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HP NetServer LH Pro
User Guide
HP Part Number D4914-90001
Printed in June 1996



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   Summary of Contents for HP D5970A - NetServer - LCII

  • Page 1: User Guide

    HP NetServer LH Pro User Guide HP Part Number D4914-90001 Printed in June 1996...

  • Page 2: Audience Assumptions

    Hewlett-Packard assumes no responsibility for the use or reliability of its software on equipment that is not furnished by Hewlett-Packard.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 HP NetServer Navigator .................. 1 Contents of the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM ........... 1 Readme File ....................1 HP NetServer Information Assistant.............. 1 Configuration Assistant.................. 2 HP Management Solutions ................3 HP NetServer Utilities ..................4 Change User Preferences ................5 2 HP NetServer Information Assistant ..............

  • Page 4

    6 Troubleshooting .................... 27 Troubleshooting Tools ..................27 Common Installation Problems................ 28 Troubleshooting Sequence................28 If the System Will Not Power On ..............29 If the System Powers On but the System Fails the POST (Power-On Self Test) ................ 30 If the System Passes the POST (Power-On Self Test) but Will Not Function ................

  • Page 5

    B Specifications....................55 Environment..................... 55 Weight and Dimensions................... 56 Power Supply Specifications................56 C Regulatory Information ................. 57 Notice for USA ....................57 FCC Radio Frequency Emissions Statements ..........57 CD-ROM ...................... 58 Notice for Canada: DOC Requirements ............59 Notice for EU:....................

  • Page 7: Hp Netserver Navigator

    1 HP NetServer Navigator Contents of the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM The HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM Main Menu directs you to modules where you can perform configuration tasks or access online system documentation. The following is a description of the contents of the CD-ROM as accessed from the Main Menu.

  • Page 8: Configuration Assistant

    Chapter 1 HP NetServer Navigator Configuration Assistant Configuration Assistant guides you through the steps necessary to configure the NetServer. Three methods of configuration are available: Express, Custom and Replicate. Express configuration is the preferred method to configure your HP NetServer since it leads you through the configuration process in sequence and offers you default selections.

  • Page 9: Hp Management Solutions

    Chapter 1 HP NetServer Navigator Execute Card Utilities: When HP NetServer Navigator finds installed boards for which there are additional configuration utilities on the CD- ROM, the configuration utilities are executed automatically to complete the configuration of the boards. Create Drivers Diskette: This step creates a customized diskette that contains HP drivers and configuration files to use when you are installing your NOS.

  • Page 10: Hp Netserver Utilities

    Chapter 1 HP NetServer Navigator Some of the features of NSA include: Disk capacity threshold alert and usage tracking SCSI controller and device failure notification Predictive disk problem warning backed by HP proactive warranty replacement PC LAN adapter card performance statistics, configuration, and problem information Error alerting and identification for the server’s Power-On Self Tests HP memory, HP Disk Array, HP UPS management software, and...

  • Page 11: Change User Preferences

    Chapter 1 HP NetServer Navigator Diskette Library: Allows you to conveniently generate any flexible disk available on the NetServer Navigator CD-ROM. For example, you can create the following flexible disk: BIOS Update, EISA Configuration Utility, NOS Drivers, NetServer Assistant, PowerWise Assistant, Diagnostic Assistant and Remote Assistant Upgrade.

  • Page 13: Hp Netserver Information Assistant

    2 HP NetServer Information Assistant HP Information Assistant Overview HP NetServer Information Assistant provides a quick and efficient means to locate information about installing, managing and servicing your HP NetServer. Information Assistant has complete documentation on the HP NetServer and accessories as well as important information on your NOS.

  • Page 14: Finding Information

    Chapter 2 HP NetServer Information Assistant Finding Information Information Assistant provides you with many ways of navigating through its topics and locating information. For example, you can: Select a topic from the Map. Displays a window with an outline of every module, and topic in the Information Assistant for the selected product.

  • Page 15: Copying And Printing Information

    Chapter 2 HP NetServer Information Assistant Go to a previously viewed topic with Back button. Displays the previous topic viewed. Clicking this button more than once backtracks through topics in the order that you viewed them. You can also find information using drop-down menus and hot spots. For example: Lookup error number.

