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RTD206/207 EN
JPEG files
CD-R and CD-RW with JPEG files. Certain JPEG files, including progressive JPEG files,
cannot be read by this player.
The total number of files and folders on the disc should be less than 650. Make sure that
files have the ".jpg" extension. Files without the ".jpg" extension will not be able to be
read by the player - even though the files are shown as JPEG images on your computer.
WMA files
CD-R and CD-RW discs containing audio files in WMA (Windows Media Audio) format.
Please follow all the recommendations for CD-R above.

Sound Enhancement Systems

This receiver is equipped with several built-in sound enhancement systems.
Dolby Digital
The Dolby Digital mode lets you enjoy full digital surround from software processed in the Dolby
Digital format. Dolby Digital provides better sound quality and a more powerful presence than
conventional Dolby Surround. This unit is equipped with Dolby Digital 5.1-channel so that you can
enjoy enhanced full digital surround sound. Different from Dolby Pro Logic in that only four
channels (Front Left, Front Right, Centre and Rear ) are used, the new system provides stereo
separation of the rear speakers (Rear-Right, Rear-Left ). Adding the to the 5 channels the
subwoofer channel for bass sounds (counted as 0.1 channel) results in 5.1 channels (or 6 Channels)
that bring you the most sophisticated Dolby Digital sound enjoyment.
Illustrations contained in this document are for representation only.
3:22 PM
Page 29
Manufactured under license
from Dolby Laboratories.
"Dolby", "Pro Logic", and
the double-D symbol are
trademarks of Dolby
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