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The Remote Control

The remote control
Navigating through menus
Use the direction buttons to navigate through the menus. Press the OK button on the remote
control to confirm your selection.

Illustrations contained in this document are for representation only.

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Remote control functions in DVD/CD
ON•OFF - Switches the unit on and off.
DVD - Selects the DVD mode.
TUNER - Selects the TUNER and changes between
AM/FM mode.
USB - Selects the USB.
AUX - Selects the AUX.
0-9 - Number entry. Press 1 through 5 to
directly access a disc in the disc tray.
CLEAR - Quit the current setting manual from the
TV screen without saving change.
INFO - Accesses the Info menu.
TITLE - Accesses the disc menu for DVD disc.
DISC MENU - Accesses the disc menu during
playback (if there is one) or turn on/off PBC for VCD
OK - Confirm your selection.
MUTE - Mutes and restores the sound.
SETUP - Enter Setup menu.
RETURN - In DVD/CD mode, returns to the
previous menu.
VOL +/- - Adjusts the sound volume.
CH +/- - Directly accesses the next or previous
chapter (DVD) or track (CD). Selects programmed
stations in TUNER mode.
REV - Starts reverse accelerated play or reverse
slow motion.
PLAY - Starts playing a disc.
FWD - Starts forward accelerated play or forward
slow motion. When playback is paused, press to
advance one frame at a time.
REC - Function not available on this model
STOP - Stops playback.
PAUSE - Freeze frame, frame advance or slow
AUDIO - Accesses the audio function of the
Info menu.
ANGLE - Accesses the camera angle function.
ZOOM - Accesses the Zoom function.
SUBTITLE - Selects the subtitle languages or turns
subtitle off (if available).
MEMORY - Stores station in tuner mode.
SLEEP - Enters sleep mode and selects sleep time.
(not available in AUX/TUNER mode)
SUBWOOFER - Selects among subwoofer output
levels among softe/balance/strong/powerful.
SUb1/SUb2/SUb3/SUb4 will be displayed on the front
display respectively.
RANDOM - Turns on/off random playback.
REPEAT - Accesses the repeat function of the Info
EQ LEVEL - Toggles channels for channel level
SURROUND - Changes the Surround sound setting

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