  • Page 16: Installing Hp Information Assistant Software

    Chapter 2 HP NetServer Information Assistant After selecting the print option, a Print Setup box or Print dialog box appears. In the Print dialog box, you can choose from several options: number of copies to print, collate, print quality (dots per inch, and print to a file.) In the Print Setup box, you can select a printer, the page orientation, and the type or source of paper on which to print.

  • Page 17: Installing From The Network

    Chapter 2 HP NetServer Information Assistant Installing from the Network To install the HP NetServer Information Assistant from a network, you must first install the run-time files onto a network hard disk from the CD-ROM, and then run setup on the client PC. If you plan to let multiple users run the HP NetServer Information Assistant from the network, it is advisable to copy the data files to the network.

  • Page 18

    Chapter 2 HP NetServer Information Assistant 3. At he command prompt, type the network location where the HP NetServer Information Assistant files were installed, followed by setup. For example, if Information Assistant was installed on drive “N:\windows\iaclient,” you would enter the following: N:\windows\iaclient\setup 4.

  • Page 19: Configuring Mass Storage

    3 Configuring Mass Storage The HP NetServer LH Pro chassis contains three horizontal mass storage shelves and a hot swap subsystem with six hot swap shelves. There are also external connector openings for connection to exterior mass storage subsystems. The NetServer LH Pro can be configured to accommodate a number of different configurations.

  • Page 20: Shelf Location

    Chapter 3 Configuring Mass Storage Shelf Location The HP NetServer has three horizontal upper shelves and 6 hot swap shelves. The shelf number is not the SCSI address. The SCSI address is set by the switches on the devices in the upper horizontal shelves and the switches on the rear of the hot swap subsystem cages.

  • Page 21: Switch Settings On The Hot Swap Subsystem

    Chapter 3 Configuring Mass Storage Switch Settings on the Hot Swap Subsystem Figure 3-3 shows the switch settings on the rear of the hot swap subsystem cage. The default settings depend on the model and are described on the Technical Information Label on the side of the chassis and in Information Assistant.

  • Page 22

    Chapter 3 Configuring Mass Storage The switch setting location and functions are the same on both cages. The settings for switch 6 determines upper and lower cage functionality. Switches 1 and 2 are always set to Off. Table 3-1 lists the functional settings for each switch. Table 3-1.

  • Page 23: Hot Swap Subsystem Scsi Address Settings

    Chapter 3 Configuring Mass Storage Hot Swap Subsystem SCSI Address Settings Switches 4 and 6 determine the SCSI address setting for each shelf in the hot swap subsystem. Table 3-2 lists the shelf SCSI address for each switch setting. NOTE For information on changing the SCSI address setting on the CD-ROM drive, see the Technical Information Label on the CD-ROM drive.

  • Page 25: Installing Ups Software

    4 Installing UPS Software Before Installing UPS Software Software for configuring, monitoring and managing the HP PowerWise UPS is located on the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM. Before installing your UPS software, you must first do the following steps: Install your UPS using the instructions in Step 2 of the HP NetServer LH Pro Road Map.

  • Page 26: To Install The Ups Software On The Hp Netserver

    Chapter 4 Installing UPS Software (Optional) HP NetServer Assistant is installed on your server and central management console, if you are using it to manage the server To Install the UPS Software on the HP NetServer NOTE You must have administrator capabilities to install this software.

  • Page 27: To Install The Ups Manager Application

    Chapter 4 Installing UPS Software 3. At the Command Line prompt, type the following: {drive}:\PWA\WINNT\DISK1\SETUP.EXE where {drive} is the letter of the CD-ROM drive. 4. Follow the instructions on the screen. You will be prompted to identify an installation path for the software. In the Installation Options window, select PowerWise Assistant (user interface only).

  • Page 28: Ups Installation For Novell Netware

    Chapter 4 Installing UPS Software UPS Installation for Novell NetWare NOTE Refer to the README file located in the \pwa\netware\disk1 directory on the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM for any updates to the installation procedure. If you do not have a client with Windows to manage the HP PowerWise UPS, refer to the README file located in the \pwa\netware\dos directory on the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM for the installation procedure.

  • Page 29: To Install The Ups Software On The Hp Netserver

    Chapter 4 Installing UPS Software To Install the UPS Software on the HP NetServer NOTE You must have administrator capabilities to install this software. Install the HP PowerWise Assistant application on the HP NetServer to which the UPS is connected and on a local Windows client used to manage the server. With Novell NetWare, you can have more than one server connected to a UPS.

