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Service And Support; Frequently Asked Questions - Philips SRC2063WM User Manual

User manual
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4 Service and support

In this chapter you will find answers to the most
frequently asked questions about your universal
remote controls.
I cannot enter setup mode.
Battery level too low or battery lifetime came
to an end.
• R eplace the batteries. See chapter 2.1.
The brand code for my device is missing in the
'Shortlist of brands' in the Quick Start Guide.
The 'Shortlist of brands' only mentions the most
common TV, DVD, CBL/SAT, DVR and VCR
• Y ou will find a complete brand list on page
My TV switches OFF in step 4 but does not
switch ON again in step 5.
TVs of some brands (e.g. Panasonic) only
switch ON after a long press on one of the
digit buttons. After a long button press in setup
mode the remote control will start trying to
improve the button (see chapter 2.2.2) instead
of switching ON the TV.
• I n this case, switch ON the TV manually
P2063WM_17__Manual 12
Frequently asked questions
After replacing the batteries, test if the
remote control still operates your devices. If
it does not, you have to set up the remote
control again. For this refer to chapter 2.2.
31-42 of this user manual.
U se '9999' as 4-digit code in case you cannot
find your brand in the complete brand list.
Note that using '9999' may result in a long
setup (up to 15 minutes).
or use the original remote control for this.
Continue with step 6. After successfully
completing setup, the remote control will
switch ON the TV with a long button press
on one of the digit buttons, just as your
original remote control.
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Table of Contents

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