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Dell External OEMR R410 Technical Manual

Technical guide
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PowerEdge R410
Technical Guide
Energy efficient and
compact, the
PowerEdge R410 is
designed with the
performance and
reliability needed for


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 PowerEdge R410 Technical Guide Energy efficient and compact, the PowerEdge R410 is designed with the performance and reliability needed for High-Performance Computing...
  • Page 2 VMware, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Dell disclaims proprietary interest in the marks and names of others.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Product Comparison ................... 7 Overview ....................7 Design for Usability ..................7 Energy Efficient ..................7 Easy to Manage ................... 7 Comparison to Other Dell Servers ..............8 System Overview ..................... 11 Overview ....................11 Product Features Summary ................11 Mechanical ....................14 Chassis Description..................
  • Page 4 Dell Chipset ......................30 Overview ....................30 Intel 5500 Chipset Features ................30 7.2.1 Intel QuickPath Interconnect ..............30 7.2.2 System Memory Interface ............... 30 7.2.3 PCI Express* Interfaces ................31 7.2.4 SMBus Interfaces ................. 31 7.2.5 ESI interface ..................31 Intel ICH10R South Bridge ................
  • Page 5 Dell Tables Comparison of R410 to R310 and R510 ............. 8 Table 1. PowerEdge R410 Features and Descriptions ............. 11 Table 2. R410 Overall Dimensions and Weight ............. 14 Table 3. NIC Indicator LED States ................17 Table 4. Power Supply Connector (24 pins) Signals ............25 Table 5.
  • Page 6 Dell 1U Threaded Rack Adapter Brackets Kit ............44 Figure 26. R410 Static Rails .................. 44 Figure 27. R410 Mounted in the A3 Sliding Rails with the CMA ......... 46 Figure 28. R410 Mounted in the A4 Static Rails in 2-post Center Mount Configuration ..... 46 Figure 29.
  • Page 7: Product Comparison

    PowerEdge R410 is designed with value and reliability for HPCC environments. 1.4 Easy to Manage With the optional advanced embedded systems management capabilities of Lifecycle Controller, Dell provides comprehensive enterprise class manageability already on the motherboard. Lifecycle Controller is delivered as part of the optional iDRAC Express or iDRAC Enterprise in the PowerEdge R410.
  • Page 8: Comparison To Other Dell Servers

    Dell Also part of the Dell OpenManage™ portfolio is the Dell Management Console which is included with every Dell server and provides IT administrators with a consolidated console view of their IT infrastructure. This console delivers a single view and a common data source into the entire infrastructure management.
  • Page 9 Dell Feature R410 R310 R510 required for 8 and 12-HDD chassis configuration. NON-RAID: NON-RAID: SAS 5/E (Field Support SAS 5/E NON-RAID: Only – No Factory Install) LSI2032 (For TBU only) SAS 5/E LSI2032 (For TBU) 6Gbps SAS HBA LSI2032 (For TBU only)
  • Page 10 Dell Feature R410 R310 R510 6, 10 (SATA, SAS & SSD) PERC H800: RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 (SATA, SAS & SSD) 2x GbE LOM 2x GbE LOM NIC/LOM 2x GbE LOM Optional: various NIC Optional: various NIC available...
  • Page 11: System Overview

    Dell 2 System Overview 2.1 Overview The PowerEdge R410 delivers the right combination of computing power and redundancy in an ultra- dense chassis. The PowerEdge R410 provides: • Outstanding price and feature set combination • Industry leading features configurability without burdening the entry configuration price •...
  • Page 12 BMC, IPMI2.0 compliant Remote Management Optional iDRAC6 Enterprise, iDRAC6 Express Systems Management Dell™ OpenManage™ ReadyRails™ sliding rails with optional cable management arm for 4-post racks Rack Support (optional adapter brackets required for threaded hole racks); ReadyRails™ static rails for 2-post and 4-post racks ®...
  • Page 13 GB means 1 billion bytes and TB equals 1 trillion bytes; actual capacity varies with preloaded material and operating environment and will be less. OEM Ready Models Available OEM Ready platforms are grab-and-go products for OEM customers delivering a fast and simple path to a custom-branded solution. For more information, please visit PowerEdge R410 Technical Guide...
  • Page 14: Mechanical

    Dell 3 Mechanical 3.1 Chassis Description The PowerEdge R410 chassis design provides customers low-cost compute power with some hardware redundancy ability. It is a new chassis design for two incoming chassis offering cabled hard drive with LED module, and high-availability features such as hot-plug hard drives and LCD module. Features include four 3.5‖...
  • Page 15: Front Panel View And Features

    Detailed views of the front panel are shown in the following figures. For more information, see the Front-Panel Features and Indicators section in the About Your System Chapter of the PowerEdge R410 Hardware Owner’s Manual on Front Without Bezel Figure 2.
  • Page 16: Power Supply Indicators

    Dell  System ID button  Bi-color system ID LED  (2) Gigabit NIC ports  (2) USB ports  Video  Serial port  RJ45 Connector on iDRAC6 Enterprise (optional) The following figures show the back panel of the R410 server. For more information, see the Back- Panel Features and Indicators in the About Your System Chapter of the PowerEdge R410 Hardware Owner’s Manual.
  • Page 17: Nic Indicators

    Dell Amber — Indicates a problem with the power supply. Alternating green and amber — When hot-adding a power supply, this indicates that the power supply is mismatched with the other power supply (for example, a High-Output 500W power supply and a 400W power supply are installed in the same system).
  • Page 18: Rails And Cable Management

    Sliding Rails for 4-post racks support includes:  Toolless installation in 19‖ EIA-310-E compliant square or unthreaded round hole 4-post racks including all generations of Dell racks  Tooled installation in 19‖ EIA-310-E compliant threaded hole 4-post racks (requires the 1U Threaded Rack Adapter Brackets Kit) ...
  • Page 19: Control Panel/Lcd

    Dell Figure 11. R410 Fans 3.10 Control Panel/LCD Figure 12 shows the front controller board with LCD. Internal USB Connectors LCD Module and Cable/Connector LCD module and cable/connector Figure 12. Front Controller Board with LCD Figure 13 shows the front controller board with the LED.
  • Page 20: Cover Latch

    3.10.2 Bezel A metal bezel is an available option and is mounted to the chassis front to provide the Dell ID. A lock on the bezel prevents un-authorized access to system peripherals and the control panel. System status (via the LCD) remains viewable with the bezel is installed. For specific instructions regarding...
  • Page 21: Secure Mode

    BIOS can enter a secure boot mode via setup. This mode includes the option to lock out the power and NMI switches on the control panel or set up a system password. 3.11 USB Key Dell does not offer USB keys for factory installation. 3.12 Battery Battery for the motherboard: CR2032 Figure 15.
  • Page 22: Figure 16. Battery Holder For Perc

    Dell Figure 16. Battery Holder for PERC PowerEdge R410 Technical Guide...
  • Page 23: Field Replaceable Units (Fru)

    Dell 3.13 Field Replaceable Units (FRU) Parts available for field replacement include: • Backplane • CMOS battery • Expansion card • Front bezel • • I/O panel • Memory • • • Power supply • Processor • Processor shroud •...
  • Page 24: Power, Thermal, Acoustic

    4 Power, Thermal, Acoustic 4.1 Power Supplies The R410 is powered by a non-redundant 480 W power supply (Dell P/N F238K) and redundant 500 W power supply (Dell P/N F649J). The power supply has automatic input voltage detection. An auxiliary power-out receptacle is not provided on this unit.
  • Page 25: Power Supply Connector (24 Pins) Signals

    Dell Figure 17. Power Supply Connector (24 pins) Power Supply Connector (24 pins) Signals Table 5. Signal Signal P3V3 P3V3 P3V3 P12VC P12VC P12VC PS_ENABLE_CPLD_N P12VE P12VE PS_PWROK SINGLE_PS_PRES_N P12VD P5V_AUX P12VD Figure 18. Power Supply Connector (8 pins) PowerEdge R410 Technical Guide...
  • Page 26: Environmental Specifications

    Dell Power Supply Connector (8 pins) Signals Table 6. Signal Signal P12VA P12VA P12VB P12VB 4.3 Environmental Specifications Operating/Non-Operating Storage Requirements Table 7. Non-Operating Operating Requirements Requirements Temperature Ranges 10 to 35 °C (For Altitude ≤900 m or 2952.75 ft) (50 to 95 °F)
  • Page 27: Maximum Input Amps

    The PowerEdge R410 has balanced acoustic and thermal performance to support a fully-configured system and meets the Dell Acoustic specification AC0142 Rev. A02 category II-D requirement. The R410 has an aluminum-base passive heat sink with two embedded heat pipes for the processor cooling and four 40x56mm dual-rotor fans exhausting air through heat sink and out of the system.
  • Page 28: Processors

    Dell 5 Processors 5.1 Overview ® ® The PowerEdge R410 supports the Intel Xeon 5500 series as shown in Table 9. Supported Processor Descriptions and Features Table 9. On-Line Processor Descriptions Additional Features ® ® Intel Xeon X5570 2.93G Hz, 8M cache, 6.4 GT/s QPI,...
  • Page 29: Memory

