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Summary of Contents for Haier C2031

  • Page 1 C2031...
  • Page 2 Haier Technologies Co.., Ltd. Statement The contents of this manual maybe different with the cell phone please use accord- ing to the cell phone. Haier reserves the right to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice.
  • Page 3 Safety Precautions Do not switch the phone on when Mobile Phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. Do not place your phone and its accessories in containers with strong elec- tromagnetic fi eld. Obey all local laws. Always keep your hands free to operate the vehicle while driving.
  • Page 4 Use only approved batteries and chargers. Disconnect the charger from the power source when it is not in use. Do not leave the battery connected to a charger for more than a week, since overcharging may shorten its life. Only qualifi ed personnel should service the phone or install the phone in a vehicle.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ..............1 1.GETTING TO KNOW YOUR PHONE ..........1 1. BASIC SPECIFICATION .................. 1 2. MOBILE PHONE APPEARANCE ..............2 2. GETTING STARTED ..............8 3. BASIC FUNCTIONS ..............10 1. SWITCHING ON/OFF ..................10 2. MAKING A PHONE CALLS ................10 3.
  • Page 6 7. MESSAGES ...................18 8. MULTIMEDIA .................20 9. BROWSER ..................21 10. Gallery ..................21 11. TOOLS ..................22 12. SETTINGS..................22 1. DISPLAY ......................22 2. CALL ......................... 23 3. PHONE ......................24 4. FIREWALL ......................25 5. SECURITY ....................... 25 6. Network ......................26 7.
  • Page 7: Safety Precautions

    1.Getting to Know Your Phone 1. Basic specifi cation Size: 101.0 mm[L] ×43.0 mm[W] ×15.3 mm[H] Standby Time: about 220 hour Talking Time: about 240 min Notice: Standby time is the handset continuous working time without making phone calls. Standby time and talk time depend on mobile phone usage situation, network situa- tion and environment.
  • Page 8: Mobile Phone Appearance

    2. Mobile phone appearance Mobile phone view Left soft key Right soft key Ok key Send key End key Charger jack Headset jack...
  • Page 9 Key Description Name Description Left soft key In standby mode, Short press: Main menu. Right soft key In standby mode, Short press: Contacts. Long press: Calculator. OK key In standby mode, Short press: Main menu. Up key In standby mode, Short press: Profi...
  • Page 10 Left key In standby mode, Short press: Calendar. Long press: Alarm. Right key In standby mode, Short press: Messages. Long press: Create a new message. Send key In standby mode, Short press: Calls. End key (Power key) In standby mode, Long press: Switch off Number keys (1-9) In standby mode,...
  • Page 11 0 key In standby mode., Short press: Entry 0. Long press: Entry +. # key In standby mode, Short press: Entry #. Long press: Meeting/Other profi les. Notice: Long press means pressing key more than or equal to 2 seconds; short press means pressing key less than 2 seconds.
  • Page 12 You have set the alarm clock. Indicating the mobile phone is under data service mode currently. You have connected the earphone. You have connected the Bluetooth earphone. Bluetooth Idle Mode Bluetooth Hidden Mode Bluetooth Activated Mode Indicating the keypad is locked. You have one or several missed call.
  • Page 13 You have set the meeting mode. You have set the general mode. You have set the silence mode. Music player is playing. With Micro SD Card Indicating RUIM card memory is full. You have one or several new text messages. Indicating SMS Box is full.
  • Page 14: Getting Started

    2. Getting Started Install and charge the phone 1. Insert the battery 2. Insert the UIM card...
  • Page 15 3. Insert the Micro SD...
  • Page 16: Basic Functions

    3. Basic Functions 1. Switching On/Off 1. In the power off state, long press the Power Key to switch on the phone. 2. In the power on state, long press the Power Key to switch off the phone. 2. Making phone calls You can use the following methods to make phone calls: 2.1 In the standby mode, enter the phone number you want to dial, and press the Send Key to make the call.
  • Page 17: Answering The Call

    Notice: Whether conference calling can be enabled or not depends on whether the network provider provides this facility and whether you have applied for such facility. 4. Answering the call When the call is incoming To answer the call, press the Send Key. To reject the call, press the End Key.
  • Page 18: Key Lock

    Contacts: View contacts list. Message: Go to messages menu. Close DTMF/Open DTMF: Turn on/off DTMF. Mute/Cancel mute: Turn on/off mute Phone info: View phone info. New call: Make a new call. 6. Key lock In the standby mode, press [*] key for more then 2 seconds to lock the keypad. Also, when keypad locking, press left soft key then press [*] key to unlock the key- pad.
  • Page 19 and upper case. In this input method you need to speed press key to switch the letter with the key opposite. Under this input method, 0 key is used as the blank space, 1key can fast switch punctuation mark. 1.2 English input method: This input method icon uses eng, Eng, ENG to express letter case, Word case text, only available at the beginning of a word and upper case.
  • Page 20 corresponding number key of the words to complete the input Jian Pin Phrase Just type the consonant of the phrase or short sentence, the system will automati- cally compose the corresponding phrase or short sentence. By simply pressing key “e”, “m” etc. the system will compose corresponding words, e.g.
  • Page 21: Change The Input Method

