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Setting The Water Hardness Level - MAGIMIX L EXPRESSO Instructions For Use Manual

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Place a fairly wide container under the pipe, press
Allow the equivalent of a bowlful of water to flow through. To halt the flow, turn the function selector
back to
Once the rinsing operation is finished, switch your appliance off by pressing
water tank and empty it. Clean the tank, filter holder and filters. Fill the tank with freshly-drawn
water and put it back.

Setting the water hardness level

(Program and Program Automatic models only).
The Expresso Program and Expresso Program Automatic automatically tell you when they need
to be descaled (the
according to the hardness of your water.
1- Measure the hardness of your water (cf. p.13).
2- Adjust the hardness setting on your appliance.
The Expresso has four hardness settings.
Plug your appliance in but do not switch it on. Press
lights come on.
Keep pressing
corresponds to the number of indicator lights that come on (cf. table below).
To memorize the setting and exit the adjustment process, press
NB : If no switch is activated for one minute, the process will automatically be interrupted (the
indicator lights will go out), without affecting the last memorized setting.
You water is...
Very soft or soft
Average hardness
Very hard
Indicator light on.
NB : When the appliance is delivered, it is programmed to level 3.
Insert the empty filter holder (filter locking device at the back) in the
extractor head, opposite the arrow, and turn it towards the right.
Place a sufficiently wide container under the filter holder and press
. The red indicator light will start to flash and the water will flow
into the bowl.
Stop the flow when the bowl is full by pressing
Wait for 10 to 15 seconds before removing the filter holder.
indicator light will start to flash), but you must first adjust your appliance
briefly until you reach the right hardness setting. The hardness level
Level indicators
Flashing indicator light.
, and turn the selector function to
for five seconds until the indicator
. All the lights will go out.
Indicator light off.
, lift out the

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