Energy Star Compliance - HP Point of Sale rp5000 Safety And Regulatory Information Manual

Safety & regulatory information
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Energy Star Compliance

Safety & Regulatory Information
HP business desktop products marked with the Energy Star Logo are
compliant with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Energy Star Computers Program. The EPA Energy Star Logo does
not imply endorsement by the EPA. As an Energy Star Partner,
Hewlett-Packard Company has determined the products marked with
the Energy Star Logo meet the Energy Star guidelines for energy
The Energy Star Computers Program was created by the EPA to
promote energy efficiency and reduce air pollution through more
energy-efficient equipment in homes, offices, and factories. HP
products achieve this by reducing the power consumption when not
being used. Instructions for using the energy saving features of the
computer are located in the "Power Management" section of the
Desktop Management Guide.
The power management feature of the computer is compatible with
any network operating system or environment that supports APM1.2.
This means the users in those environments will not be disconnected
from the network during the low-power operating state.
The Power Management feature, when used in conjunction with an
external Energy Star compliant monitor, will support the power-down
features of the monitor. The Power Management feature allows an
external monitor to go into low-power mode when the energy save
timeout occurs. To take advantage of this energy savings, the monitor
Power Management feature has been preset to power down the
monitor after 15 minutes of system inactivity. Refer to the "Power
Management" section of the Desktop Management Guide for
instructions on modifying or disabling this feature.
CAUTION: Using the Energy Save Monitor feature with non–Energy Star
compliant monitors may cause video distortion when the Energy Save
timeout occurs.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents