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Summary of Contents for Haier C2001 Visafone

  • Page 1 Haier Telecom Co.., Ltd. Statement The contents of this manual maybe different with the cell phone please according the cell phone. Haier Telecom reserves the right to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice.
  • Page 2 Safety Precautions Please read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or illegal. For further information, see the section of ‘Warnings and Precautions’.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Getting to Know Your Phone...1 2 Getting Started ...5 3 Basic Functions...6 4 Text Entry ...10 5 Contacts ...11 6 Messages ...14 7 Call history...17 8 Settings ...18 9 Profiles ...23 10 Fun&Utilities ...24 11 Games...26 12 Enhanced services...27 13 Care And Maintain ...28...
  • Page 5: Getting To Know Your Phone

    1Getting to Know Your Phone Packing list Your phone package box contains the following items: Please refer to the packing list on the last page. Basic specification Size: 100 mm [L] ×43.5 mm [W] ×13.6 mm [H] Weight: 65g (including 800 mAh Li-polymer battery) Standby Time: about 200 hours Talking Time: about 4.5 hours &...
  • Page 6 Mobile phone appearance Mobile phone view...
  • Page 7 The appearance of the mobile phone and introductions...
  • Page 8 & Notice: Long press means pressing key more than or equal 2 seconds; short press means pressing key less than 2 seconds. Icon bar...
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    2Getting Started Install and charge the phone 1. Remove the battery cover 2. Insert the RUIM card 3. Install the battery 4. Plug the travel adapter into the phone...
  • Page 10: Basic Functions

    3Basic Functions Switching On/Off In the power off status, long press the Power Key to switch on the phone. In the power on status, long press the Power Key to switch off the phone. Making phone call Making phone call using the keypad 1.In the standby mode, enter the phone number you want to dial, and press the Send Key to make the call.
  • Page 11 Making phone call using speed dial In standby mode, long press a number key to make phone call. See chapter contacts for more information about configuring speed dial. Making a conference call Conference call is a network service that allows you to take part in a conference call with other participants.
  • Page 12 Answer or silence an incoming call 1.To answer the call, press the Send Key or select <Accept>. Press <Silence> to mute the ringing tone before you answer the call. 2.To reject the call, press the End Key or select <Reject>. Adjust the earpiece volume Press the navigation key of your phone to adjust the volume of the earpiece, during a call.
  • Page 13 again. When the keypad is locked, calls may be possible to the official emergency number programmed in your phone. Press [*] key for more then 2 seconds to unlock the keypad.
  • Page 14: Text Entry

    4Text Entry Text input method Your phone provides following text input methods: English input method: input English characters; Numeric input method: input numeric characters; Change the input method Press [*] to switch between upper case, lower case and word/sentence case; Long press [*] to enter symbol list;...
  • Page 15: Contacts

    5Contacts You can save names and phone numbers (contacts) in the phone memory or in the RUIM card memory. Add new 1.In the standby mode, press left soft key to access the Main menu > Contacts > Add new 2.Change the settings and enter information about the contact (saved in 3.In the Add new screen, you can input name, default, mobile number, home ,...
  • Page 16 Send card, Edit, Delete, Copy, Add to blacklist and Add to whitelist. Search In Contacts menu, choose Search and enter, there are two options: By name, By number. If you input the wrong name or the wrong number, the phone will inform you ‘No match found’.
  • Page 17 entries. Delete 1.In the standby mode, press left soft key to access the Main menu > Contacts > Delete 2.Select Delete all to delete all contacts (when we select delete all we have to inter security code then we can delete all record, the security code is 0000). Select Delete selected to select the contacts that you want to delete.
  • Page 18: Messages

    6Messages Your phone is capable of creating, sending and receiving text messages. Write message Choose the Write Message option in messages menu. Editing message is done in the text editing interface. Enter your message. Press left soft key to access the following options: Send, Insert symbol, Insert expression, Insert templates, Insert number, Save to draft.
  • Page 19 > Outbox 2.While viewing a message, press left soft key to access the following options: Read, Resend, Forward, Delete, Delete all. Draft You can read draft messages saved in Draft. Press left soft key to access the following options: Send, Delete and Delete all. Trash You can read Trash messages saved in Trash.
  • Page 20 >Delete messages and one of the following options: Inbox, Outbox, Draft, Trash, Archive, Delete selected, Delete all. Message settings In the standby mode, press left soft key to access the Main menu > Messages > Message setting and one of the following options: Storage location, Priority, Delivery report, Maximum period, Validity period, Auto save, Auto delete and Reject SMS.
  • Page 21: Call History

    7Call history Call history stores information about the last Missed calls, Received calls, or Dialled calls. It also adds the total duration of all calls. When the number of calls exceeds the maximum, the most last call replaces the oldest.
  • Page 22: Settings

    8Settings The settings menu provides you with various setting options to customize the phone to your preferences and needs. You can also reset the settings to their default status. Display Wallpaper You can set an image as wallpaper for the phone display. In the standby mode, press left soft key to access the...
  • Page 23 You can adjust the contrast of the display for varying lighting conditions. Phone setting Use this menu to change the setting of Auto keylock, Input setting, and Time format. Auto keylock Use this menu to set the keypad of your phone to lock automatically after a preset time delay when the phone is in the standby mode and no function of the phone has been used.
  • Page 24 Set the phone to answer the incoming call automatically after 5 sec. Voice privacy Use this menu to protect your voice content during a call. Auto redial Set the phone to make up to three attempts to redial a phone number after an unsuccessful call in the standby mode.
  • Page 25 Call Use this menu to block or allow some numbers for incoming calls. Private Use this menu to protect your content of message, contacts, and call history for accessing by other person. To access the menu, you must enter the preset lock code.
  • Page 26 Change security code By default, the preset lock code is 0000. Call restriction This network service allows you restrict your calls. Factory reset Use this menu to reset the phone's settings you have changed. Clear memory Use this menu to clear all data (include Call history, Contacts (Phone), Contacts (RUIM) or Clear all) that you have stored.
  • Page 27: Profiles

    9Profiles Profiles define how your phone reacts when you receive a call or message, and other settings for each of the available profiles can be left at their default settings, or customized to suit your needs. The following profiles are available: Silent Meeting Outdoor Activate...
  • Page 28: Fun&Utilities

    10Fun&Utilities Your phone contains features to help organize your life, including Alarm, Scheduler, Calculator, Stopwatch and FM. Alarm Use this menu to set alarms. The alert type for a normal alarm corresponds to the call alert type settings. Scheduler Use this menu to enable you to keep track of reminders. It can even sound an alarm for any of these events.
  • Page 29 The FM depends on an antenna other than the wireless device's antenna. A compatible headset or enhancement needs to be attached to the device for the radio to function properly.
  • Page 30: Games

    11Games Two games are provided in the phone, including LinkLong and MagicBlock.
  • Page 31: Enhanced Services

    12Enhanced services This UTK option allows you to access a range of SMS based services that help you do more. Simply select the desired service from the service menu. To get the list of services available for your handset or for assistance on any of these services.
  • Page 32: Care And Maintain

    13Care And Maintain If your mobile phone had abnormal conditions, please check it with the following table. If the problem still remains, please ask mobile phone sales for help.
  • Page 35 HC-C2001...

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