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Bluetooth Serial Port - Acer BT-800 User Manual

Bluetooth 1.2 usb dongle
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Acer Bluetooth 1.2 USB Dongle User's Manual

Bluetooth Serial Port

The Bluetooth Serial Port application allows this computer to establish a wireless serial
connection with a remote Bluetooth device.
The applications on both this computer and the remote device must be configured to send
and receive data to and from the respective communications port (COM port) assigned to
the Bluetooth serial port. The wireless serial connection may then be used by the
applications as though a physical serial cable connected the devices.
Create a Bluetooth Serial Port connection
Establish a connection using one of these techniques
Windows system tray, Bluetooth icon
From My Bluetooth Places
Using the Bluetooth Setup Wizard
Close a Bluetooth Serial Port connection
If the connection was established via the Bluetooth icon in the Windows system
tray; click the Bluetooth icon, select Quick Connect, Bluetooth Serial Port and
then select the device that is providing the service (active connections have a
checkmark in front of them).
No matter how the connection was created, In My Bluetooth Places, right-click the
service name and select Disconnect.
The Bluetooth Configuration Panel > Client Applications > Bluetooth Serial Port >
General tab provides options to configure:
The application name—to change it, highlight the existing name and enter the new
Enable or disable secure connection. To enable secure connection, place a
checkmark in the box.
The communications port (COM port) to be used.
NOTE: Unless you have a specific reason to do so, DO NOT CHANGE the default COM Port



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