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Kenmore 93901 Series Use And Care Manual

Electronic laundry center
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Use and Care Guide
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Care of Permanent
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Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Kenmore 93901 Series

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Kenmore SEAIRS Electronic Laundry Center Use and Care Guide 93901 Electric Series 93951 Series Contents Important Safeguards ....How to Prepare Laundry Loads ..Dispensers ....:7..Laundry Aids and Uses ....Stain Removal ....... Laundry Center Cont_:ol Settings ..
  • Page 2: Important Safeguards

    Important Safeguards from each for several minutes. This will Included with this Kenrnore Electronic P_,_- t,upOy Laundry Center the Installation release any accumulated hydrogen gas. Instructions, this Use and Care Guide, As the gas is flammable, domot smoke or use an open flame-_turing this time.
  • Page 3 Prevent Injury [_=WARNING]The Laundry Center must installed electrically grounded in accordance with local codes by a qualified service person to prevent electric shock haz_ird and assure stability read and follow manufacturer's care label .._4 _ :_. during operation. Installation instruc- tions are packed on top of washer for in- sort wash load by color, fabric and construction,...
  • Page 4: How To Prepare Laundry Loads

    € Loads How to Prepare Laundr, WATER LEVEL i ACAUTION ! Certain pretreat- ment products can damage washer's The water level control caffbe set to FOLLOW MANUFAC- plastic and painted finishes. Directly provide the proper atnount of wash TURER'S CARE LABELS apply pretreatment...
  • Page 5: Dispensers

    Dispensers WATER HARDNESS AFFECTS CHOICE FABRIC; SOFTENER LIQUID BLEACH LAUNDRY AIDS DISPENSER DISPENSER Water hardness is determined i alCAOTION ] Failure follow TO FILL: Measure fgbric softener amount minerals water. these directions can cause bleach according to directions-on package. Minerals react with soap...
  • Page 6: Laundry Aids And Uses

    Laundry Products and Uses...
  • Page 7: Stain Removal

    Stain Removal Remove stain before washing item. If you treat stain with a specific kinds of stains, follow 'Lhe directions below. mildest treatment first. Aw)id using water on un- "flammable solution, wash item in a basin before machine identified stains; it may "set"...
  • Page 8: Laundry Center Cont_:Ol Settings

    Kenmore Electronic Laundry Center Control Settings Clothes dried in a dryer operating on a 208-volt circuit in- Times Timed Drying are approximate based stead of a 240 volt circuit will result irt long'er drying time. average size loads. Actual time needed will vary depend-...
  • Page 9: Care Of Special

    Care of Special Fabrics To wash: Check care label before using GLASS FIBER ITEMS • Wash in small i!Loadsto allow cur- bleach; fabric softener Some people are very sensitive tains room to move freely rinse, if desired. glass fibers and develop a skin rash washer.
  • Page 10: Special Care For Special Things

    Special Care for Special Things consult garment labels and hang tags fol" ma[_ufacturer's In the following hints for better washing, an all-purpose washing and drying instructions before inachine washing detergent should-be used unless stated otherwise. See Con- and drying. trol Setting Chart (page 8) for dryer timer settings. Always [_WARNINGj Do not use heat to dry foam rubber or similarly textured rubber-like materials, or pillows and clothing with...
  • Page 11: Drying Tips

    If they are absolutely the Kenmore Electronic Laundry Center safety pin s or any metalic or hard objects dry to touch, they are too dry; over- can be dried in the Kenmore Electronic which might damage clothes drying increa,;es...
  • Page 12: Solving Laundry Problem

    AUTOMATIC MOTOR USE OF FABRIC [_XWARNINGI Fluorocarbon aero- PROTI=CTOR sol and pump spray fabric softeners ',SOFTENER SHEETS are not to be used in this dryer. autorrtatic motor protector Over-use fabric softener Damage resulting from use of this stops too:or when it is overheated cause buildup of softener in laundry type of softener can be considered due to overload.
  • Page 13 SPECIFIC LAUNDRY PROBLEMS Stop dryer and rearrange during cycle Large items such as sheets in load Wash items separately to remove ,axcess dye New items Remove items from wash tu immediately after Contact with wet, non-colorfast items in cycle ends watch load Dilute liquid l_abric softener...
  • Page 14: Care And Storage

    Care and Storage CLEANING DRYER Exhaust System CLEANING WASHER and Interior Inside Tub Lint Filter "CLEAN FILTER" flashing in dryer • Remove items from washer as soon as display w:indo_ during ope,ration indi- cycle is completed to prevent BEFORE OR AFTER cates blocked air flow.
  • Page 15: Warranty And

    During the second through fifth years, Sears will furnish free of charge a replacement defective malfunctioning electronic control assembly. consumer/owner will be responsible all labor costs. coverage applies to Kenmore Laundry Center used AVAILABLE CONTACTING THE} IN THE This to state. ,_ SEARS MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT This unlimited ccverage...
  • Page 16: Before Calling For Service

    Sears of your appliance. Service Center throughout the United States. Optional Accessories for your Kenmore Electronic Laundry Center available from your nearest Sears Service Center. • Drying Rack P/N 131155200 •...

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