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Yamaha YMC S21 - neoHD AV System Owner's Manual

Owners manual
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  Summary of Contents for Yamaha YMC S21 - neoHD AV System

  • Page 1 Media Controller YMC-700 YMC-500 OWNER’S MANUAL...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Contents Viewing photos stored on your PC IMPORTANT (YMC-700 only) or USB device......26 Before installing this unit, be sure to read the supplied Viewing photos............27 Quick Start Guide. Slide show..............27 Shuffle browsing............27 Using the photos as a screen saver ......27 INTRODUCTION Enjoying contents stored on your iPod ....28 Listening to music contents ........
  • Page 3: Features

    FEATURES Features Thank you for your purchasing a Yamaha neoHD. The neoHD can control all of your devices through a simplified remote control unit and stylish/intuitive graphical user interface. Enjoy the Yamaha neoHD experience. Stylish and Intuitive Graphical User Interface...
  • Page 4: Notices

    Features Notices Supplied accessories Check that you received all of the following accessories. POWER POWER Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. GUIDE MENU Dolby, Pro Logic and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. ENTER Power cable PREV. EXIT (☞...
  • Page 5: Controls And Functions

    CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS Controls and functions Front/side/top panel Power indicator Lights up when this unit is turned on. CONTROL, POWER POWER u / d / j / i, GUIDE MENU WIRELESS antenna ENTER, (YMC-700 only) ENTER BACK These buttons work in the same way PREV.
  • Page 6: Remote Control

    Controls and functions Remote control IMPORTANT • To control TV and source components, you need to make remote control connections (☞ P. 8) and set the remote control code (☞ P. 13, 14). • To control a TV or source component, aim the remote control at the remote control sensor of this unit. Operating instructions for activities (☞...
  • Page 7: Connections

    Connections Make sure that this unit and other components are unplugged from the AC wall outlets. USB storage device Wired network Modem Be sure to insert in the Remote control proper direction. Connect the supplied IR flashers to You can connect the REMOTE CONTROL OUT 1 and 2 jacks.
  • Page 8: Wireless Network

    SURROUND CENTER KERS Audio/Video components iPod dock/Bluetooth receiver Connect a Yamaha iPod Connect your audio/video components universal dock (such as to these jacks. Refer to the supplied the YDS-11, sold separately) Quick Start Guide for connections. or Bluetooth wireless...
  • Page 9: Remote Control Connection

    Remote control connections You can control your TV and the components connected to this unit using the remote control of this unit by connecting the IR flashers between this unit and the components, and by setting the IR codes. You can also turn on or off the TV and the components in conjunction with the operation of this unit.
  • Page 10: Placing Speakers

    Placing speakers The speaker layout below shows the speaker setting we recommend. ■ 5.1-channel speaker layout 30˚ 60˚ 80˚ FL: Front left speaker FR: Front right speaker C: Center speaker SR: Surround right speaker SL: Surround left speaker SW: Subwoofer ■...
  • Page 11: Initial Setup

    Initial Setup Once all the connections are finished, optimize this unit for your watching/listening/playing environment by using the “Initial Setup” menu. Step 1: Auto Speaker Setup Step 1: Auto Speaker Setup Auto Speaker Setup (YPAO) uses unique technology to optimally calibrate the frequency response and level according to the speaker configuration, characteristics, Step 2: TV Remote Control Setup and their distance.
  • Page 12 Initial Setup Select “Yes” to start the initial setup procedure. Connect the supplied YPAO Mic to the YPAO MIC jack. POWER POWER (Left side) GUIDE MENU ENTER Use these buttons to operate during the Initial Setup procedure. ☞ P. 5 PREV.
  • Page 13 Initial Setup If a warning message (☞ P. 50) appears Before proceeding to the next operation Once you perform the next operation, this unit starts the Auto Speaker Setup procedure in 10 seconds. During the Auto Speaker Setup procedure, do not perform any operation on this unit.
  • Page 14: Step 2: Tv Remote Control Setup

    Initial Setup Step 2: TV Remote Control Setup Select the TV remote control code. When multiple remote control codes are displayed, By making the TV remote control settings, this unit will select the first one. Registration confirmation control the power of the TV in accordance with the power appears.
  • Page 15: Step 3: Source Device Setup

