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Additional Information


The unit does not switch on.
• Make sure it is plugged in.
• Press the ON/OFF button on the remote control or the ON/STANDBY button on the front of the
The device switches off spontaneously.
• The device switches off automatically when it is in STOP mode for more than 30 minutes without
any user intervention. Switch it on again. It is impossible to read the disc.
• Insert the disc with the printed side facing up.
• Check that the disc can actually be played by this device (see page 26 and 27).
• Check that the disc's regional code matches the player's regional code. This player's regional code
is 1.
• Clean the disc.
There is no picture.
• Check you have switched on the TV set.
• Check the connections (see pages 4).
• Select the AV input assigned to the player on the TV.
The video color is wrong.
• Make sure you have the correct video setting selected (see Video on page 22).
The picture is of poor quality (with snow or lines).
• Check the connections (see pages 4).
There is no sound or the sound is of poor quality.
• Check the connections (see pages 5 ).
• Make sure the speakers are connected.
• Make sure the MUTE function is not on.
No surround sound.
• Check the speaker configuration in the Speaker Setup menu (see page 22).
I can't find my file in the WMA/mp3/JPG listing.
• Make sure the filename is valid (see page 26 and 27).
The remote control does not work or works only intermittently.
• Check that batteries are inserted or change them.
• Aim the remote control at the unit. The infrared beam must not be blocked or interrupted.
• Check that the remote control is configured to control the device you are trying to operate with
The subtitles do not appear.
• Check that the DVD disc provides subtitles.
• Refer to the section on how to display subtitles (see page 14).
The disc menu language is not the correct one.
• The disc menu language has not been set up (see page 23).
• The language of your choice is not available on the disc (see page 23).
You have forgotten your password (Parental control).
• Use the super password: 9688.
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