    Words Selecting Press arrow keys to select word. Move cursor to the word and press OK to input the word. Followed by association input state, you can continue to select by pressing arrow keys. 2. Change the input method Press [#] to switch between English, letter and numeric mode. Press [*] to switch between upper case, lower case and word/sentence case.
  • Page 22: Contacts

    other operations to the records in the list. All calls This is aggregate of Missed calls, Received calls and Dialled calls. You can also View, Call, Save number, Send message, Delete and other operations to the records in the list. Call duration Here you can view the time of last call, received calls, dialed calls and all calls Delete calls...
  • Page 23 You can search by name or number to search the record that you want. List all: Display all the contacts. You can view, use and manage the contacts, and you can do the following operations to the contacts record: View, Call, Send message, Send card, Send via Bluetooth, Edit, Delete, Copy, Add to blacklist, Add to whitelist.
  • Page 24: Messages

    Memory status: Check the number of contacts you have stored in the phone’s memory and on the RUIM card. My number: Use this feature to edit your phone number. Copy: You can copy all records from your phone’s memory and RUIM card mutually accord- ing to the fi...
  • Page 25 The unfold message and fold message will be distinguished by icon. Through the option menu you can reply or forward the message, you can also do the delete operation. Drafts: You can edit and send the messages which were saved in drafts. You can also delete them through option menu.
  • Page 26: Multimedia

    Settings: This menu contains: Delivery report, Auto save, Reject SMS. You can set this menu as per your requirement. Memory status: View the memory space currently in use for messages in phone’s memory and RUIM card. 8. Multimedia This menu contains tools: Camera, Radio, Music player, and Games Camera: Provide take photos function.
  • Page 27: Browser

    In the same way, you can use FM radio to make a record by option menu. Music player: You can listen to music, and the player will support you to edit playing list and change playing setting. Under Music player host interface, use left and right direction keys to switch between previous song and next song.
  • Page 28: Tools

    11. Tools This menu contains four tools: Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, Stopwatch and World time. Alarm: Use this menu to set alarms. The phone has three alarms for users. You can set the on-off of the alarms in parts: Time, Period, and Snooze. Calendar: Use this menu to enable you to keep track of reminders.
  • Page 29: Call

    Banner: You can set the display text needed in the standby mode and edit it. Backlight: You can control the time-out of the backlight on your phone in the idle situation. Backlight keeps on during calls: You can control the time-out of the backlight during the call. 2.
  • Page 30: Phone

    network support. No reply: When your phone is in no reply status, all the incoming calls will go to your appointed number. Busy: When your phone is in busy status, all the incoming calls will go to your ap- pointed number. Conditional: When your phone is in conditional status and your phone can’t be con- nected, all the incoming calls will go to your appointed number.
  • Page 31: Firewall

    not and choose the delay time when the phone is in the standby mode. Language:This mobile phone provides English and Chinese two languages. Time format:Use this menu to change the time format and display on your phone. Date format: Use this menu to change the date format and display on your phone. 4.
  • Page 32: Network

    phone will need to input PIN to use. About the original PIN code please ask the net- work service provider. Change security code: You can change your security code, the original security code is 0000. Call restriction: You can reject or dial the number, this function needs network sup- port.
  • Page 33: Profiles

    You can get S/W version, H/W version, PRL version, ESN and My number. 13. Profi les Profi les defi ne how your phone reacts when you receive a call or message, and other settings for each of the available profi les can be left at their default settings, or customized to suit your needs.
  • Page 34: Storage Environment

    from your Mobile Phone. Consult the manufacturer to discuss alternatives. Hospital Do not take your phone into the operating room (OR), intensive care unit (ICU), or coronary care unit (CCU). Do not use your phone at places for medical treatment where it is prohibited to use mobile phones.
  • Page 35: Children Safety

    other area where you would normally be advised to turn off your vehicle engine. Children Safety Put your phone, battery, and charger in places beyond the reach of children. Do not allow children to use the phone, battery, or charger without guidance. Do not allow children to put the battery in mouth, for electrolyte in the battery is poi- sonous.
  • Page 36 and pets. They may accidentally damage these things or choke on small parts. Keep the phone dry. Precipitation, humidity, and liquids contain minerals that corrode electronic circuits. Do not use the phone with a wet hand. Doing so may cause an electric shock to you or damage to the phone.
  • Page 37 phone changes color. In this case, phone repairs are no longer guaranteed by the manufacturer's warranty, even if the warranty for your phone has not expired. Emergency Call You can use your phone for emergency calls. However, connections in call conditions cannot be guaranteed.
  • Page 38 hot or cold battery may not work temporarily, even when the battery is fully charged. Li-ion batteries are particularly affected by temperatures below 0°C (32°F). Use only approved batteries and chargers. Disconnect the charger from the power source when it is not in use. Do not leave the battery connected to a charger for more than a week, since overcharging may shorten its life.
  • Page 39 Packing List C2031 Content Quantity/unit Handset Battery Travel Charger User Manual Cable Headset...

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