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Maintenance - Pacific Hydrostar 1650 PSI Owner's Manual And Safety Instructions

1650 psi electric pressure washer.
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maintenance and Servicing
tO pREVEnt SERiOuS injuRy FROm acciDEntal OpERatiOn:
turn the power Switch of the tool off, unplug the tool from its electrical outlet,
shut off the water supply and safely discharge all residual water pressure from
the unit before performing any inspection, maintenance, or cleaning procedures.
tO pREVEnt SERiOuS injuRy FROm tOOl FailuRE:
Do not use damaged equipment. if abnormal noise or vibration
occurs, have the problem corrected before further use.
cleaning, maintenance, and lubrication
1. Before each use, inspect the general condition
of the Pressure Washer. Check for loose screws,
misalignment or binding of moving parts, damaged
electrical wiring, damaged High Pressure Hose,
damaged accessories, and any other condition that
may affect its safe operation. If abnormal noise or
vibration occurs, have the problem corrected before
further use. Do not use damaged equipment.
2. to clean, remove excess water from the Pump by
tipping the unit to drain any remaining water from
the inlet and outlet fittings. Drain the Detergent
Dispenser and flush with running water. Use only a
clean cloth and mild detergent to clean the body of
the Pressure Washer. Do not use solvents.
Do not immerse any part of the tool in liquid.
Dry off any remaining water on all parts and fittings.
Remove mineral deposits from the nozzle using
a thin, stiff wire brush. The more minerals that
are dissolved in the water (the harder the water)
you use, the more often mineral buildup will
need to be cleaned out from inside nozzle.
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For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
3. In areas that have hard water
(water rich in minerals such as calcium) the unit
will need to be cleaned periodically to remove
calcium buildup which can clog the system.
to clean off calcium buildup: Unplug the unit and
lay it face down. Fill the body at the water inlet fitting
with calcium remover and allow at least 5 hrs. for
calcium deposit to break down. Rinse and dry.
4. StORaGE: When storing,
empty the Pressure Washer of water.
Frost will damage the Pressure Washer if the
unit contains water. Store the Pressure Washer
in a dry, frost-free room. Flush the unit with
automotive antifreeze prior to long-term storage.
Dispose of antifreeze according to local ordinances.
WaRninG! if the supply cord or GFci unit
of this power tool is damaged, it must be
replaced only by a qualified service technician.
note: Pump gearbox oil type is SAE 15W/40 gr. 70.
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  • Shari Mar 27, 2019 12:14:
    My hose kept bursting in many places. I taped it vigorously to no avail. Would like to buy a replacemen​t hose but can't find the info. Please help
  • Glen Seeing Sep 10, 2018 08:58:
    When using my washer water starts to come out from part
    22a(i​nlet)? Also need new 0-rings. I called the 800 number and was on the phone for 30 minutes and still did not get to talk with a person. I need to talk to some one now just sit here typing as I need to ask questions that are not answered in the manual.
    Wh​at is the best time to call the 800-444-33​53 number?

    M​y number is 715-276-31​28
  • Christine Aug 27, 2018 02:27:
    Someone cut the cord on my power washer. How do I replace it, fix it, or can a new power washer be sent to me in return for the vandalized product? I no longer have the receipt due to moving it'll be like finding a needle in a hay stack. Any help regarding this matter will be greatly appreciate​d! Thank you for your time & effort regarding this matter!
  • Dennis Aug 05, 2018 08:48:
    I turned the washer on an it worked I hooked the water hose up an trued turning it back on an it wouldn’t come on can i some help
  • Deb B Aug 04, 2018 12:29:
    I was using my washer, and water started coming out of trigger.