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As with other mobile radio transmitting equipment, users are advised that for the
satisfactory operation of the equipment and for the safety of personnel, it is recommended
that the equipment should only be used in the normal operating position (held to your ear
with the antenna pointing over your shoulder).
Care and Maintenance
Keep your phone and all its parts and accessories out of the reach of small children and
pets. They may accidentally damage these things or choke on small parts.
Keep the phone dry. Precipitation, humidity, and liquids contain minerals that corrode
electronic circuits.
Do not use the phone with a wet hand. Doing so may cause an electric shock to you or
damage to the phone.
Do not use or store the phone in dusty, dirty areas, as its moving parts may be damaged.
Do not store the phone in hot areas. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic
devices, damage batteries, and warp or melt certain plastics.
Do not store the phone in cold areas. When the phone warms up to its normal operating
temperature, moisture can form inside the phone, which may damage the phone's electronic
circuit boards.
Do not drop, knock, or shake the phone. Rough handling can break internal circuit boards.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents