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Playing Discs - Basic Functions

Compatible discs

• CD

Compatible formats

• DVD, VCD (Video Compact Disc), SVCD (Super Video Compact Disc), JPEG
• CD, mp3, WMA
See page 27 for more information about discs and compatible formats.

Regional coding

Your DVD player has been designed to process regional management information stored on DVD
discs. The regional code for your player is 1. Discs that have a different regional code will not play.

Operating the DVD receiver

1. Turn on your television set. Set TV video input to correspond with player's output.
2. Press the ON•OFF button on the remote or the ON/STANDBY button located on the DVD player's
front panel.
3. Press the DVD button on the remote control.

Playing discs

Load a disc or discs as shown above and press the OPEN/CLOSE button. The disc tray closes.
The DVD Player reads the first disc's table of contents, and then one of three things happens
depending on how the disc was programmed:
• The disc starts playing.
• The disc menu appears (for DVDs and VCDs). One of the options will be to start playing the disc.
Highlight that option and press OK.
• The DVD Player's main menu appears. Highlight the PLAY option and press the OK button.
To select which disc you want to play, press the corresponding number key on the remote (1
through 5).
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Loading discs

You can load up to 5 discs into your DVD player, but
you do not have to fill all the slots in the disc tray for
the player to work. You can load any kind of
disc in any combination (DVDs, CDs, VCDs). The player
will read the data on the disc and play it accordingly.
1. To open the disc tray, press OPEN•CLOSE (the disc
tray opens).
2. Insert a compatible disc into the top disc slot, making
sure it is fully in place.
3. To fill the remaining slots, slide a disc into the next
empty slot and make sure it is in place.
4. When you're finished loading discs, press
OPEN•CLOSE (the disc tray closes).

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