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HP J3111A - JetDirect 600N Network Card Manuallines: Hp Jetdirect Administrative Guidelines

Hp jetdirect security guidelines.
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As you can see, replacing a discontinued 400n MIO model with a new external parallel port print
server like the 300X will not upgrade the security capabilities of the Jetdirect device. Printers that
have an MIO slot like the LaserJet IIIsi and LaserJet 4si have been discontinued for many years.
Printers and MFPs with an EIO slot are still being sold today. The EIO slot was introduced on the HP
LaserJet 4000 almost ten years ago. One of the great features of having an EIO based printer is the
ability to install a J7961G 635n IPv6/IPsec print server. Using this product, we can take an older
printer like the HP LaserJet 4000 and give it the latest in networking protocol and security support.
This flexibility will come in handy as we evaluate the various attacks employed against HP Jetdirect
and some ways to counteract those attacks. For companies with a lot of EIO based printers, proper
deployment of the 635n can protect their printer/MFP investment and increase the security of their
printing and imaging infrastructure.

HP Jetdirect Administrative Guidelines

In the material that follows, this whitepaper will be addressing some public information available
about vulnerabilities or attacks against HP Jetdirect. In order to properly recommend configurations
for HP Jetdirect, four different administrative guidelines will need to be used. These administrative
guidelines come from the four main HP Jetdirect product lines, referred to as SETs.
1: The 170x, 300x, 500x, 510x, 400n, 600n models. The administrative guideline for
securing these devices is located here:
As a reminder, these devices do not have cryptographic security capability.
2: The 610n, 615n, 620n, 625n, en3700, and Embedded Jetdirect (J7949E) models.
SET 2 can use the administrative guideline referenced for SET 1 products, but a more
updated administrative tool available via the EWS for securing these devices is located here:
3: The 630n and Embedded Jetdirect (J7982E, J7987E, J7991E, and J7992E) models.
SET 3 can use the administrative guideline referenced for SET 2 products, but have additional
security by means of a Firewall. The Firewall can allow/drop packets on the basis of
IPv4/IPv6 addresses as well as service types.
4: The 635n model and the CM8000 Color MFP series (J7974E). These models have
the most security capability in HP Jetdirect's product line.
With security configurations, one must be careful not to lock the front door and leave your windows
open. In many cases, one must "lock down" several things before securing one thing can be
effective. Before using the techniques presented here, the administrator
do the following:
Update all HP Jetdirect firmware to the highest level. One of the easiest ways to perform this
operation is to use the HP Download Manager available at
Using Internet Mode, the HP Download Manager will automatically indicate which devices
need to be upgraded. HP recommends always upgrading only a few devices and
performing an evaluation of those devices on your network before upgrading all devices to
the latest firmware.
An Embedded Web Server (EWS) password has been specified
The default SNMPv1/v2c SET Community Name has been changed
All non-active protocols have been disabled (e.g., IPX/SPX, AppleTalk)
Mark any product that cannot be firmware upgraded to the highest level as a security risk.
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