Firewall - Haier C2060 User Manual

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Call firewall: Use this menu to block or allow some numbers for incoming calls.
Settings: Use this menu to enable or disable the blacklist and whitelist.
SMS firewall: Use this menu to block some numbers for incoming messages.
Private firewall: Use this menu to protect your content of messages, contacts, and call
history for accessing by other person. To access the menu, you must enter the preset lock
code. By default, the preset lock code is 0000.
10 Games
Your phone have 2 games available.
11 Care And Maintain
If your mobile phone had abnormal conditions, please check it with the following table. If the
problem still remains, please ask mobile phone sales for help.
Common problems
Can not charge
Check item
Please checks if the charger is properly connect to the
phone and the power source jack.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents