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Hp proliant bl p-class gbe interconnect switch overview - white paper
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The optional HP Diagnostic Station (Figure 8) is available to configure and diagnose an interconnect
switch or a server blade that has been removed from the server blade enclosure. The Diagnostic
Station provides power to the interconnect switch and can be used to perform any of the following
Build the initial interconnect switch configuration.
Download a switch configuration file.
Test network adapter and interconnect switch port activity.
Diagnose interconnect switch status.
Test an interconnect switch after installing an option or upgrade.
Figure 8. Diagnostic Station
The GbE Interconnect Switch provides many additional serviceability and diagnostic features
Port mirroring with the ability to mirror desired type of frames (egress, ingress, or both.
Power on self test (POST) at boot for hardware verification.
Monitoring screens via the user interfaces for port utilization, data packets received/transmitted,
error packets, packet size, trunk utilization, SNMP data, etc.
Details of system information via the user interfaces such as port parameters and link status, switch
asset information, configuration values, log entries, etc.
The ability to "ping" to test the connectivity on the Ethernet network.
Local system log (syslog) with ability to view and clear messages that may be saved (uploaded) as
text file via TFTP.
MAC addresses view, clear, and delete from the forwarding database for identifying problems with
MAC address learning and packet forwarding.
The ability to set the interconnect switch to a valid firmware image in case of firmware corruption.
For more detailed information on the administration capabilities of the ProLiant BL p-Class GbE
Interconnect Switch, see the ProLiant BL p-Class GbE Interconnect Switch user guides.

Virtual LAN

The GbE Interconnect Switch supports 256 port-based IEEE 802.1Q virtual LANs (VLANs) with GVRP
dynamic VLAN registration
IEEE 802.3ac VLAN Ethernet frame extensions for 802.1Q tagging. Therefore, GbE Interconnect
Available at
GVRP stands for GARP VLAN Registration Protocol.
. Members of a VLAN may be untagged and tagged ports according to


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