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Acer BT-800 User Manual page 51

Bluetooth 1.2 usb dongle
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Acer Bluetooth 1.2 USB Dongle User's Manual
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Default Business Card Selection
When the "Always send the same business card" option is selected, a dialog box appears to
allow the selection of a default business card.
The first time the dialog box appears it provides a way to choose the Personal Information
Manager that stores the default business card. Click the down-arrow in the PIM shortcut
menu and select the PIM to be used.
On subsequent appearances of this dialog box, the PIM selection option is not available.
Change the selected PIM
On the PIM Item Transfer properties page, "Received items" section, there is a Business
Cards shortcut menu. When a PIM was selected during initial setup the selected item in this
menu was set to the same PIM. To change the PIM used for the default business card, open
this shortcut menu and select a new PIM.
NOTE: A new default business card must be selected from the database of the newly
selected PIM.
Choose a default business card
1. In the Select a Bluetooth Business Card dialog box that appears when "Always
send the same business card" is selected, highlight the card.
NOTE: Once a card is highlighted, if you "hover" the mouse pointer over that selection, a
balloon appears with additional information about that contact.
2. Click OK to choose a highlighted business card and return to the PIM Item
Transfer Properties page. The chosen contact now appears in, and is selected in,
the "Business card requests" shortcut menu.
If the "Always send the same business card" option is selected again, and a different
contact chosen, the properties page will display both contacts in the shortcut menu.
NOTE: In addition to the default menu options, the shortcut menu can hold up to ten
contact names.



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