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• If the device does not respond at all or not to
2.2.1 S etting up the remote controls for
2.2.2 Improving buttons
When correctly set up, the remote control
should be able to operate all your devices.
However, when using the remote control for the
first time it might occur that some buttons do
not yet function as expected.
In this case you can have the remote control
search for alternatives.
P2063WM_17__Manual 7
If you made a mistake:
• P ress the device selection button twice to
exit setup. The red Setup light turns off.
• Restart from the beginning.
all of the button commands or if you cannot
find the code for your brand, enter '9, 9, 9, 9' in
step 3 and continue with step 4. The remote
control will now search its full database for a
code that works with your TV. Full database
search may take up to 15 minutes.
other devices (DVD player / recorder,
DTV, Cable / Satellite box, DVR and
M ake sure the device is turned on, fully
operational and able to respond to remote
control commands. E.g. insert a disc in the
DVD player / recorder or a video cassette in
the VCR (SRP2006WM only).
T hen follow steps 2 to 6 of 'Setting up the
universal remote controls to operate your
TV'. Make sure to use the correct device
selection button:
for SRP2003WM:
for SRP2006WM:
Improving buttons is not possible when the
code was found during full database search
(with code '9, 9, 9, 9').
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Table of Contents

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