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Yahoo!® Connected Tv Version Info; Network Upgrade; Applications; Yahoo!® Connected Tv Reset Default - Haier LE32N1620 Owner's Manual

Le32n1620 manual
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setup by entering a PIN code on your router's
configuration website or by pressing a button
on your router (PBC).
Information: View diagnostic information about the
current network connection.
IP Setting: Press the
address type to Manual if you need to configure
your TV's network address manually. You will need to
know your network's IP address, Subnet Mask, Default
Gateway, Primary DNS, and Secondary DNS. Most
networks do not need manual configuration. Do not
alter these settings unless you know how to assign IP
addresses manually on a network.
Connection Test: Check to see if your TV is connected
to the network successfully.

Network Upgrade

The software that controls your TV may be upgraded
by Haier from time to time. Select this option to check
for new updates. Updates may add features to your TV,
improve how the TV works, or fix software bugs.
If an update exists, follow the on-screen directions to
download and install the update.
Never interrupt an update that is in progress.
Doing so may render your TV inoperable.


This function allows you to adjust the options of some of
your TV's connected features.
From time to time, Haier may add new applications
to your TV to improve your Connected TV
experience. These new applications may be
installed as part of a network upgrade that you
can perform yourself (refer to the preceding
section Network Upgrade). Please visit our website
at for the latest product
information and documentation.
DLNA: Press the
Living Network Alliance feature On or Off. This option
must be set to On to play media from DLNA devices
on your network. Refer to the section DLNA (Digital
Living Network Alliance) to learn more.
Netflix: Adjust Netflix options.
buttons to change the
buttons to turn the Digital
Deactivate. Unlink this TV from your Netflix
ESN. View your Netflix Electronic Serial Number.
This is a unique number that identifies your
TV to the Netflix service. If you have problems
connecting to the Netflix application, you may
need to provide your ESN to Netflix customer
Yahoo!® Connected TV version info
Press ENTER button to display the Yahoo!® Connected
TV version.
Yahoo!® Connected TV Reset Default
Press ENTER button, and select YES item to return the
Yahoo!® Connected TV settings to their initial state.

Reset Default

Press the
/ ENTER button to enter the submenu.
If OK is selected and confirmed, then the TV's settings
will be returned to their factory default options.
Resetting to the factory default will affect video, audio
and function settings only. All Channel programming
information will remain.

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