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Yamaha YHT-S401 Owner's Manual

Yamaha YHT-S401 Owner's Manual

Home theater package, subwoofer integrated receiver + speaker
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Home Theater Package
(Subwoofer Integrated Receiver + Speaker)
(SR-301 + NS-BR301)
Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Yamaha YHT-S401

  • Page 1 Home Theater Package (Subwoofer Integrated Receiver + Speaker) YHT-S401 (SR-301 + NS-BR301) Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1 Read these instructions. 2 Keep these instructions. CAUTION 3 Heed all warnings. RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO 4 Follow all instructions. NOT OPEN 5 Do not use this apparatus near water. 6 Clean only with dry cloth. CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF 7 Do not block any ventilation openings.
  • Page 3 We Want You Listening For A Lifetime Yamaha and the Electronic Industries Association’s Consumer Electronics Group want you to get the most out of your equipment by playing it at a safe level. One that lets the sound come through loud and clear without annoying blaring or distortion –...
  • Page 4 21 Secure placement or installation is the owner’s responsibility. or transformers to avoid humming sounds. Yamaha shall not be liable for any accident caused by 4 Do not expose this unit to sudden temperature changes from improper placement or installation of speakers.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents INTRODUCTION USEFUL OPERATION Getting started............2 Setup menu.............18 Supplied parts ............. 2 Setup menu list............18 Remote control preparation ........2 Basic procedure............18 Controls and functions ..........3 Adjusting the volume balance of each channel ..19 Adjusting high/low frequency sound (tone control) ................
  • Page 6: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION Getting started Supplied parts This product consists of the following items. Before making connections, make sure you have received all of the following items. ■ Units Subwoofer Integrated Receiver (SR-301) Speaker (NS-BR301) ■ Accessories Speaker cable × 1 (3 m) Remote control ×...
  • Page 7: Controls And Functions

    Getting started Controls and functions ■ Front panel of the subwoofer integrated receiver 1 STATUS indicator 4 USB port Lights up to show the system condition. (☞ P. 10) For connecting a USB device. (☞ P. 16) 5 VOLUME –/+ (Power) Controls the volume of the unit.
  • Page 8 Getting started ■ Front panel display of the subwoofer integrated receiver 1 HDMI indicator 3 Decoder indicators Lights up during normal communication when HDMI The respective indicator lights up when any of the is selected as an input source. decoders of the unit is activated. 2 Tuner indicators 4 Clear voice indicator Lights up when Clear voice mode is selected.
  • Page 9: Remote Control

    Getting started ■ Remote control 5 OPTION Enters option menu for each input. (☞ P. 13, 16, 22) Infrared signal transmitter (MENU), ENTER • Change setting. • Control iPod/iPhone and USB device such as USB flash memory, portable music player. (☞ P. 16) : Scroll screen of iPod/iPhone, or skip folder of USB device.
  • Page 10: Placing

    PREPARATION Placing To enjoy quality sound thoroughly, place this unit in the Operation by the TV remote control appropriate positions, and install the components properly. The following illustrations are the setting images is difficult (with the speaker of this unit. beneath/under TV) TV remote control operation may be difficult if the speaker hides the sensor of your TV when beneath or...
  • Page 11: Attaching The Speaker To A Wall

    2 to 4 mm (1/16” to 3/16”) may fall. • After attaching the speaker, check that the speaker is fixed securely. Yamaha will bear no responsibility for any accidents caused by improper installations.
  • Page 12: Connection

    Connection • Do not connect the power cable until all connections are completed. • Do not use excessive force when inserting the cable plug. Doing so may damage the cable plug and/or terminal. Connecting speakers Follow the procedure below to connect the subwoofer integrated receiver and speakers. Twist and pull off the insulation tube on the lead wire.
  • Page 13: Connecting A Tv And Bd Player

    If the radio wave reception is weak in your area or you want to improve the radio wave reception, we recommend that you use an outdoor antenna. For details, consult your nearest authorized Yamaha dealer or Service Center. 1 Remove the cap 2 Check the...
  • Page 14: Basic Playback Operation

