Security - Haier C2060 User Manual

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Language:You can select language as per you want it.
Backlight duration:You can control the time-out of the backlight on your phone.
Contrast:You can adjust the contrast of the display for varying lighting conditions.
Clock time:You can set the clock time which shows in the standby mode.
Wallpaper:You can select different wallpapers as per you want it.


To access security for the every time, you must enter the preset security code. By default, the
code is 0000. If none of this works, contact your wireless service provider for help.
Phone lock: The phone lock feature protects your phone from unauthorized outgoing calls or
unauthorized access to information stored in the phone. When phone is locked, to unlock,
user must enter the preset security code. When the device is locked, you can still call the
official emergency number programmed into your phone.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents