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Handling Precautions; Assembly / Disassembly Precautions - Dell 1135N Service Manual

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1.2.3 Handling Precautions

The following instructions are for your own personal safety, to avoid injury and so as not to damage the
(1) Ensure the printer is installed on a level surface, capable of supporting its weight. Failure to do so could
cause the printer to tip or fall.
(2) The printer contains many rollers, gears and fans. Take great care to ensure that you do not catch your
fingers, hair or clothing in any of these rotating devices.
(3) Do not place any small metal objects, containers of water, chemicals or other liquids close to the printer
which if spilled could get into the machine and cause damage or a shock or fire hazard.
(4) Do not install the machine in areas with high dust or moisture levels, beside on open window or close to a
humidifier or heater. Damage could be caused to the printer in such areas.
(5) Do not place candles, burning cigarettes, etc on the printer, These could cause a fire.

1.2.4 Assembly / Disassembly Precautions

Replace parts carefully, always use Dell parts. Take care to note the exact location of parts and also
cable routing before dismantling any part of the machine. Ensure all parts and cables are replaced correctly.
Please carry out the following procedures before dismantling the printer or replacing any parts.
(1) Check the contents of the machine memory and make a note of any user settings. These will be erased if
the mainboard or network card is replaced.
(2) Ensure that power is disconnected before servicing or replacing any electrical parts.
(3) Disconnect printer interface cables and power cables.
(4) Only use approved spare parts. Ensure that part number, product name, any voltage, current or
temperature rating are correct.
(5) When removing or re-fitting any parts do not use excessive force, especially when fitting screws into
(6) Take care not to drop any small parts into the machine.
(7) Handling of the OPC Drum
- The OPC Drum can be irreparably damaged if it exposed to light.
Take care not to expose the OPC Drum either to direct sunlight or to fluorescent or incandescent
room lighting. Exposure for as little as 5 mins can damage the surface? Photoconductive properties
and will result in print quality degradation. Take extra care when servicing the printer. Remove the
OPC Drum and store it in a black bag or other lightproof container. Take care when working with the
covers(especially the top cover) open as light is admitted to the OPC area and can damage the OPC
- Take care not to scratch the green surface of OPC Drum Unit.
If the green surface of the Drum Cartridge is scratched or touched the print quality will be compromised.
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