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Network Access - Acer BT-800 User Manual

Bluetooth 1.2 usb dongle
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Acer Bluetooth 1.2 USB Dongle User's Manual

Network Access

The Bluetooth Network Access service makes it possible for a remote Bluetooth device to
access a Local Area Network that is physically attached to this computer or allows a remote
device to become part of an ad hoc network provided by this computer.
After this computer has been configured to provide the Network Access service to other
Bluetooth devices, it will not be able to use the Bluetooth Network Access service provided
by another Bluetooth device without being re-configured. Put another way, this computer
cannot be both a Bluetooth Network Access server and a Bluetooth Network Access client
at the same time. Setup for Windows 98SE & Windows Me
NOTE: Internet Protocol routing software is required on Windows 98SE and Windows Me
Install and configure the routing software as instructed by the software's
Configure the server:
1. From the Windows Control Panel, double-click the Network icon.
2. On the Configuration tab, select TCP/IP-> Bluetooth LAN Access Server Driver
(scroll down if necessary).
3. Click Properties and select the IP Address tab.
a) Select Specify an IP address
b) Enter an IP Address (suggested value—
c) Enter a Subnet Mask (suggested value—
4. Click OK twice to close the dialog boxes and then click YES to restart the
computer. Setup for Windows 2000 and Windows XP
If Internet Connection sharing was previously enabled (before BTW was installed) it must
be disabled and then re-enabled before the Bluetooth network dongle can use it.
for more information.
Configure for Network Access:
1. From the Windows system tray, right-click the Bluetooth icon and select
Advanced Configuration from the shortcut menu.
2. In the Bluetooth configuration panel, select the Local Services tab, Network
Access and then click Properties....
3. From the Network Access, General properties page, in the Type of service shortcut
menu, select "Allow other devices to access the Internet/LAN via this computer,"
and then click Configure Connection Sharing.
4. Right-click Local Area Connection, select Properties and then select the Sharing
5. Select Enable Internet Connection Sharing for this connection, click OK, and then
click YES in the confirmation dialog box.
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