    Initial Setup Step 3: Source Device Setup Check whether the TV turned on and off correctly. • To cancel the TV Remote Code Test procedure, press BACK. • If the TV turns off during the test and does not turn back on after waiting over a minute, turn the TV on using the TV’s remote control.
  • Page 16 Initial Setup Select “Yes” to start the input source device Check the confirmation screen, then select setting. “Yes”. The “Source Device Setup” screen appears. The device type, connection method, and names of If you select “No”, the Source Device Setup the input displayed in the Watch/Listen/Play source procedure will be skipped.
  • Page 17 Initial Setup Check the confirmation screen, then select When you find a proper remote control code, “Test”. select “Save” to complete the registration. The following test screen appears: • If you want to discard the setting and make a new setting, The remote control code being tested select “Change Code”.
  • Page 18 Initial Setup Select “OK” to complete the Initial Setup procedure. You can change the first screen to be displayed later. (☞ P. 43)
  • Page 19: General Operation

    General operation Screens and operation To control playback and make settings, operate the GUI (graphical user interface) screen displayed on the TV using the supplied remote control. In most cases, the screen changes as follows. [Setup menu] ☞ P. 36 [Top menu] [Top menu] ENTER...
  • Page 20: Basic Playback Operation

    General operation Remote control operations for the GUI Moves the highlight up GUIDE MENU Selects the item Moves the highlight right / Moves to the next menu ENTER Moves the highlight left / Moves to the previous menu Moves the highlight down Displays the pop up menu or the virtual remote control / PREV.
  • Page 21: Enjoying The Contents On An External Devices

    Enjoying the contents on an external devices By connecting external components (players/recorders, STBs, game consoles, etc.) to this unit, you can enjoy the contents played back on the components with rich surround sound. Also you can control the components with the remote control of this unit by connecting/attaching the IR flashers and making the remote control code settings.
  • Page 22: Using The Remote Control To Operate External Devices From The Playback Screen

    Enjoying the contents on an external devices Using the remote control to operate external devices from the playback screen While the playback screen is displayed, you can control the source component using the buttons shown below (☞ step 2 of the previous page). Aim the remote control at the remote control sensor of this unit. Make sure that you have finished the remote control settings for the component and an IR flasher is connected/attached correctly.
  • Page 23: Listening To Fm Radio

    Listening to FM Radio You can receive FM radio stations with this unit. To listen to FM radio stations, refer to the GUI screen and perform the operations explained on the next page. Connect the indoor FM antenna in advance. [Top menu] [Source menu] Select “Listen”...
  • Page 24: Automatic Station Preset

    Listening to FM Radio Automatic station preset Editing the station preset list ■ Renaming the station name on the This unit scans all FM frequencies and registers receivable stations on the preset list. The registered stations can be station preset list recalled easily.
  • Page 25: Listening To Music Stored On Your Pc (Ymc-700 Only) Or Usb Device

    Listening to music stored on your PC (YMC-700 only) or USB device Use this feature to enjoy the music contents stored on your PCs and USB storage devices. [Top menu] [Source menu] Select “Listen” Select “USB” or “PC Content” [Pop up menu] Jump to playback screen Now Playing Refresh the server list.
  • Page 26: Before Enjoying The Contents On Your Pc (Ymc-700 Only)

    Listening to music stored on your PC (YMC-700 only) or USB device Supported USB storage devices ☞ P. 2 Playing music files Network settings ☞ P. 40 Note Select a music file on the contents list screen. Some audio files may not be playable or may be noisy when played.
  • Page 27: Viewing Photos Stored On Your Pc (Ymc-700 Only) Or Usb Device

    Viewing photos stored on your PC (YMC-700 only) or USB device Use this feature to enjoy the photos stored on your PCs and USB storage devices. [Top menu] [Source menu] Select “Play” Select “USB” or ” “PC Content” [Pop up menu] Jump to playback screen Now Playing Refresh the server list.
  • Page 28: Viewing Photos

    Viewing photos stored on your PC (YMC-700 only) or USB device Supported USB storage devices ☞ P. 2 Shuffle browsing Network settings ☞ P. 40 Viewing photos Photos are displayed at random. This setting is valid for the slide show function. To view the photos stored on your PC, allow sharing on the PC.
  • Page 29: Enjoying Contents Stored On Your Ipod

    Enjoying contents stored on your iPod Once you have stationed your iPod in a Yamaha iPod dock (such as the YDS-11, sold separately) connected to the DOCK terminal of this unit (☞ P. 7), you can enjoy the music or video contents stored on the iPod.
  • Page 30: Listening To Music Contents

    Enjoying contents stored on your iPod Listening to music contents Repeat play and shuffle play The following functions are available upon playback of music/video contents. The detailed functions may differ Select a song on the contents list screen. depending on the connected iPod. Perform the playback operations by remote ■...
  • Page 31: Listening To Internet Radio (Ymc-700 Only)