    BASIC OPERATION Basic playback operation Once you have finished all cable connections and remote control operation, follow the procedure below to start basic playback operation. Start playback on the selected external component. For information on the external component, refer to the instruction manual for the product.
  • Page 15: Enjoying Sound Modes

    Enjoying sound modes SURROUND CLEAR VOICE STEREO Playback in surround sound Playback in stereo sound You can enjoy a realistic sound effect. An extended sound is achieved for a 2 channel source such as a CD player. Press SURROUND to set surround mode. Press STEREO to enter extended stereo mode.
  • Page 16: Compressed Music Enhancer

    Enjoying sound modes SUBWOOFER +/– UNIVOLUME ENHANCER LEVEL Compressed Music Enhancer Volume balance adjustment Play back digitally compressed format such as MP3 and You can adjust the volume balance of the virtual speakers WMA emphasizing bass and treble extended dynamically. and subwoofer during playback.
  • Page 17: Listening To Fm Broadcasts

    Listening to FM broadcasts Basic tuning operation INFO ANALOG/FM Selects the information Press repeatedly to set the input displayed in the front panel to FM. display. MEMORY Stores preset stations manually. PRESET Select the preset FM stations. TUNING Press to change the frequency by 1 Cursor in the option menu step, or press and hold to search stations automatically.
  • Page 18 Listening to FM broadcasts ■ Manual station preset ■ Clearing the preset station Use this feature to preset your desired station manually. Press OPTION to enter the option menu. Tune into a radio station you want to preset. Display “3.CLEAR PRESET” using and press ENTER.
  • Page 19 Listening to FM broadcasts ■ Switching the information display ■ Using the TP (traffic program) data service (Europe and Russia Each time you press INFO, the information display changes as follows: models only) Use this feature to receive the TP (traffic program) data service of the Radio Data System station network.
  • Page 20: Playing Back Ipod/Iphone And Usb Device

    Playing back iPod/iPhone and USB device Connect a USB device, such as iPod/iPhone, USB flash memory or portable music player, to play back audio files. INFO SETUP OPTION ENTER FOLDER ▲/▼ RETURN Playing back Press USB to select USB input. Battery charge feature Play back the iPod/iPhone or USB device.
  • Page 21: Repeat/Shuffle Playback

    Playing back iPod/iPhone and USB device Repeat/shuffle playback Displaying music information You can display information on the music currently Press OPTION to enter the option menu. playing back. Press to select “2.REPEAT” and Press INFO. press ENTER. Press INFO repeatedly to switch the information (displayed for three seconds) in the order below.
  • Page 22: Setup Menu

    USEFUL OPERATION Setup menu Setup menu list Menu Sub menu Features Page 1:SP LEVEL 1-1:FRONT L 1-2:FRONT R 1-3:CENTER ☞ P. 19 Adjusting the volume balance with test tone 1-4:SURROUND L 1-5:SURROUND R 1-6:SUBWOOFER 2:TONE CONTROL 2-1:BASS ☞ P. 19 Adjusting high/low frequency sound (tone control) 2-2:TREBLE 3:HDMI SETUP...
  • Page 23: Adjusting The Volume Balance Of Each Channel

    Setup menu Available options: OFF, ON (Default setting: OFF) Adjusting the volume balance of “OFF”: Deactivates the HDMI control function. The standby power consumption of this unit decreases. each channel “ON”: Activates the HDMI control function. Menu: 1:SP LEVEL Adjust the volume balance between the channels with test To activate the ARC function, set “3-1:CONTROL”...
  • Page 24: Using Other Speakers

    Setup menu Using other speakers Menu: 5:SP SETUP Sub menu: 5-2:SP TYPE You can set the speaker type if you want to add or change You can select the type of front speakers. speakers. When you connect only the supplied speaker, “BAR”: When you use the unit, either on its own or in you do not have to change the setting.
  • Page 25: Dynamic Range Control

