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User manual
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• I f a button does not work as expected, press
P2063WM_17__Manual 6
L ook up the 4-digit
code for your brand
in the brand list at
the back of this user
A 4-digit code is
shown for each brand.
U se the digit
buttons to enter the
code for your brand
(e.g. Philips,
• I f the red Setup
light turns off, an invalid code was
entered. In this case, try again.
A im the remote
control at the TV.
Press and hold the
button. Release
it immediately as
soon as the TV
switches off.
• T his step normally takes between 5 and
60 seconds. In extreme circumstances
this step can take up to 15 minutes.
S witch ON the TV.
Try out the buttons
that you need for
operating it. Try, for
example, if the
- CH + and digit
buttons function properly.
and hold that button. Release it immediately
as soon as it works. For more information,
see chapter 2.2.2.
P ress the
device selection
button twice to
finish setup.
• W hen no
button is
pressed for 5 minutes or more, the
remote control will exit setup mode,
automatically saving all your settings.
5-60 SEC.
5 - 60 sec.
2 x
25-11-09 13:1



Table of Contents

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