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HP SN6000B Quick Start Instructions

Hp sn6000b 16gb 48-port fibre channel switch and rack mount kit quick start instructions (5697-1156, september 2011).
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HP SN6000B 16Gb 48-port
Fibre Channel Switch and
Rack Mount Kit Quick Start
© Copyright 201 1 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Printed in the U.S.
HP Part Number: 5697- 1 156
Published: September 201 1
Edition: 2
Read these instructions to set up and configure the HP
SN6000B 16Gb Fibre Channel Switch.
These instructions provide basic configuration steps.
For detailed rack mount and configuration instructions,
download the HP SN6000B 16Gb 48-port Fibre
Channel Switch Hardware Reference Guide from the
storage section of the HP website:
Figure 1 (page 1)
Figure 1 Port side of the SN6000B 16Gb FC Switch
1. System status LED
2. Management Ethernet port
with LEDs
3. USB port
4. FC ports (0–3)
5. FC ports (40–43)
Verify the carton contents
Verify that the carton contains the following (any SFPs
ordered will not be in this carton; they will be
packaged separately):
One HP SN6000B 16Gb FC Switch with two
integrated power supply/fan assemblies
One accessory kit with the following items:
Serial cable with an RJ-45 connector
Two 6-foot power cords
Rubber feet, required to set up the switch as
a standalone unit
Rack Mount Kit, including rails, rail mounting
hardware, and plenum
Page 1
shows the port side of the switch.
6. FC ports (44–47)
7. FC ports (4–7)
8. Switch ID pull-out tab
9. Serial console port
10. System power LED


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  • Page 1

    HP website: http:// Figure 1 (page 1) shows the port side of the switch. Figure 1 Port side of the SN6000B 16Gb FC Switch 1. System status LED 6. FC ports (44–47) 2. Management Ethernet port 7. FC ports (4–7) with LEDs 3.

  • Page 2

    Use the SN6000B Switch Rack Mount Kit to install (optional) your HP SN6000B 16Gb FC Switch in an HP 10000 HP B-series SFP+ transceivers and compatible Series Rack. cables (HP B-series 16 Gb/s SFP+ transceivers...

  • Page 3

    To install the switch in a rack using the Rack Mount Attach each outer rail as shown in Figure 4 (page Kit: Place the switch on a flat surface and attach each The rails are labeled Left and Right to designate inner rail to the switch using three flat-head the left side and right side of the rack as viewed screws.

  • Page 4

    The power supply LEDs are amber until the Power On Self Test (POST) is complete, and then change Figure 5 Installing the switch in the rack to green. The HP SN6000B 16Gb FC Switch takes several minutes to boot and complete POST. NOTE: When installed, the plenum covers the power supply switches and LEDs.

  • Page 5: Switch Setup

    Connect the serial cable Apply the adhesive rubber feet to prevent the switch from sliding off the supporting surface. Connect the serial cable to the serial port on the Clean the indentations at each corner on the switch and to an RS-232 serial port on the bottom of the switch to ensure that they are workstation.

  • Page 6

    Set a static IP address NOTE: Values greater than 69 are Use the ipaddrset command to set the Ethernet interpreted as 1970 through 1999; values IP address. less than 70 are interpreted as 2000 through 2069. For an IPv4 address, use dotted-decimal notation: Enter the tstimezone command: Ethernet IP Address:...

  • Page 7

    To connect devices: Check the LEDs to verify that all components are functional. For information about LED patterns, see the HP SN6000B 16Gb 48-port Fibre Channel Switch Hardware Reference Guide. Verify the correct operation of the switch by issuing the switchShow command.

  • Page 8

    Set switch features This completes the initial setup of your HP SN6000B 16Gb FC Switch. See the HP StorageWorks Fabric OS 7.0.x Administrator's Guide and the Fabric OS 7.0.0 Command Reference Manual for detailed...

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