  • Page 30: To Install The User Interface On A Local Client Pc

    Chapter 4 Installing UPS Software To Install the User Interface on a Local Client PC Optionally, you can install the HP PowerWise user interface on an additional local client PC that you will be using to manage the HP PowerWise UPS. To install the UPS Software, follow these steps: 1.

  • Page 31: Installing A Monochrome Monitor

    5 Installing a Monochrome Monitor The HP NetServer LH Pro supports both color and monochrome monitors. The NetServer is factory-configured for a color monitor. To configure the NetServer for a monochrome monitor, you must change the J16 jumper setting on the system board to the setting shown in Figure 5-1.

  • Page 33: Troubleshooting

    6 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Tools If you are having problems installing your HP NetServer, there are a number of different tools available for troubleshooting. The following tools are available on your HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM: HP NetServer Information Assistant: At the HP NetServer Navigator Main Menu, select “Access Information Assistant”...

  • Page 34: Common Installation Problems

    The following sections contain general procedures to help you locate installation problems. If you need assistance, it is recommended that you contact your reseller first. If you need to get assistance from Hewlett-Packard, refer to Chapter 7 for information on service and support.

  • Page 35: If The System Will Not Power On

    Chapter 6 Troubleshooting If it is a hardware error, follow these steps: 1. Log users off the LAN and power down the server. Remove the NetServer cover. 2. Simplify the HP NetServer configuration to the minimum required: a monitor, one flexible and one hard disk drive and a keyboard. Remove all third-party options, and reinstall one at a time, checking the system after each installation.

  • Page 36: If The System Powers On But The System Fails The Post (power-on Self Test)

    Chapter 6 Troubleshooting If the System Powers On but the System Fails the POST (Power-On Self Test) Do one of the following: If the system gives a series of beeps, this indicates a system error. Contact HP or your reseller. If the system fails POST and an error message displays on the screen, see the section “Error Messages.”...

  • Page 37: Error Messages

    Chapter 6 Troubleshooting f. Replace the NetServer cover, and lock the system. g. Replace all power cords and power cables. h. Turn on the monitor. i. Turn on the server. j. Check for error messages. 4. Run the HP NetServer Diagnostic Assistant Disk located on a flexible disk mounted inside your HP NetServer in a plastic pouch.

  • Page 39: Service And Support

    System Design, Integration, and Support The hardware, utility software, and any operating system or environment software supplied by Hewlett-Packard provide an enhanced industry-standard base. A network operating system, utilities, and application software have been added to create your complete system.

  • Page 40: Information And Support When You Need It

    Chapter 7 Service and Support Information and Support When You Need It Hewlett-Packard offers a complete set of support and information sources—each discussed in this chapter: HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM Status Report HP NetServer Information Assistant CompuServe discussion forum and library...

  • Page 41: Hp Netserver Information Assistant

    Chapter 7 Service and Support Each version of the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM has a four-digit Document Number printed on the disk. You can obtain the Status Report for your CD-ROM in one of these ways: Internet WWW: start at HP’s home page– Internet FTP: Address: ftp//;...

  • Page 42: Compuserve Discussion Forum And Library

    CompuServe, the worldwide electronic information utility, provides support, technical data, and updated software drivers for the products of over 900 hardware and software manufacturers, including Hewlett-Packard. With a CompuServe account, you post your question publicly in a managed, focused forum dedicated to one manufacturer or topic. People who regularly visit that forum read your question and reply within a day or two.

  • Page 43: Bulletin Board System

    Chapter 7 Service and Support Bulletin Board System The HP NetServer Support BBS is for downloading only. Messages asking support questions should be left in the HPPC forum on CompuServe. The HP NetServer Support BBS has eight lines. The Datacomm specifications are as follows: 300/1200/2400/9600/14400 baud 103/212/V22bis/HST/V32/V32bis/V42 bis/MNP standards...

  • Page 44: Hp Netserver Support News

    The HP-supplied hardware and software in HP servers are covered by no-charge telephone assistance during the warranty period. In some geographic areas this telephone support is provided by Hewlett-Packard; in other areas, telephone support is provided by your reseller. Telephone support is generally available from the manufacturers and resellers of the various non-HP hardware and software components.

