copy information into a message: Enter the first few letters of any part of an entry’s name. From the Contacts list, highlight an entry and press Contacts with matching letters are listed.
  • Page 69: Assigning Speed Dial Numbers

    Assigning Speed Dial Numbers To check speed dial assignments: From the Contacts list, press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Settings > Speed Numbers . Your phone can store up to 98 phone numbers in speed dial locations. (See “Speed Dialing” on page 21.) Selecting a Ringtone Type for an Entry To assign a speed dial number to a new phone number: Add a phone number to a new or to an existing Contacts...
  • Page 70: Assigning A Picture To An Entry

    Assigning a Picture to an Entry Secret Contacts Entries Assign a picture to display each time a certain contact calls you. When you make an entry secret and hide it, that entry is not displayed in your Contacts. In History, a telephone number is From the Contacts list, highlight an entry and press displayed but the Contacts entry’s name is not.
  • Page 71: Dialing Services

    Dialing Services Your Contacts list is preprogrammed with contact numbers for various services. To dial a service from your Contacts: Press CONTACTS (right softkey) > OPTIONS (right softkey) > Settings > Services . Highlight Call Balance (Balance Info.), Call Care (Boost Customer Care), Directory Assistance , Operator , Call Re-Boost , Voicemail , or Emergency , and then press To dial a service from standby mode using your keyboard:...
  • Page 72: Calendar And Tools

    Highlight a day to which you would like to add an event and press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Add Schedule . 2F. Calendar and Tools Enter a description and press Select a category for the event (Appointment, Meeting, etc.) by highlighting the category field and pressing Calendar (page 62) Select a priority for the event by highlighting the priority field Alarm (page 65)
  • Page 73: Calendar Alerts

    Press SAVE (left softkey). Select a time and date for the item by highlighting the time and date field and pressing To change the calendar display views, press the left softkey repeatedly to toggle between views. MONTHLY WEEKLY Select a status for the item by highlighting the status field .
  • Page 74: Viewing Events

    Viewing Events Deleting Events Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Tools > Days with scheduled events are indicated by small colored rectangles just below the date. A rectangle’s color depends on Calendar . the repeat status for an event. Highlight the day from which you would like to delete an event and press Highlight and press...
  • Page 75: Alarm

    Alarm Select a ringtone length for the alarm by highlighting the ringtone length field and pressing Select a snooze interval for the alarm by highlighting the Your phone comes with a built-in alarm that has multiple alarm snooze interval field and pressing capabilities.
  • Page 76: Calculator

    Calculator Countdown Timer Your phone comes with a built-in calculator. This feature allows you to use your phone as a countdown timer to alert you when a specified period of time has elapsed. You can Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Tools > set up to five timers.
  • Page 77: Stopwatch

    Stopwatch Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Tools > Stopwatch . Press MODE (left softkey) to select split timing or lap timing. Press START (right softkey) to start the stopwatch. Press SPLIT or LAP (left softkey) to record the time. Press STOP (right softkey) to stop timing.
  • Page 78: Voice Services

    The phone prompts you to say the name of the command you want to use. To complete your task, simply follow the voice 2G. Voice Services prompts. Available ASR commands include: Call <Name or #> to call an entry in your Contacts list or a spoken phone number.
  • Page 79: Making A Voice Call Using Asr

    Making a Voice Call Using ASR When you hear “Which location?,” say a number type (for example, “Mobile”). The phone displays the text entry Press and hold screen. (See page 99 for how to compose a message.) When you hear “Say a command,” say “Call . ” Displaying a Contacts Entry’s Information When you hear “Say the name or number,”...
  • Page 80: Checking Phone Status Using Asr

    Checking Phone Status Using ASR To adapt the system to your voice: Press and hold You can use ASR to obtain information about your phone: Status (all of the following except My Phone Number) Press SETTINGS (right softkey) > Adaptation > Adapt Voice . Time Press START (left softkey) and repeat each word, phrase, or Signal Strength...
  • Page 81: Managing Voice Memos

    Managing Voice Memos To change the ASR dialing region: Press and hold Use your phone’s Voice Memo to record brief memos to remind you Press SETTINGS (right softkey) > Dialing Region . of important events, phone numbers, or grocery list items and to Highlight an option and press record call memos of the other party’s voice during a phone call.
  • Page 82: Playing Voice Memos

