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RTD206/207 EN

Remote control functions in Tuner mode

TUNER - Selects the TUNER and switch between FM/AM.
VOL+/- - Adjusts the sound volume.
MUTE - Mutes and restores sound output.
TUNER+/- - Tunes up and down the radio frequencies.
MEMORY - Stores a station.
CH+/- - Selects programmed stations.
AUDIO - Toggles between Stereo and Mono in FM mode.

Using the remote to Navigate through On-Screen Menus

No matter what on-screen display you're using (the DVD player's menu, the Info Display that
appears during playback, or a disc's menu), you'll use the same buttons on the remote control to
navigate through the on-screen display; the four arrow buttons and the OK button.
Use the arrow buttons on the remote to move through on-screen menus in the direction of the
arrow button (to move right, press the right arrow button, etc.). The arrow buttons are used to
highlight an option. Once highlighted, press the OK button to select the option that is highlighted.

Illustrations contained in this document are for representation only.

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Inserting batteries in the remote control

• Do not mix different types of batteries or new and old batteries. Do not use
rechargeable batteries.
• In order to avoid any risk of explosion, observe the polarities indicated inside
the battery compartment. Replace only with the type of batteries specified. Do
not dispose of them in a fire or recharge them.
• If you are not using the remote control for a long period of time, remove the
Please respect the environment and prevailing regulations. Before you
dispose of batteries or accumulators, ask your dealer whether they are
subject to special recycling and if they will accept them for disposal.
The Remote Control

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