    Dell 6 Memory 6.1 Overview Features of the PowerEdge R410 memory include: • 3 channels per processor • Support for registered ECC DDR3 DIMMs or Unbuffered ECC DDDR3 DIMMs. • DDR3 speeds of 800/1066/1333 supported (Max memory clock speed support is pending on the processors used.)
  • Page 30: Chipset

    5600 series includes a stepping revision of the Intel 5520 and 5500 chipset, which is required to enable the full 5600 series feature set. Dell servers shipped with the new chipset revision have the symbol II in the System Revision Field visible through OpenManage™...
  • Page 31: Pci Express Interfaces

    Dell 7.2.3 PCI Express Interfaces PCI Express Interfaces include: • Intel 5500 chipset IOH provides multiple PCI Express* Gen 2 interfaces • Point-to-point, serial bi-directional interconnect • One x4 ESI link to ICH10 • Up to six x4 PCI Express Gen 2 ports •...
  • Page 32: Pci Express Interface

    Dell 7.3.4 PCI Express interface The ICH10R has 6 PCI Express 1.1 compliant root ports. PowerEdge R410 Technical Guide...
  • Page 33: Bios

    Dell 8 BIOS 8.1 Overview The PowerEdge R410 BIOS is based on the Dell BIOS core and supports the following features: • ® Intel 5500-EP Two-Socket Support • Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT) support • CPU Turbo Mode support • PCI 2.3 compliant •...
  • Page 34: I 2 C (Inter-Integrated Circuit)

    Dell Wake-Up States Table 10. Wake-Up Events States Can Wake From OS-S4 Power Button Not supported PME# Not supported MOUSE Not supported Not supported OS-S4 8.3 I C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) C is a simple bi-directional two-wire bus for efficient inter-integrated circuit control. All I...
  • Page 35: Embedded Nics/Lan On Motherboard (Lom)

    Dell 9 Embedded NICs/LAN on Motherboard (LOM) 9.1 Overview ® There is Broadcom 5716 chip on the PowerEdge R410 motherboard. The 5716 chip is connected to the IOH via a PCI Express x4 gen2 link. The chip provides a two-gigabit Ethernet port. There are two RJ-45 connectors on the rear of the system.
  • Page 36: O Slots

    Dell 10 I/O Slots 10.1 Overview Insert I/O Slot information Table 11. PCI Slot # Mechanical Electrical Height Length 1 (Gen2) PCIe x16 PCIe x16 Full Height Half Length There is a second slot on the riser card dedicated for SAS 6/iR modular. Other than SAS 6/iR modular, no other cards should be installed in this slot.
  • Page 37: Boot Order

    Dell 10.3 Boot Order PCI express lane assignments and scan order in R410: • IOH port 1, 2 (PCI Express Gen2 x4) – Broadcom BCM5716 Gigabit LOM • IOH port 3 (PCI Express Gen1 x4) – Integrated PERC6i or SAS6i – Slot 2 •...
  • Page 38: Storage

    Dell 11 Storage 11.1 Overview with Description R410 supports 4 HDDS in one of the following configurations: • 4 x 3.5‖ cabled or hot-swap SAS or SATA • 4 x 2.5‖ hot-swap SAS or SATA or SSD The 2.5‖ HDD requires hot-swap configuration with the 3.5‖ carrying tray and the retention kit.
  • Page 39: Drives

    Dell Figure 23. Cabled HDD Connectors 11.2 Drives Refer to Table 2 for supported type and capacities. 11.3 RAID Configurations RAID Configurations Table 13. Cabled/Hot Configuration Configurations Description Min HDD Swap Type No HDD, Cabled HDD Cabled NO HDD NCZCBL...
  • Page 40: Storage Controllers

    Dell Cabled/Hot Configuration Configurations Description Min HDD Swap Type SAS/SATA – Add-in SAS/SATA RAID Cabled ASSR5CBL RAID5 card, RAID 5 (PERC 6/i) SAS/SATA – Add-in SAS/SATA RAID Cabled ASSR6CBL RAID6 card, RAID 6 (PERC 6/i) Add-in SAS/SATA RAID SAS/SATA/SSD Hot-Swap card, No RAID (SAS –...
  • Page 41: Led Indicators

    Dell 11.5 LED Indicators LED indicator for hot- LED indicator for cabled swap HDD configuration HDD configuration Figure 24. LED Indicators A green LED located on the system control panel in the front of the enclosure indicates when activity occurs on any integrated SATA device connected to the on board SATA ports. Using an add-in SAS 6/iR card, the HDD LED is also activated.
  • Page 42: Video