    To record other party’s voice during a phone call: To play multiple memos: > Settings/Tools > Tools >  During a call, press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Voice Memo . Highlight and press Voice Services > Voice Memo > List . Start recording after the beep.
  • Page 83 Edit Title to edit the title of a memo. Properties to display information about a memo. Type Filter to filter only audio memos, only call memos, or to display all memos. Sort by to sort memos by time recorded, name, or file size. Go to Time to set the point from which the memo starts playing.
  • Page 84: Microsd Card

    Inserting the microSD Card Remove the battery cover and battery. (The battery must be 2H. microSD Card removed in order to insert the microSD card.) Insert a microSD card into the slot with the gold terminals facing down. Inserting and Removing the microSD Card (page 74) Gently press the card until it snaps into place.
  • Page 85: Microsd Card Settings

    microSD Card Settings Removing the microSD Card Remove the battery cover and battery. Creating Folders in the microSD Card Push the card inward slightly and release, causing it to come about halfway out of the slot. The following steps allow your phone to create default folders for storing files in your microSD card.
  • Page 86: Formatting The Microsd Card

    Formatting the microSD Card Backing Up Your Contacts Data to the microSD Card Formatting a microSD card permanently removes all files stored on the card. You can easily back up your phone’s Contacts data to the microSD card. Highlight and press >...
  • Page 87: Microsd Card Folders

    microSD Card Folders File Manager File Manager allows you to view, copy, move, and perform other Displaying Your microSD Card Folders housekeeping operations on files such as pictures, videos, music, All the files stored in your microSD are accessible through your and applications stored in your phone or on the microSD card.
  • Page 88: Opening Files In File Manager

    Opening Files in File Manager Properties to view the properties of the selected file. Rename to change the name of a selected file. Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Tools > Memory Storage > File Manager > In Phone or Memory Card . Note You may not be able to use the file if you change the file name extension.
  • Page 89: Digital Print Order Format (Dpof)

    Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) Reviewing DPOF Print Order Settings Highlight and press > Settings/Tools > Tools > Memory Storage > DPOF Print Order > Order Summary .  Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) lets you set up digital print orders in advance, including options such as which pictures to (The selected print options will be displayed.) print, number of prints, and index print settings.
  • Page 90: Important Connection Information

    Connect your phone to your computer using a compatible DO NOT turn off or restart your computer, or put it into standby USB cable. (Wait for the connection to be completed. When mode, while using a mass storage device. Doing so will result connected, the host computer will automatically detect your in loss or damage of data.
  • Page 91: Camera

    Using the phone’s main screen as a viewfinder, aim the camera lens at your subject. 2I. Camera Press , or CAPTURE (left softkey) until the shutter sounds. The picture will automatically be saved in the selected storage area. (See “Storing Pictures and Videos” on page 86.) Taking Pictures (page 81) To return to camera mode to take another picture, press...
  • Page 92: Assigning Pictures

    Assigning Pictures Multiple Shots to take multiple shots. (See “Multiple Shots” on page 83.) Assign a picture as a wallpaper or as a picture ID. Fun Frames to select your favorite fun picture frame to Take a picture. (See steps 1–3 on page 81.) decorate your picture (displayed only when the resolution setting is 0.3M or 0.1M).
  • Page 93 Highlight a delay time ( 5 Seconds or 10 Seconds ) and press Press , or CAPTURE (left softkey) to take the pictures. (The screen will display up to ten thumbnail pictures.) Press or START (left softkey) when you are ready to start the timer.
  • Page 94: Recording Videos

    Shutter Sound to select a shutter sound ( Default ,  Using the phone’s main screen as a viewfinder, aim the “Say Cheese,” “Ready,” or Off ). camera lens at your subject. Status Bar to display or hide status indicators and softkeys. Press RECORD (left softkey), , or to begin recording.
  • Page 95: Camcorder Mode Options

    Camcorder Mode Options User Settings to provide convenient access to your favorite settings. Several options are available from camcorder mode. Press OPTIONS (right softkey) to display additional options: Camcorder Settings Video Mode to select a camcorder mode from Normal ,  From camcorder mode, press OPTIONS (right softkey) >...
  • Page 96: Storing Pictures And Videos

