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HP SN6000B Hardware Reference Manual: Synchronizing Local Time Using Ntp; Changing The Switch Name And Chassis Name

16gb 48-port fibre channel switch.
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supported only for HP B-series Fabric OS version 5.3.0 and later. The default value LOCL is
distributed to switches running HP B-series Fabric OS 5.3.0 or earlier.
The tsclockserver command accepts multiple server addresses in IPv4, IPv6, or DNS name
format. When multiple NTP server addresses are passed, tsclockserver sets the first obtainable
address as the active NTP server. The remaining addresses are stored as backup servers that can
take over if the active NTP server fails. The principal or primary FCS switch synchronizes its time
with the NTP server every 64 seconds.

Synchronizing local time using NTP

To synchronize the local time using NTP:
Log in to the switch using the default password, password.
Enter the tsclockserver command:
switch:admin> tsclockserver "<ntp1;ntp2>
The value ntp1 is the IP address or DNS name of the first NTP server, which the switch must
be able to access. The value ntp2 is the name of the second NTP server and is optional. The
entire operand "<ntp1;ntp2> is optional; by default, this value is LOCL, which uses the
local clock of the principal or primary switch as the clock server.
switch:admin> tsclockserver
switch:admin> tsclockserver ""
switch:admin> tsclockserver
The following example shows how to set up more than one NTP server using a DNS name:
switch:admin> tsclockserver
Updating Clock Server configuration...done.
Updated with the NTP servers
Changes to the clock server value on the principal or primary FCS switch are propagated to
all switches in the fabric.
For more information on using an NTP server, and IPv6 considerations, see the Fabric OS
Administrator's Guide.

Changing the switch name and chassis name

Changing the switch and chassis names is important for accurate tracking of errors in the RASlog.
The messages in the log are labeled with the switch or chassis name, so choose a meaningful
name for the switch and chassis.
Using Telnet, log in to the switch as admin.
Use the chassisname command to change the chassis name. The following example shows
how to change the chassis name to myhpchassis:
switch:admin> chassisname myhpchassis
switch:admin> chassisname
HP SN6000B 16Gb FC Switch installation and configuration


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