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User manual
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Common problems
Can not power on
The mobile phone displays
"Input PUK Code"
Can not make phone call
Weak talk quality
The contact can not get your
voice when making phone call
Receiver sound is too low
Check item
Please check if the battery level is too low;
Please check if the batter is properly loaded;
Please press Power Key enough time.
Please communicate with the service provider to get
the PUK code and use it to unlock.
Please check if the phone number is valid.
Please check if you are in service area.
Please check if the phone signal is strong enough;
If you are in the building, please move the phone or
move near the window.
Please check if your mike has blocked by fittings or
other blocks.
Please check if your receiver volume has been
adjusted to the largest.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents