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HP Xw4600 - Workstation - 2 GB RAM Installation Manual page 5

Ieee-1394 card
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Step 3—Installing the IEEE-1394 card
(ESD) precautions while performing the system parts removal/replacement procedures:
- Work on a static-free mat.
- Wear a static strap to ensure that any accumulated electrostatic charge is discharged from your body
to the ground.
- Create a common ground for the equipment you are working on by connecting the static-free mat,
static strap, and peripheral units to that piece of equipment.
Install the IEEE-1394 card (1) in an unused PCI or PCI-X slot that accommodates the type of IEEE-1394
card you are installing. Lower the PCI retention clamp and close the retention clamp clips (2).
The 1394 card can be installed in any PCI slot, but HP recommends installing the card in an available
PCI 32-bit slot.
When the 1394 card is installed in a 64-bit PCI slot, the entire 64-bit bus runs at 32-bit mode.
This action can degrade the system performance if another 64-bit PCI device is installed on the same
bus. However, if there is no 32-bit PCI bus available, use PCI-X 133 since it is an isolated 64-bit bus
Figure 2
Installing the IEEE-1394 card
To prevent damage to your workstation, observe the following Electro Static Discharge
Step 3—Installing the IEEE-1394 card


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