    Dell 12 Video ® Matrox G200eW with 8 MB memory integrated in Winbond WPCM450 (Baseboard Management Controller). • 1280x1024 at 85 Hz for KVM and 1600x1200 at 60 Hz for video out 640x480 (60/72/75/85 Hz; 8/16/32-bit color) 800x600 (60/72/75/85 Hz; 8/16/32-bit color) 1024x768 (60/72/75/85 Hz;...
  • Page 43: Rack Information

    NOTE: The R410 is not compatible with any other Dell rails including previous generation rails, but it does use the same sliding rails as the R310 and uses the same static rails as the R210 and R310.
  • Page 44: Figure 26. 1U Threaded Rack Adapter Brackets Kit

    Dell Depending on the depth of the rack used, it may be necessary to remove the server’s bezel in order to close the door of the rack. A minimum of 58 mm will be needed between the back surface of the door panel and the front face of the EIA flange for the front door to close with the 11G server bezel installed.
  • Page 45: Cable Management Arm (Cma)

    √ √ *Requires the 1U Threaded Rack Adapter Brackets Kit (Dell PN 8Y19G) Screws are not included in the static rail kit due to the fact that threaded racks are offered with a variety of thread designations. Users must therefore provide their own screws when mounting the static rails in threaded or 2-post racks.
  • Page 46: Rack View

    Dell  Both the CMA and the tray mount without the use of tools via simple and intuitive snap-in designs 13.4 Rack View The R410 sliding rails are a ―stab-in‖ design, meaning that the inner (chassis) rail members must first be attached to the sides of the system prior to inserting them into the middle (intermediate) and outer (cabinet) rail members installed in the rack.
  • Page 47: Operating Systems And Virtualization

    Dell 14 Operating Systems and Virtualization For detailed information, see the Operating System Support Matrix for Dell PowerEdge Systems PowerEdge R410 Technical Guide...
  • Page 48: Systems Management

    15 Systems Management 15.1 Overview/Description Dell aims on delivering open, flexible, and integrated solutions that help you reduce the complexity of managing disparate IT assets by building comprehensive IT management solutions. Combining Dell PowerEdge Servers with a wide selection of Dell-developed management solutions gives you choice and flexibility, so you can simplify and save in environments of any size.
  • Page 49: Embedded Server Management

    For servers without iDRAC Express, this utility has limited functionality and offers OS install and diagnostics capabilities only. To access the Unified Server Configurator, press the <F10> key within 10 seconds of the Dell logo’s appearance during the system boot process. Current functionality enabled by the Unified Server...
  • Page 50: Idrac Express

    Additionally, the iDRAC6 Enterprise can be upgraded by adding the vFlash Media card. This is a 1 GB Dell branded SD card that enables a persistent 256 MB virtual flash partition. In the future, vFlash will be expanded to include additional features.
  • Page 51 Dell Feature iDRAC6 Express iDRAC6 Enterprise vFlash Media IPv4     VLAN Tagging     IPv6    Dynamic DNS       Dedicated NIC Security and Authentication Role-based Authority  ...
  • Page 52 Dell Feature iDRAC6 Express iDRAC6 Enterprise vFlash Media RAC Log    Trace Log   PowerEdge R410 Technical Guide...
  • Page 53: Peripherals

    Dell 16 Peripherals 16.1 USB Peripherals Optional USB 1.44 MB floppy drive Optional USB DVD-ROM 16.2 External Storage Refer to Table PowerEdge R410 Technical Guide...
  • Page 54: Packaging Options

    Dell 17 Packaging Options • Options for single pack and multipack are available. • Multipack will support four units in one pack. • Single Pack Dimensions and Weights: Inside Dimensions: Length: 892 mm/35.13‖  Width: 594 mm/23.38‖  Depth: 232 mm 9.13‖...
  • Page 55: R410 Volatility Table

    Appendix A. R410 Volatility Chart The Dell PowerEdge R410 contains both volatile and non-volatile (NV) components. Volatile components lose their data immediately upon removal of power from the component. Non-volatile components continue to retain their data even after the power has been removed from the component.
  • Page 56 Dell LOM (LAN [Network Interface] on Details Motherboard) Memory Size: 4Mb (1MB) Type: [e.g., Flash PROM, EEPROM]: Flash Can user programs or operating system write Yes, under software control. data to it during normal operation? Purpose? [e.g., boot code] Contains LOM boot code and config data...
  • Page 57 Dell TPM (Trusted Platform Module for boards Details shipped outside of China; Boards sold to destinations in China do not have TPM at this time) Size: Unspecified size of user ROM, RAM, EEPROM; 128 bytes of OTP memory included Type: [e.g., Flash PROM, EEPROM]:...
  • Page 58 How is this memory write protected? Software write protected To obtain optional component information, please refer to the Dell Statement of Volatility for the individual components. Please direct any questions to your Dell Marketing contact. PowerEdge R410 Technical Guide...

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