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Hp proliant bl p-class gbe interconnect switch overview - white paper
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locally and remotely from anywhere on the network. Administration of both GbE Interconnect
Switches is possible through any uplink port, the serial port, or the two 10/100T ports conveniently
located on the front panel of each switch (Figure 4).
Figure 4. ProLiant BL p-Class GbE Interconnect Switch front panel

Rapid deployment, back-up, and restore

HP Rapid Deployment Pack for Windows version 1.40 or greater (RDP for Windows) introduces a
new feature called server-side scripting. With server-side scripting, interconnect switch scripts can be
integrated in an RDP for Windows job for deployment of both blade servers and switches. This is
ideal for using RDP for Windows to deploy a blade server and then configure associated switch
VLANs; however, any scriptable interconnect switch parameter can be integrated.
HP Rapid Deployment Pack for Windows version 1.40 includes Altiris Deployment Solution version
5.6 (Altiris v5.6). Altiris v5.6 provides a "Switch Add-on" utility that identifies and manages VLAN
settings on the GbE Interconnect Switches. A utility's Windows 32-bit graphical interface displays a
tabular view of the all switches that have been identified, along with their respective switch ports,
switch description, and VLAN assignments.
Using either the supported Windows graphical interface or the command line interface, an
administrator can:
View the GbE Interconnect Switch MIB (Management Information Base) system information via
SNMP version 1.
View the GbE Interconnect Switch ports and the VLAN setting for each port.
Add/delete a GbE Interconnect Switch device to/from the database.
Modify the VLAN setting of a GbE Interconnect Switch port via script configuration changes using
the CLI or manually using the Windows graphical interface.
Assign physical connectivity of a discovered device to a switch port (Windows interface only).
For more information, see the white paper Using ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack for scripted blade-based switch configuration at


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