    Listening to Internet Radio (YMC-700 only) Use this feature to listen to Internet Radio stations. This unit uses the vTuner Internet Radio station database service particularly customized for this unit, providing a database of over 2000 radio stations. You can store your favorite stations with bookmarks.
  • Page 32 Listening to Internet Radio (YMC-700 only) ■ Operation on the playback screen Notes • To use this feature, you need a network connection. GUIDE MENU Connection ☞ P. 6 Network setting ☞ P.40 Play/Stop • A narrowband Internet connection (i.e. 56k modem ISDN) will not provide satisfactory results.
  • Page 33: Listening To The Rhapsody

    ® Listening to the Rhapsody service (YMC-700 only) ® Use this feature to listen to the Rhapsody music service. [Top menu] [Pop up menu] (Menu items vary depending on directory.) Select “Listen” [Source menu] Now Playing Jump to playback screen Select “Rhapsody”...
  • Page 34: Useful Functions

    Listening to the Rhapsody® service (YMC-700 only) ■ Account setup for Rhapsody ® Useful functions When you select “Rhapsody” for the first time, the account setup screen appears. Follow the procedure below ■ Library ® to set up your account for the Rhapsody service.
  • Page 35 Listening to the Rhapsody® service (YMC-700 only) Prohibition It is strictly prohibited to modify, reproduce, reverse-engineer or use this unit and/or built-in software for use other than audiovisual purposes. ® The Rhapsody service is the power behind the ® ® Rhapsody Media Player (the Rhapsody player software...
  • Page 36: Enjoying Bluetooth™ Components

    • If any message appears, refer to “Troubleshooting”. (☞ P. 50) operating instructions. • The Yamaha Bluetooth receiver can be paired with up to eight Bluetooth components. When pairing is conducted successfully To ensure security, a time limit of 8 minutes is set for the with a ninth component and the pairing data is registered, the pairing operation.
  • Page 37: Setup Menu

    Setup menu Setup menu tree You can change the settings of this unit with the Setup menu. Enter the Setup menu from the bottom right corner of the top menu. Setup Initial Setup (P. 37) Speaker Auto Speaker Setup (P. 37) Speaker Configuration Front (P.
  • Page 38: Initial Setup

    Setup menu [Setup menu] [Sub menu] [Setting screen] ENTER ENTER BACK ENTER BACK Apply the change and return. Discard the change and return. (Note that some changes are applied immediately.) Center Initial Setup Choice Descriptions Initial Setup ☞ P. 10 Large Select this setting when the center speaker is large.
  • Page 39: Sound Menu

    Setup menu ■ Speaker Level Bass Out Use this feature to select the speakers from which the LFE Use this feature to manually balance the speaker levels. (low-frequency effect) and the low-frequency signals will Control range: –20 to +20 (Test Tone: Off, On) be output.
  • Page 40: Input Menu

    Setup menu ■ Adaptive DRC (dynamic range control) ■ Dynamic Range Use this feature to adjust the dynamic range in Selects the dynamic range adjustment method for conjunction with the volume level. It improves reproducing bitstream signals (Dolby Digital, Dolby listenability at low volume.
  • Page 41: Network Menu (Ymc-700 Only)

    Setup menu ■ User Input (“Cable”, “SAT”, “DVD”, etc. — the name of an input source you have Select “Learn” and immediately press and added before) hold the button you want to program on the remote control until “Code learning was Watch/Listen/Play successful”...
  • Page 42: Rhapsody ® Information Menu (Ymc-700 Only)

    Setup menu ■ IP Address ■ MAC Address Filter Use this menu to change the network parameters (IP Use this feature to filter the access to this unit via LAN to address, etc.) manually. control this unit by the MAC address of the accessing PC. Control range: 00 to FF for each field (Mac Address Filter: DHCP (DHCP setting) On, Off)
  • Page 43: Remote Control Menu

    Setup menu ■ TV Power Control Remote Control menu Use this menu to turn on or off the TV Power Control function of this unit. The TV Power control function Use this menu to set up remote control settings. controls the power of the TV to which the IR flasher is The choices indicated in bold are selected by default.
  • Page 44: Option Menu

    Setup menu ■ Initial Screen - CONTROL Button Select “Learn” and immediately press the TV You can set the initial screen displayed when this unit is turned on using CONTROL on the remote control. power control button on the remote control of the TV.
  • Page 45: Signal Information

