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HP J3111A - JetDirect 600N Network Card Manuallines: Recommended Security Deployments: Set 1

Hp jetdirect security guidelines.
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Recommended Security Deployments: SET 1

The HP Jetdirect products denoted by SET 1 do not have any cryptographic security capability. As a
result, a BOOTP/TFTP configuration is recommended as we can specify several control parameters
via the TFTP configuration file. This configuration file allows for a great deal of power with very little
administration overhead once configured. Many customers associate BOOTP/TFTP with UNIX or
Linux environments; however, there are many free BOOTP and TFTP servers for Windows and setup is
fairly easy. An example UNIX configuration will be provided here.
This configuration provides the following:
Syslog server:
TFTP configuration file: picasso.cfg under the subdirectory of "hpnp" of the TFTP daemon's
home directory
Forces HP Jetdirect to remain with BOOTP and not transition to DHCP if a BOOTP server
is unavailable.
An example of the contents of the TFTP configuration file picasso.cfg:
# Allow subnet access
# Disable Telnet
telnet-config: 0
# Disable the embedded Web server
ews-config: 0
# disable unused protocols
ipx/spx: 0
dlc/llc: 0
# Set a password
passwd: Security4Me3
# Disable SNMP
# use with caution – breaks SNMP management tools
# if SNMP must be enabled, comment out the "snmp-config" command and
# uncomment out the following:
# set-community-name: Security4Me3
# get-community-name: notpublic
# default-get-community: 0
# parameter file
parm-file: hpnp/pjlprotection


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