    Setup menu Dynamic range control Setting the matrix decode Menu: 7:D.RANGE Menu: 8:MATRIX DECODE You can adjust the dynamic range compression. Dynamic The matrix decode function expands 2ch stereo sound to range is the difference between the smallest sound that can surround sound.
  • Page 26: Settings For Each Input Source (Option Menu)

    Settings for each input source (Option menu) The option menu items are listed below. These settings are applied to the currently selected input source. Input Adjusting input level of each jack (VOLUME TRIM) OPTION Menu: 1.VOLUME TRIM Adjust the input level for each jack to compensate for ENTER variations in volume between different input devices.
  • Page 27: Operating The Unit By Tv's Remote Control

    Operating the unit by TV’s remote control What is the HDMI control function? (Power) You can use the TV remote control to operate this unit if your TV supports the HDMI control function (ex. REGZA Link) and is connected to this unit’s HDMI OUT (ARC) jack.
  • Page 28: Registering Hdmi Components To Tv

    Operating the unit by TV’s remote control Registering HDMI components to Changing the connection method and connected components When the connected components and jacks are changed, Select this unit as the input source of the TV. reset this unit with following procedures. Turn on the HDMI control function supported Turn off the HDMI control function of the TV component (example: BD player) connected...
  • Page 29: Additional Information

    If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below, or if the instruction below does not help, set this unit to the standby mode, disconnect the AC power supply cable, and contact the nearest authorized Yamaha dealer or service center.
  • Page 30 Troubleshooting Problem Cause Solution page The volume level The volume level is automatically set to decreases without any 70 the next time you turn on the unit to operation. protect the speakers. Sound is poor (noisy). A speaker cable may be shorted. Make sure all cables are connected properly.
  • Page 31 Troubleshooting ■ FM Problem Cause Solution page FM stereo reception is The characteristics of FM stereo Check the antenna connections. noisy. broadcasts may cause this problem when Try using a high-quality directional FM the transmitter is too far away, or if the —...
  • Page 32 Troubleshooting ■ Messages for firmware update Status message Cause Solution page Connect USB! An USB flash memory is not connected. Connect the USB flash memory to this unit. No Firmware! There is no file for firmware in the USB Copy the firmware update file to the root —...
  • Page 33: Glossary

    Glossary ■ AIR SURROUND XTREME ■ Sampling frequency This unit employs new technologies and algorithms that The number of sampling (process for digitalizing analog make it possible to achieve 7-channel surround sound with signals) per second. In principle, the higher the sampling only front speakers, and without using wall reflections.
  • Page 34: Dolby Truehd

    Glossary ■ Dolby TrueHD ■ HDMI Dolby TrueHD is an advanced lossless audio technology HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the first developed for high-definition disc-based media including industry supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video Blu-ray Disc. Selected as an optional audio standard for interface.
  • Page 35: Specifications

    7,272,567 & other U.S. and worldwide patents issued & pending. “x.v.Color” is a trademark of Sony Corporation. DTS-HD, the Symbol, & DTS-HD and the Symbol together are registered trademarks of DTS, Inc. Product includes software. © DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved. “UniVolume” is a trademark of Yamaha Corporation.
  • Page 36: Available Signal Information

    Specifications Available signal information ■ HDMI signal compatibility Receivable audio signals Audio signal types Audio signal formats Compatible media 2ch Linear PCM 2ch, 32-192 kHz, 16/20/24 bit CD, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, etc. Multi-ch Linear PCM 8ch, 32-192 kHz, 16/20/24 bit DVD-Audio, Blu-ray disc, HD DVD, etc. Bitstream DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High DVD-Video, Blu-ray disc etc.
  • Page 37: Notes On The Remote Control And Batteries

    Specifications Notes on the remote control and batteries • Be careful not to spill liquid on the remote control. • Be careful not to drop the remote control. • Do not leave the remote control in a place that is: –...
  • Page 40 Printed in Indonesia WY86580...

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