    Storing Pictures and Videos On Memory Card Folder You can save pictures and videos directly to the memory card Your phone’s picture and videos storage area is called  using your phone’s photo and video settings. My Photos & Videos . There are two types of folders in My Photos & To review your stored pictures and videos on the memory card: Videos: >...
  • Page 97 Print to print pictures. You can choose whether to print using a Full Screen (for pictures) to display the selected picture in PictBridge- or Bluetooth-enabled printer. full screen view. Display Size (for videos) to change the display size  Copy/Move to Card to copy or move pictures and videos from your phone to your memory card.
  • Page 98: Sending Pictures And Videos From Your Phone

    Sending Pictures and Videos From MULTIPLE (left softkey) to select multiple recipients. Press CONTINUE (left softkey) when you have finished selecting Your Phone and entering recipients. (You may include up to 40 recipients per message.) Once you have taken a picture or a video, you can use the NEW ADDRESS (right softkey) to enter a recipient’s wireless messaging or Bluetooth capabilities of your phone to instantly phone number or email address directly.
  • Page 99: Printing Pictures From Your Phone

    Printing Pictures From Your Phone Note You may not be able to print pictures that you cannot display on your phone. Your phone is PictBridge compatible, allowing you to print directly While you are connected to the printer, your phone’s screen will from your phone without connecting to a computer.
  • Page 100 To print pictures using the Bluetooth-enabled printer: > Pictures >  Highlight and press My Photos & Videos > In Phone or On Memory Card . Highlight a picture to print and press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Print > Bluetooth . Press OPTIONS (right softkey) >...
  • Page 101: Bluetooth

    Turning Bluetooth On and Off 2J. Bluetooth By default, your phone’s Bluetooth feature is turned off. Turning Bluetooth on enables your phone’s Bluetooth functions. Highlight and press > Bluetooth > On/Off . About Bluetooth (page 91) Press ON (left softkey) to enable Bluetooth. Press OFF (left Turning Bluetooth On and Off (page 91) softkey) to disable Bluetooth.
  • Page 102: Bluetooth Menu

    Bluetooth Menu Bluetooth Status Indicators The following icons show your Bluetooth connection status at a glance: The Bluetooth menu allows you to set up many of the characteristics of your phone’s Bluetooth service, including: – Bluetooth feature is on Setting your phone’s visibility (or “discoverability”) for other –...
  • Page 103: Pairing Bluetooth Devices

    Pairing Bluetooth Devices Viewing the Trusted Devices List The Bluetooth pairing process allows you to establish trusted This list displays a list of devices which are paired with your connections between your phone and another Bluetooth device. device and set as trusted devices. When devices are paired, a passkey (PIN) is shared between From the Bluetooth menu, select Trusted Devices .
  • Page 104: Sending Items Via Bluetooth

    Sending Items via Bluetooth Options Menu From the Trusted Devices list, press OPTIONS (right softkey) Depending on your paired devices’ settings and capabilities, you to display the following options: may be able to send pictures or videos, Contacts information, or Add New to add a new Bluetooth device.
  • Page 105: Section 3: Service

    Section 3 Service...
  • Page 106: Service: The Basics

    Voicemail 3A. Service: The Basics Setting Up Your Voicemail Your phone automatically transfers all unanswered calls to your voicemail, even if your phone is in use or turned off. You should Voicemail (page 96) set up your Voicemail and personal greeting as soon as your Messaging (page 98) phone is activated.
  • Page 107: Voicemail Notification

    Voicemail Notification Using One-Touch Message Access There are several ways your phone alerts you to a new message: Touch and hold . (Your phone will dial your voicemail box.) By displaying a message on the screen. By sounding the assigned ringtone type. Using the Menu Keys on Your Phone to Access Your By displaying at the top of the screen.
  • Page 108: Messaging

    Messaging Voicemail Key Guide Here’s a quick guide to your keypad functions while listening to voicemail messages. With messaging, you can send and receive messages between your phone and another messaging-ready phone. When you  receive a new message, it will automatically display on your Date/Time Send Reply Advance...
  • Page 109: Composing Messages

    Composing Messages Select files you would like to attach. Review your message and press SEND (left softkey). Highlight and press > Messaging > Send Message . Select a recipient from the list or from the following options: Accessing Messages Go to Contacts to select a recipient from your Contacts. To read a message: (Qualifying Contacts entries must contain a phone number or an email address.)
  • Page 110 You will see a thread list. Each thread has an entry’s name (if You can select certain information from a message and saved in Contacts), a phone number, or an email address. You will automatically save it or use it in a related application. See “Simple also see the number of unread messages, if any, for each thread.
  • Page 111: Caller Id

