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Install Leveling Legs - Kenmore 9787 - Elite HE3 7.0 cu. Ft. Gas Dryer Installation Instructions Manual

27" (69 cm) gas laundry center
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Install exhaust hood. Use caulking compound to seal exterior
wall opening around exhaust hood.
Connect vent to exhaust hood. Vent must fit inside exhaust
hood. Secure vent to exhaust hood with 4" (10.2 cm) clamp.
Run vent to dryer location. Use the straightest path possible.
See "Determine vent path" in "Plan Vent System." Avoid 90 °
turns. Use clamps to seal all joints, Do not use duct tape,
screws or other fastening devices that extend into the interior
of the vent to secure vent,
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Properly leveling your laundry center avoids excessive noise and
1. Check the levelness of the laundry center by placing a level
on the top edge of the washer, first side to side, then front to
2. If the laundry center is not level, prop up the front with the
wood block and adjust the feet up or down as necessary.
Remove wood block,
Tilt the laundry center forward until the rear of the laundry
center is at least 4" (10.2 cm) off the floor. You may hear the
rear feet click into place, Lower the laundry
center to the floor. Check the levelness of the laundry center
with a level as shown above.
If laundry center will not level, recheck rear leveling legs for
free movement as described in the "Install Leveling Legs"
section. Repeat until the laundry center is level.
NOTE: It may be necessary to level the laundry center again
after it is moved into its final location.
After the laundry center is in the final location and level, use
an adjustable or open-end wrench to turn the nuts on the
front feet tightly against the washer cabinet.
If the nuts are not tight against the washer cabinet, the
laundry center may vibrate.
Remove the red cap from the flexible gas connector.
Remove the r/2" NPT adapter from the flexible gas connector.
(It will be necessary to use two adjustable wrenches.)
Install the adapter on the 1/2"rigid gas supply pipe using pipe-
joint compound,
A. F2"rigid gas supply pipe
B. Use pipe-joint compound.
C. F," NPT adapter
D. Do not use pipe-joint compound.
E. Flexible gas connector
NOTE: For LP gas connections,
you must use pipe-joint
resistant to the action of LP gas, Do not use
TEFLON _ tape,
Attach the flexible gas connector to the r/2" NPT adapter. Do
not use pipe-joint
compound for this connection.
There should be a natural loop in the flexible gas connector.
The flexible gas connector
must not be twisted, kinked or
attached with any sharp bends.
5. All connections
must be wrench tightened.
6. Open the shutoff valve in the supply line, The valve is open
when the handle is parallel to the gas pipe,
A. Closed valve
B. Open valve
Test all connections
by brushing on an approved
solution. Bubbles will show a
leak. Correct any leak found.
is a registered
trademark of E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company.



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