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Hp proliant bl p-class gbe interconnect switch overview - white paper
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The GbE Interconnect Switch supports trivial file transfer protocol (TFTP) allowing a copy of the
interconnect switch configuration file to be saved and downloaded either to the original switch or to a
different interconnect switch. This provides a method to rapidly deploy multiple systems with similar
configurations and to provide backup and restore capabilities. Configuration settings can be modified
through the user interfaces or directly within the configuration file. The configuration file has an
extensible markup language (XML) format, which allows it to be directly viewed, printed, and edited.
The configuration file may even be reset to the factory default settings at any time.
Users can perform firmware operating system upgrades by using TFTP through any external Ethernet
port after boot-up, and by using ZModem through the serial interface during boot-up. The interconnect
switch simplifies system upgrades by retaining its configuration after a firmware upgrade and by
supporting the HP Support Paq automated firmware upgrade process for Windows deployment

IP addressing

Users can configure the GbE Interconnect Switch to automatically obtain an IP address from a
dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) or bootstrap protocol (BOOTP) server or they can
manually assign an IP address through the command line and menu-driven console interfaces. Users
can also assign an IP address from the BBI; however, they would have to reconnect with the newly
assigned IP address. For increased security, an administrator can specify the IP-based management
stations that are allowed to access the interconnect switch.

Web browser-based interface

Users can access the BBI by using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator over a TCP/IP network
(Figure 5). The BBI interface consists of three main sections:
The Active Virtual Graphic provides real time status of the switch front panel and provides the
means to quickly view statistics of individual ports.
The Navigation Window contains particular items or features to select.
The Administration Window contains options for viewing or altering GbE Interconnect Switch
Figure 5. Browser-based interface for ProLiant BL p-Class GbE Interconnect Switch


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