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Safety & regulatory information
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Regulatory Compliance Identification Numbers

Federal Communications Commission Notice

Safety & Regulatory Information
For the purpose of regulatory compliance certifications and
identification, the computer has been assigned a unique series
number. The series number can be found on the compliance label,
generally on the bottom of the computer, along with all required
approval markings and information. When requesting compliance
information for this product, always refer to this series number. The
series number should not be confused with the marketing name or
model number of the product.
Part 15 of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules
and Regulations has established Radio Frequency (RF) emission
limits to provide an interference-free radio frequency spectrum. Many
electronic devices, including computers, generate RF energy
incidental to their intended function and are, therefore, covered by
these rules. These rules place computers and related peripheral
devices into two classes, A and B, depending upon their intended
installation. Class A devices are those that may reasonably be
expected to be installed in a business or commercial environment.
Class B devices are those that may reasonably be expected to be
installed in a residential environment (i.e., personal computers). The
FCC requires devices in both classes to bear a label indicating the
interference potential of the device as well as additional operating
instructions for the user.
The rating label on the device shows which class (A or B) the
equipment falls into. Class B devices have an FCC logo or FCC ID on
the label. Class A devices do not have an FCC logo or FCC ID on the
label. Once the class of the device is determined, refer to the
following corresponding statement.

Agency Notices



Table of Contents

Table of Contents