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Acer BT-800 User Manual page 50

Bluetooth 1.2 usb dongle
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Acer Bluetooth 1.2 USB Dongle User's Manual
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In addition to the configuration options common to all Bluetooth services, this service also
has settings that determine:
How business card requests are handled. The options are:
Never send my business card—ignore the request
Choose a business card as needed—when prompted, select a business card to
be sent to the requester.
Always send the same business card—when a request is received always send
the same business card. When this option is selected, a dialog box appears
from within which an installed Personal Information Manager (if more than
one is installed on this computer) and an existing business card can be
Previously sent business cards—once a card is selected using the "Always
send the same business card" option, above, that card will be added to the
shortcut menu as an option.
NOTE: Previously sent business card additions to the menu are limited to ten, after which
the oldest contact will be replaced.
Where to store inbound data items, on an individual basis. Options include (not all
options apply to all items):
Do Not Accept
Any of the installed PIMs on this computer
Save to Folder
The Bluetooth Exchange Folder location—the directory on this computer where
inbound items that are not to be saved in a PIM will be kept.
NOTE: This is also the folder where the File Transfer service stores inbound items. If this
folder is reconfigured here, it will also be reconfigured in that service automatically.
Whether to send/receive attachments with email. Check or clear this option, as
Close a PIM Item Transfer connection
PIM Item Transfer connections close automatically when the data transfer is complete.
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