Switch Security; Serviceability And Diagnostics - HP 279720-B21 - ProLiant BL p-Class F-GbE Interconnect Overview

Hp proliant bl p-class gbe interconnect switch overview - white paper
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Graphical representation of the p-Class server blades and interconnect switches.

Switch security

The GbE Interconnect Switch uses a layer 2 access control list or filtering database to segment the
network, control communications between segments, and provide intrusion control. The switch allows
manual entry of specific media access control (MAC) addresses to be filtered from the network.
Filtering of both unicast and multicast traffic is possible. The maximum number of MAC addresses
learned on a per port basis may further be restricted.
Several additional features are provided on the GbE Interconnect switch to allow the switch
administrator to secure the management interfaces. These features include the ability to:
Configure multiple password protected accounts with various levels of access.
Specify the IP-based management stations that are allowed to access each switch.
Set a user interface idle time-out period.
Disable web-based and Telnet access.
Configure port-based IEEE 802.1Q tagged VLANs for server grouping and data isolation.

Serviceability and diagnostics

The GbE Interconnect Switch has several serviceability features such as the front-mounted, hot-
swappable interconnect switch blade, and the front panel RS-232 port, Ethernet ports, and a power
re-set switch. The interconnect switch also has system status LEDs and a LED annunciation panel that
displays the link speed and activity status for each port (Figure 7).
Figure 7. Front port LED panel for ProLiant BL p-Class GbE Interconnect Switch
*Uplink ports 21 and 22 on the p-Class C-GbE Interconnect Kit are 10/100/1000T.
Uplink ports 21 and 22 on the p-Class F-GbE Interconnect Kit are 1000SX.


Table of Contents

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