    Enter the number you want to call. Note Messages are automatically deleted starting with the oldest. To save messages, lock them. Touch Delete to delete the selected message. Call Waiting Delete All to delete all messages. Call to dial the phone number appearing in the selected When you are on a call, Call Waiting alerts you to incoming calls message.
  • Page 112: Making A 3-Way Call

    Making a 3-Way Call continue to make calls from your phone when you have activated Call Forwarding. With 3-Way Calling, you can talk to two people at the same time. To activate Call Forwarding: When using this feature, the normal airtime rates will be charged Enter for each of the two calls.
  • Page 113: Web And Data Services

    Your User Name When you buy your phone and sign up for service, you’re 3B. Web and Data Services automatically assigned a user name, which is typically based on your name and a number, followed by “” (For example, the third John Smith to sign up for data services might have Getting Started With Data Services (page 103) as his user name.)
  • Page 114: Launching A Web Connection

    Launching a Web Connection Your phone is connected to the data network. When the arrows are white, your phone is transferring data (for Highlight and press > Web . (Your data connection example, when you are opening a Web page) and you starts and you see the home page.) cannot receive calls.
  • Page 115 To use softkeys: You’ll find that the left softkey is used primarily for selecting items. This softkey is often labeled “GO.” Press a softkey. (If an additional pop-up menu is displayed when you press the softkey, select the menu items using If the items on a page are numbered, you can use your keyboard your keyboard [if they’re numbered], or by highlighting the (number keys) to select an item.
  • Page 116: Accessing Messages

    Accessing Messages Follow the setup wizard instructions to enter the required sign-up information, such as your email address and password. Press or CONTINUE (right softkey) to sign in. You can send and receive email messages or instant messages Note The information required or procedures to sign in will vary right from your phone.
  • Page 117: Accessing Instant Messaging

    Note The first time you access your Email, you will have the option of Note You can also access certain email accounts, through the home completing a Help program. This series of screens demonstrate page. Press and then select MENU/OK > Web Messaging >...
  • Page 118: Downloading Games, Ringtones, And More

    To access the download menus from the Web browser: Note The information required to sign in will vary depending on the instant messaging provider you are accessing. From the home page, select Downloads . Select a download category ( Games , Ringtones , Applications , Follow the onscreen instructions to read, reply to, compose, or Wallpapers ) to go to the corresponding download menu.
  • Page 119: Browser Menu

    Browser Menu which details the Premium Services Terms of Use and your responsibility for payment. To download a selected item: Although the home page offers a broad and convenient array of sites and services for you to browse, not all sites are represented, From the information page, select Buy .
  • Page 120 OPTIONS to display additional options: Send referrer to send HTTP URL referrer information. ● Set as Homepage to set the current page as your home Turn on error logging / Turn off error logging to set whether ● page. to save error logs (text files useful for debugging browser errors).
  • Page 121: Data Services Faqs

    From the Web page you wish to add, press TOOLBAR (right Select Delete this Favorite . (A confirmation will be displayed.) softkey) to open the browser menu. Select to delete all bookmarks. Delete All Items Select MY PAGES . Press OK (left softkey) to remove the bookmark. Confirm that Add this page to favorites is highlighted and Reloading a Web Page press...
  • Page 122 Can I make calls and use data services at the same time? You cannot use voice call and data services simultaneously. You can place an outgoing call anytime, but it will interrupt any in- progress data session. Note If you receive a call during an active data session, your data session will resume after you have completed the call, ignored the call, or sent the call to voicemail.
  • Page 123: Gps Navigation

    Select On . When the Location feature is on, your phone’s standby screen will 3C. GPS Navigation display the icon. When Location is turned off, your phone will display the icon. To send the GPS log to other devices: GPS Services (page 113) Highlight and press >...
  • Page 124: Navigation

    Navigation Navigation gives you turn-by-turn directions onscreen and over the speakerphone. Registering Navigation Before you can use Navigation, your phone and service must be registered. Complete the following: From standby mode, click NAVIGATION tile. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter and submit the required information.
  • Page 125: Section 4: Safety And Warranty

    Section 4 Safety and Warranty Information...
  • Page 126: Important Safety Information

    To maximize performance, do not touch the bottom portion of your phone where the internal antenna is located while using the phone. 4A. Important Safety Information Speak directly into the mouthpiece. Avoid exposing your phone and accessories to rain or liquid spills. If your phone does get wet, immediately turn the power off and remove the battery.
  • Page 127 Using Your Phone While Driving Turning Off Your Phone Before Flying Using your phone while driving (or operating the phone without a hands- To prevent possible interference with aircraft systems, the U.S. Federal free device) is prohibited in certain jurisdictions. Laws vary as to specific Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations require you to have permission restrictions.
  • Page 128: Using Your Phone With A Hearing Aid Device

    Restricting Children’s Access to Your Phone higher rating may still cause unacceptable noise levels in the hearing Your phone is not a toy. Do not allow children to play with it as they could hurt device. Trying out the phone with your hearing device is the best way to themselves and others, damage the phone, make inadvertent emergency evaluate it for your personal needs.
  • Page 129: Caring For The Battery

    To further minimize interference: the manufacturer of your phone. Use only Kyocera-approved batteries Set the phone’s display and keyboard backlight settings to ensure the and accessories through your phone’s manufacturer. Buying the right minimum time interval (see also page 35): batteries and accessories is the best way to ensure they’re genuine and...
  • Page 130: Radio Frequency (Rf) Energy

    Radio Frequency (RF) Energy It’s best to replace the battery when it no longer provides acceptable performance. It can be recharged hundreds of times before it needs replacing. Understanding How Your Phone Operates Storing Your phone is basically a radio transmitter and receiver. When it’s turned Don’t store the battery in high temperature areas for long periods of on, it receives and transmits radio frequency (RF) signals.
  • Page 131 Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) for Wireless Phones More information on the phone’s SAR can be found from the following FCC website: The SAR is a value that corresponds to the relative amount of RF energy absorbed in the head of a user of a wireless handset. FCC Notice The SAR value of a phone is the result of an extensive testing, measuring and This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 132: Owner's Record

    Serial No.: The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Kyocera Corporation is under license. Other User Guide Proprietary Notice trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Page 133: Manufacturer's Warranty

    (i) the battery has been charged by a battery Manufacturer’s Warranty charger not specified or approved by KCI for charging the battery, (ii) any of Kyocera Communications, Inc. the seals on the battery are broken or show evidence of tampering, or (iii) (“KCI”) offers you, the original the battery has been used in equipment other than the SANYO brand purchaser who has purchased the enclosed subscriber unit (“Product”) only...
  • Page 134 (allowing installation of a third party To obtain warranty service, contact operating system); or (xiv) any Products which have been opened, repaired, Kyocera Communications, Inc. modified or altered by anyone other than KCI or a KCI authorized service Attention : Customer Services for Wireless Products center.
  • Page 135: End User License Agreement

    End User License Agreement to you prior to your use of the Software, Kyocera grants you a limited, non- exclusive, license to use Kyocera and third party proprietary software and services found on your Kyocera device and/or packaged with your Kyocera Kyocera Communications, Inc.
  • Page 137 Termination: This License Agreement will automatically terminate without designated agents may collect and use technical and related information, notice from or action by Kyocera if you fail to comply with any term hereof. gathered in any manner, as part of its product support services. Kyocera, its...
  • Page 138: Index

    Index Bluetooth 91–94 Clock Sending Items 94 World Clock 66 Bookmark 110 Contacts 54 Browser Menu 109 Adding an Entry 55 Numerics Assigning a Picture 60 3-Way Call 102 Assigning a Speed Dial 59 Calculator 66 Deleting an Entry 57 Calendar 62 Abbreviated Dialing 21 Dialing From 21...
  • Page 139 Display Settings 34 Download Headset 45 Main Screen Navigation 28–33 Ringtone 39 Hearing Aid Device Bubbles 32 DPOF 79 Carousel 30 Compatibility (HAC) Mode 43 Tiles 30 History 50 Tutorial 29 Email 106 Saving a Number From 52 Making Calls 16 Home Screen Emergency Call 18 From Contacts 21...
  • Page 140 One Click 28–33 Resetting 47 Unlocking Your Phone 45 see also Main Screen Navigation Ringtones User Name 103 Assigning 38 Phone (illus.) 6 Downloading 39 Vibration 40 Phone Number Videos Saving Displaying 16 Options 85 Finding 20 Number From History 52 Recording 84 With Pauses 20 Security 45...

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