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Hp proliant bl p-class gbe interconnect switch overview - white paper
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and two 10/100T Ethernet ports all with RJ-45 connectors. The F-GbE Interconnect Kit includes two
DualTSX interconnect modules, each with two 1000SX Ethernet ports with LC connectors and two
10/100T Ethernet ports with RJ-45 connectors. Each interconnect module has an independent guide
pin to ensure insertion alignment and a robust connector assembly to prevent it from being used with
incompatible devices.
Table 1. Interconnect modules used with the C-GbE and F-GbE Interconnect Kits
Interconnect switches
Interconnect modules

Front panel ports

Two 10/100T external ports are conveniently located on the front panel. These front panel ports
allow users to perform local management and diagnostic tasks without unplugging a dedicated
uplink. This prevents disruption the production network to perform these tasks. See the "Serviceability
and diagnostics" section for more details on the switch front panel.
When the front panel ports are not used for local management, one or both ports may be used as
additional uplinks. A channel is provided at bottom of each interconnect switch to allow network
cables to be routed from the front to the rear of the rack, or vice versa.

Crosslink ports

The two GbE Interconnect Switches are connected through a pair of redundant, 10/100 Mb/s Fast
Ethernet crosslink connections that are bundled in a 200 Mb/s Cisco EtherChannel compatible multi-
port trunk. The signals are routed as Ethernet from switch to switch via individual CAT5e specified
signal traces on the passive backplane assembly of the server blade enclosure. The crosslinks permit
communication between the switches, if desired. They also provide the ability to:
Manage both switches, perform PXE server boots, and access all iLO interfaces using any number
of external switch ports. Therefore, a single switch uplink can be used to perform all Ethernet
management tasks.
Configure the p-Class system for advanced ProLiant Network Adapter Teaming including switch
fault tolerance. See the section "ProLiant Network Adapter Teaming" for additional information.
Communicate with any server network adapter from any switch uplink port. As a result, any single
uplink port may be used to communicate to all 32 NICs. This permits the 32-to-1 cable reduction
and provides additional system redundancy. If uplinks on one switch or the connection to a switch
were to fail, all NICs still can be accessed via the other switch.
C-GbE Interconnect Kit
Two GbE Interconnect Switches
Two QuadT interconnect modules with:
Two 10/100/1000 BASE-T/TX/T ports
Two 10/100 BASE-T/TX ports
Four RJ-45 connectors with link speed
and activity LEDs.
F-GbE Interconnect Kit
Two GbE Interconnect Switches
Two DualTSX interconnect modules with:
Two 1000 BASE-SX ports
Two 10/100 BASE-T/TX ports
Two LC connectors and two RJ-45
connectors with link speed and activity


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