  • Page 45: Obtaining Hp Repair And Telephone Support

    HP reseller. Ordering HP Cables, Drive Trays, and Technical Publications If you need more technical information, Hewlett-Packard publishes other references, such as the HP NetServer Product Line Service Handbook, that you can order from HP:...

  • Page 46: Telephone Ordering Information

    Chapter 7 Service and Support Service information and reference documents, such as the Dealer Configuration (CFG) File Creation Guide, are also available in Information Assistant on the HP NetServer Navigator CD-ROM. Telephone Ordering Information U.S. To identify a part or manual: BBS (1 800) 635-7278; automated fax (1 800) 333-1917;...

  • Page 47: Contacting Hp Regional Headquarters

    (1 916) 783-0804. Contacting HP Regional Headquarters Should you need to contact Hewlett-Packard, check your local telephone directory for the HP Sales and Service Office near you. If you cannot locate an HP office, contact one of the Worldwide HP Marketing Headquarters listed here:...

  • Page 48: Joining Compuserve

    Chapter 7 Service and Support Joining CompuServe To open a CompuServe account or to obtain information on access numbers and charges in your country, you can purchase a CompuServe startup kit at a computer software reseller or you can contact CompuServe directly. Mention “Representative 133”...

  • Page 49

    Chapter 7 Service and Support Taiwan—TTN-Serve, Taiwan Telecomm, Taipei United Kingdom—CompuServe Ltd., Bristol Venezuela—CompuServe C.A. Venezuela, Caracas From elsewhere, call CompuServe in the U.S. at (1 614) 529-1349. Fax: (1 614) 529-1610.

  • Page 51: Warranty And Software License

    HP Software Product License Agreement and Limited Warranty HP NetServer LH Pro On-Site Limited Warranty Three Year On-Site Limited Hardware Warranty Hewlett-Packard (HP) warrants this hardware product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from receipt by the original end-user purchaser.

  • Page 52

    Chapter 8 Warranty and Software License Limitation of Liability and Remedies The remedies provided above are the customer’s sole and exclusive remedies. In no event shall HP be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory.

  • Page 53

    HP software is covered by the HP Software Product Limited Warranty. Non-HP products. On-site visits caused by non-Hewlett-Packard products— whether internal to the system processor unit (such as non-HP SIMMs) or external to the system processor unit (such as LAN cabling)—are subject to standard per-...

  • Page 54

    Chapter 8 Warranty and Software License Travel restrictions and response time. On-site service for this product is restricted or unavailable in certain locations. In HP Excluded Travel Areas—areas where geographical obstacles, undeveloped roads, or unsuitable public transportation prohibit routine travel—service is provided on a negotiated basis at extra charge.

  • Page 55: Hp Software Product License And Limited Warranty

    Software License Agreement In return for payment of the applicable fee, Hewlett-Packard grants the Customer a license in the software, subject to the following: Customer may use the software on any one computer. Customer may not network the software or otherwise use it on more than one computer.

  • Page 56

    Hewlett-Packard. Termination Hewlett-Packard may terminate this software license for failure to comply with any of these terms provided Hewlett-Packard has requested Customer to cure the failure and Customer has failed to do so within thirty (30) days of such notice.

  • Page 57: Software Product Limited Warranty

    Chapter 8 Warranty and Software License U.S. Government Restricted Rights Use, duplication, or disclosure by the U.S. Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in subparagraph (c)(1)(ii) of the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software clause in DFARS 252.227-7013. Hewlett- Packard Company.

  • Page 58

    Chapter 8 Warranty and Software License Limitation of Warranty HP makes no other express warranty, whether written or oral, with respect to this product. Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is limited to the 90-day duration of this written warranty. Some states or provinces do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

  • Page 59: A Control Panel Description

    A Control Panel Description Table A-1 describes each item on the control panel shown in Figure A-1: Hard Disk Activity Light 1 Yellow = Embedded SCSI A or IDE bus active Power-On Light Green = Power is on Power Button Reset Button Hard Disk Activity Light 2 Yellow = Embedded SCSI B...

  • Page 60

    Appendix A Control Panel Description Table A-1. Control Panel Description Control Panel Item Description Power Button Turns the NetServer on and off. Note that when the NetServer is turned off, the power to the internal circuitry and mass storage devices is disabled;...

