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HP SN6000B Hardware Reference Manual: Setting The Date And Time; Setting The Date; Setting The Time Zone

16gb 48-port fibre channel switch.
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If the serial port is no longer required, use the logout command to log out of the serial
console. Remove the serial cable and replace the plug in the serial port.
Connect the Ethernet port on the switch to the Ethernet network where the IP address was

Setting the date and time

The date and time are maintained by the switch's battery-backed RTC circuit. Incorrect date and
time will not affect switch operation. However, it is important that you set the date and time
accurately because these values are used for logging, error detection, and troubleshooting.
Setting the date
Log in to the switch using the default password, password.
Enter the date command:
date "mmddHHMMyy"
The values are as follows:
mm is the month; valid values are 01 through 12.
dd is the date; valid values are 01 through 31.
HH is the hour; valid values are 00 through 23.
MM is minutes; valid values are 00 through 59.
yy is the year; valid values are 00 through 99. (Values greater than 69 are interpreted
as 1970 through 1999; values less than 70 are interpreted as 2000-2069.)
For example:
switch:admin> date
Fri Sep 30 17:01:48 UTC 2011
switch:admin> date "0929123011"
Thu Sep 29 12:30:00 UTC 2011
Setting the time zone
Users with administrative permissions can set the time zone for the switch by the zone name (such
as PST), by the country and city, or by time zone location (such as US/Central).
If you do not set the time zone, the switch retains the previous zone settings. The tstimezone
command includes an --old option, which reverts to the prior time zone format. For more
information, see the Fabric OS Command Reference.
The tstimezone command has three options:
The tstimezone command with no parameters displays the current time zone setting.
The tstimezone --interactive command displays all time zones supported in the
The timeZone_fmt command sets the time zone based on the country and city, or a time
zone ID, such as PST, that you enter.
This command requires administrator privileges.
HP SN6000B 16Gb FC Switch installation and configuration


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