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Kenmore 9787 - Elite HE3 7.0 cu. Ft. Gas Dryer Installation Instructions Manual page 10

27" (69 cm) gas laundry center
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for leaks
Turn on the water faucets and check for leaks. A small
amount of water might enter the washer. You will drain this
water later.
NOTE: Replace inlet hoses after 5 years of use to reduce the risk
of hose failure. Record hose installation or replacement dates for
future reference.
If you connect only one water hose, you must cap off the
remaining water inlet port.
Periodically inspect and replace hoses if bulges, kinks, cuts,
wear, or leaks are found.
The apparatus
must be connected to the washer faucets
using the new hoses. Do not use old hoses.
1. Move the laundry center to its final location and remove any
cardboard used to move the laundry center.
2. Locate the remaining piece of shipping strap. See "Remove
Shipping Strap."
Shipping strap
Wrap the drain hose to the laundry tub leg or standpipe with
the shipping strap (A or B below). Push fastener into the
nearest hole in the shipping strap. See illustration above.
If the water faucets and the drain standpipe are recessed, put
the hooked end of the drain hose in the standpipe. Tightly
wrap the shipping strap around the water inlet hoses and the
drain hose (C above). Push fastener into the nearest hole in
the shipping strap. See illustration above.
Choose your exhaust installation type
exhaust installations
Typical installations vent the dryer from the rear of the laundry
center. Other installations are possible.
.......... D
C ...........
A. Dryer
E. Elbow
B. Rigid metal or flexible metal vent
E Clamps
C. Clamps
G. Elbow
D. Wall
H. Exhaust hood
Optional exhaust installations
This laundry center can be converted to exhaust out the right or
left side. To convert the laundry center, use Side Exhaust Kit Part
Number 279823. If your laundry center was previously exhausted
from the right or left side, it can be converted to rear exhaust by
using standard offset connections. To cover the hole in the side,
one of the following plugs can be added:
692790 (white)
3979370 (graphite)
3977784 (biscuit)
Follow the instructions
in the kit to install. Kits are available from
your local Sears store or Sears Service Center.
A. Standard rear offset exhaust installation
B. Rear exhaust for offset close clearance connection
C. Left or right side exhaust installation



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