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Water Filter - MAGIMIX LA CAFETIERE Instructions For Use Manual

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Water filter

Your coffeemaker's water filter removes most of the chlorine and other impurities contained in tap
NB : If you are using bottled water, there is no need to use the filter. In this case, if you have a
programmable model, press the filter button to switch off the filter change indicator.
Each time you fit a fresh filter :
- fill the water tank for 4 cups and wait approx. 3 min.
- press the
button and wait for the water to flow into the pot.
Fitting the filter
Remove the filter key from the tank.
Insert the water filter into the key.
Place the filter in the tank, checking that it is correctly positioned in
the compartment intended for this purpose
Changing the filter
When ?
- Model without programming : when you have used it 60 times.
- Model with programming : when the filter light flashes (after
6 weeks of use or when you have used your coffeemaker more than
60 times).
If the machine is left unplugged for more than 10 sec., the
indicator is reinitialized.
How ?
Replace the filter as described in the paragraph "Fitting the filter".
Programmable version : press the filter button for a few seconds
until the indicator stops flashing.
NB : You can obtain Magimix filters (ref. 19 465) from your retailer
or directly from Magimix, using the order form enclosed with your

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