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After setup, not all buttons work al expected.
• T ry improving the button(s). See chapter
How do I set up the remote control for combo
devices (TV / VCR, TV / DVD, DVD / VCR, etc)?
Some combo devices require you to set up two
different device selection buttons to control
both parts of the combo device. For example,
if you have a TV / DVD combo, you might need
to set up the remote control for both TV and
DVD to operate your TV / DVD combo.
The remote control does not wake up
Battery level too low or battery lifetime came
to an end.
• R eplace the batteries. See chapter 2.1.
The device I want to operate does not respond
at all / does not respond to all of the button
• C heck if the buttons you press are available
• T ry improving buttons. See chapter 2.2.2.
Wrong code selected during setup.
• S et up the remote control again for the
It may be that the buttons that you are trying
to use have a different naming on the original
remote control.
• T ry out all buttons to find the one(s) you
P2063WM_17__Manual 13
After replacing the batteries, test if the
remote control still operates your devices. If
it does not, you have to set up the remote
control again. For this refer to chapter 2.2.
on the original remote control of the device.
device. Always test if the device responds,
before leaving setup mode.
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Table of Contents

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