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HP SN6000B Hardware Reference Manual: Boot; Switch Maintenance; Diagnostic Tests; Switch Management

16gb 48-port fibre channel switch.
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Review the switch system log for errors.
Any errors detected during POST are written to the system log, accessible through the errShow
For information about error messages, see the Fabric OS Message Reference Manual.


Boot occurs after POST is complete and includes the following tasks:
Performing universal port configuration
Initializing links
Analyzing the fabric
If any ports are connected to other switches, the switch participates in a fabric configuration.
Obtaining a domain ID and assigning port addresses
Constructing unicast routing tables
Enabling normal port operation
Switch maintenance
The switch supports only Brocade-branded 8 Gb/s and 16 Gb/s SFP+ optical transceivers. For
the FC connections, the switch uses SFP+ transceivers that support any combination of SWL, LWL,
and ELWL optical media.
If you use an unqualified transceiver, the switchshow command output shows the port in a
Mod_Inv state. HP B-series Fabric OS also logs the issue in the system error log.
For information about installing transceivers, see
Diagnostic tests
In addition to POST, HP B-series Fabric OS includes diagnostic tests to help you troubleshoot the
hardware and firmware. This includes tests of internal connections and circuitry, fixed media, and
transceivers and cables.
The tests are implemented by command through a Telnet session or a console set up to the serial
connection to the switch. Some tests require that ports be connected by external cables in order
to verify the serializer/deserializer interface, transceiver, and cable. Some tests require loopback
Diagnostic tests run at a link speed of 2, 4, 8, 10, or 16 Gb/s (FC), depending on the speed of
the link being tested and the type of port.
Diagnostic tests can temporarily lock the transmit and receive speed of the links.
HP does not support 2Gb connectivity to the SN6000B switch.
For information about specific diagnostic tests, see the HP B-series Fabric OS Troubleshooting and
Diagnostics Guide.
Switch management
You can use the management functions built into the switch to monitor the fabric topology, port
status, physical status, and other information to help you analyze switch performance and to
accelerate system debugging.
For information about upgrading the HP B-series Fabric OS version installed on your switch, see
the Fabric OS Administrator's Guide.
"Connecting devices" (page
Switch maintenance


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