  • Page 61: B Specifications

    B Specifications The specifications listed below can vary if you install a mass storage device in your server that has more stringent environmental limits. Make sure that the operating environment for your server is suitable for all the mass storage devices that you are using.

  • Page 62: Weight And Dimensions

    Appendix B Specifications Weight and Dimensions System Processing Unit (SPU) Height 491 mm (19.33 in) Width 349 mm (13.74 in) Depth 460 mm (18.11 in) Weight 31 – 41 kg (67 – 90 lb) depending on other model configurations. Weight excludes monitor and keyboard.

  • Page 63: C Regulatory Information

    Hewlett-Packard’s system certification tests were conducted with HP-supported peripheral devices and HP shielded cables, such as those you receive with your computer. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Hewlett-Packard could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Cables used with this device must be properly shielded to comply with the requirements of the FCC.

  • Page 64: Cd-rom

    Appendix C Regulatory Information uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user is required to correct the interference at their own expense.

  • Page 65: Notice For Canada: Doc Requirements

    Appendix C Regulatory Information Notice for Canada: DOC Requirements This Class B digital apparatus meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment Regulations. Cet appareil numérique de la classe B respecte toutes les exigences du Règlement sur le matériel brouilleur du Canada. Notice for EU: Radio Frequency Emissions Warning for Accessories Installation and use of a Class A accessory (such as a network interface card)

  • Page 66: Declaration Of Conformity

    The product herewith complies with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and the Directive 89/336/EEC. 1) The Product was tested in a typical configuration with Hewlett-Packard peripherals. 2) Models configured with a network interface card comply with CISPR 22 / EN 55022 Class A limits.

  • Page 67: Notice For Finland: Laser Safety Statement

    Appendix C Regulatory Information Notice for Finland: Laser Safety Statement LASERTURVALLISUUS LUOKAN 1 LASERLAITE KLASS 1 LASER APPARAT HP NetServer LH Pro - verkkopalvelimeen voidaan asentaa lisävarusteena laitteensisainen CD-ROM-lukulaite, joka on laserlaite. Kyseinen CD-ROM-lukulaite on käyttäjän kannalta turvallinen luokan 1 laserlaite. Normaalissa käytössä...

  • Page 68: Notice For Japan

    Appendix C Regulatory Information VORSICHT Die Verwendung von anderen Steuerungen oder Einstellungen oder das Durchführen von anderen Vorgängen als in der Bedienungsanleitung beschrieben kann gefährliche Strahlenexpositionen zur Folge haben. This CD-ROM Drive Unit is classified as a CLASS 1 CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT.

  • Page 69: Power Line Harmonics

    Mexico: Hardware Warranty Statement This warranty statement applies only to sales in Mexico. Póliza de Garantía Hewlett-Packard de México, S. A. de C. V. con domicilios en: Guadalajara, Jalisco Monterrey, Nvo. León Montemorelos No. 299 Calz.

  • Page 70

    Los gastos de transportación que se deriven de su cumplimiento serán cubiertos por Hewlett-Packard de México, S. A. de C. V. 3. Tiempo de Reparación: El tiempo de reparación en ningún caso será mayor a treinta días contados a partir de la recepción del producto en cualquiera de los sitios en donde pueda...

  • Page 71: Notice For U.k.: General Approval

    Appendix C Regulatory Information C. Cuando el producto ha sido alterado o reparado por personas no autorizadas por Hewlett-Packard de México, S.A. de C. V. Producto M arca M od elo N o. de Se rie N om bre del D istribuidor D irección : ( C alle, N ú...

  • Page 73: Index

    17 FAX systems for, 34, 37 hot swap subsystem switch settings, for system and software support, 33 15, 16 from Hewlett-Packard, 41 indicator lights, 13 HP PC support bulletin board, 34, 35, shelf numbering, 14 37, 38 monochrome monitor installation, 25...

  • Page 74

    Index warranty for, 51 Navigator CD-ROM support changing date and time, 5 Status Report, 34 Configuration Assistant, 2 system configuration, 2 contents, 1 system support, 33 Information Assistant, 1 Management Solutions, 3 technical publications, 34 NetServer Assistant, 3 telephone support, 34, 38 Status Report, 34 troubleshooting utilities, 4...

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