    Functions Screen saver is not activated. Note Logos The Yamaha logo and neoHD logo are used • “– – –” appears when this unit cannot display the corresponding for the screen saver. information. • Even if you make settings to output bitstreams directly, some Photos The selected photos (☞...
  • Page 46: Troubleshooting

    Refer to the table below when this unit does not function properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below or if the instructions below do not help, turn off this unit, disconnect the power cable, and contact the nearest authorized Yamaha dealer or service center. ■ General...
  • Page 47 Troubleshooting Problem Cause Remedy page Only the center When playing a monaural source with Select another DSP Program. speaker outputs certain sound field programs, the source substantial sound. signal may be directed to the center channel, and the front and surround speakers only output effect sounds.
  • Page 48 Troubleshooting ■ FM Tuner Problem Cause Remedy page FM stereo reception The characteristics of FM stereo Check the antenna connections. is noisy. broadcasts may cause this problem when Try using a high-quality directional FM antenna. — the transmitter is too far away or the antenna input is poor.
  • Page 49 Troubleshooting ■ USB, Network, and Rhapsody Problem Cause Remedy page “Access Error” is This unit has recognized the USB storage Turn this unit off then on again. — displayed even when device as an unauthorized device. a USB device is present.
  • Page 50 Connect Error There is a problem with the signal path Turn off this unit and reconnect the Yamaha iPod from your iPod to this unit. universal dock to the DOCK terminal of this unit. Try resetting your iPod.
  • Page 51 The Bluetooth wireless audio receiver (such as the YBA-10, sold separately) is not connected to this unit. Receiver Bluetooth Receiver The Bluetooth wireless audio receiver has returned an error. Contact the nearest authorized Yamaha dealer or Error service center. ■ Auto Speaker Setup If an error or warning message appears, check the cause of the problem, then perform the Auto Speaker Setup procedure again.
  • Page 52: Glossary

    Glossary ■ AIR SURROUND XTREME ■ Dolby Digital Plus New Surround technology developed by Yamaha enables Dolby Digital Plus is an advanced audio technology developed for surround with fewer speakers. In comparison to traditional front high-definition programming and media including HD broadcasts surround technology, the AIR SURROUND XTREME provides a and Blu-ray Disc.
  • Page 53 Glossary ■ HDMI ■ Sampling frequency and number of HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the first quantized bits industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video When digitizing an analog audio signal, the number of times the interface. Providing an interface between any source (such as a signal is sampled per second is called the sampling frequency, set-top box or AV receiver) and an audio/video monitor (such as a while the degree of fineness when converting the sound level into a...
  • Page 54: Information On Audio/Video Jacks And Cable Plugs

    Glossary Information on audio/video jacks and cable plugs This unit has three types of audio jacks, two types of video jacks and HDMI jacks. You can choose the connection method depending on the component to be connected. ■ Audio jacks ■...
  • Page 55: Information On Hdmi

    Glossary Information on HDMI™ This unit has three HDMI input jacks and an HDMI output Notes jack for digital audio and video signal input/output. • When CPPM copy-protected DVD audio is played back, video ■ HDMI jack and cable plug and audio signals may not be output, depending on the type of DVD player being used.
  • Page 56: Specifications

    We Want You Listening For A Lifetime Yamaha and the Electronic Industries Association’s Consumer Electronics Group want you to get the most out of your equipment by playing it at a safe level. One that lets the sound come through loud and clear without annoying blaring or distortion –...
  • Page 57: Quick Reference

    QUICK REFERENCE Quick reference Activity Setup Watching TV programs Watching DVDs or Blu-ray discs Connecting Watching video contents an iPod dock stored on your iPod (☞ P. 7) Listening to CDs Connecting Listening to music an iPod dock stored on your iPod (☞...
  • Page 58 Quick reference Select input Control playback Registering your favorite TV stations Customizing Controlling (☞ P. 42) the remote playback control (☞ P. 20) (☞ P. 40) Controlling iPod (☞ P. 28) Customizing Controlling the remote playback control (☞ P. 20) (☞...
  • Page 59 Printed in China WR17640 © 2009 All rights reserved.
  • Page 60 IR flasher x2 device you want Device name device you want Device name to connect Brand Model No. Time W CB-528 Play2 No 666 Yamaha BD-S2900 to connect Brand Model No. Time W CB-528 Play2 No 666 Yamaha BD-S2900 to connect Brand Model No.
  • Page 61 Do not use this unit within 22 cm (9 inches) of persons with a heart pacemaker implant or defibrillator implant. We, the manufacturer Yamaha hereby declare that the YMC-700 is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.

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