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Pim Item Transfer - Acer BT-800 User Manual

Bluetooth 1.2 usb dongle
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Acer Bluetooth 1.2 USB Dongle User's Manual

6.5.12 PIM Item Transfer

The Bluetooth PIM Item Transfer application allows this computer to send and receive
Personal Information Manager items to-and-from a remote Bluetooth device. Item transfer
can be accomplished several ways:
To send, receive or exchange business cards:
1. From Windows Explorer, My Bluetooth Places, right-click the PIM Item Transfer
service on a remote device and select the appropriate option.
In the Windows system tray, right-click the Bluetooth icon, select Quick Connect
> Business Card Exchange, select a device from the list, select the appropriate
option from the shortcut menu, and then click OK.
2. From Windows Explorer, My Bluetooth Places, highlight the PIM Item Transfer
service on a remote device, and then, from the Bluetooth menu on the Windows
menu bar, select the appropriate action.
In addition to the business card options listed above, you can also send Notes
(*.vnt), Email (*.vmg) and Calendar (*.vcs) items from this menu.
3. From within a supported Personal Information Manager, select one or more items
and then, from the PIM's File menu, select Send to Bluetooth.
Whether sent items are accepted by the remote device is determined by how the remote
device's PIM Item Transfer service is configured.
Close a PIM Item Transfer Connection
This application closes the open connection automatically when its task is complete.
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